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DHD534 Sep 21, 2:16 PM
There is some people I know who are currently dealing with this problem. They can't study properly because they don't have good internet connection. And it's really hard for them to focus on the class because they use phone... I suggest them to watch some videos about their studies instead of wasting time on online classes. I suggest them videos because they are high school students so it will be easy for them to find some good videos about math and science related things...

The plot of The day I become God is kind of reminds me of Angel beats. I have gut feeling that it will make me cry like Angel beats. I saw the trailer and it is really very good and the music is really very beautiful....

I can understand that because Chihayafuru it's not many people's cup of tea... I also find the 3rd season quite boring and due to that I'm still holding it up...

I've never play sports like professionally I just mostly play sports for fun and enjoyment. And plus our school don't support sports that much. They only let us play once in a year when the sports festival happens... Our school have dedicated section for sports but that's only for name... I heard that now they are taking sports quite seriously. But in our time they only care about study and study that's all...
I usually go with middle positions when it's comes to football. Because when it's comes to strike I'm not good at it. So I just keep the ball and pass it on to the other players.. There is a cricket teem but it was not official teem for our school. I maybe suck at football but when it's comes to cricket I'm pretty good at that. But not now anymore haha... badminton is really very fun and chill game. I always use to play with my cousin sister back then. But now since everyone is busy so we can't play like we use to few years ago... Over here people only play badminton in winter season no one knows the reason why... I never try tennis though. But I heard that it's very good sports so I maybe try it in future... Yeah I heard that there is a anime about badminton I will try it out soon enough...

Basketball sounds cool. I'm currently watching Kuroko and I really want to play basketball but there is not any place wich I can use to play basketball.

Is there any anime that make you cry????
dhb1048596 Sep 21, 4:07 AM
That's why I don't prefer watching shounen fight animes that drags for too long and on top of that it is also predictable and it is really aimed towards kids

But I do plan on watching gintama in the future soon because it is a kind of anime that I like with comedy and amazing cast of characters that keeps it fresh episode by episode

You don't do breaks when working out?

I play basketball with my friends from time to time but it had to stop because of the virus and it has been 6 months since I played with them

I haven't watched made in abyss but I do plan on watching it in the future, how was your experience watching it?
DHD534 Sep 20, 2:10 PM
There is only one flaw I find in online classes. There is lots of student who can't even afford to have a basic phone. So having a good internet is out of the questions. And many schools and colleges asking for money for online classes wich I really don't get... My mom always yelled at me about my study. She always says that you have all facility but you still avoid your study. And I was like its not my fault the classes are way too boring.

Yeah I will definitely watch it.. Rock climbing huh. It's sounds interesting I will put it on my wacthlist.. By the way there is a new anime called The day I become God is also gonna be aired on this fall season.. The anime is from the creators of Angel beats and Charlotte. I'm so excited for this one... So let's see...

Well I also haven't watched much sports anime. My favorite sports anime will be Haikyuu it's about volleyball. Although in real life I really don't find volleyball much interesting... I also have watched Chihayafuru it's a sports anime about a Japanese card game called Karuta...

It's been a almost 3 years since I played any sports. After getting PC I don't find sports much enjoyable.. Although I don't play that much video games.. Back in my high school days I use to play football and cricket a lot. I mostly play cricket. Because cricket is the only game wich any Indian can play and understand haha... I also like to play badminton sometimes back then.
What about you you play any sports back in your high school or college time????
_Ayako_ Sep 20, 10:54 AM
I'm glad :)
How is the god of high school like? It's a pity they've skipped so many chapters, even without reading webtoon you can say something is wrong
_Ayako_ Sep 20, 6:56 AM
Well Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru is my little motivation to exercise because I gained weight during quarantine haha
The newer arrangement is more aesthetic, but some of the older productions have also been done really nicely, it's worth a try, even when it comes to the plot. I also didn't like Cowboy Bebop's art at first, but I gave it a second chance and it's not bad. A friend of mine recently recommended the anime Monster to me, and after hearing how good it is, I think I'll give it a try. Maybe you can also try?
I feel like I made a lot of mistakes there so I'm sorry if it's not understandable :/
_Ayako_ Sep 16, 12:12 PM
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Futeiru is a story about a group of people who mostly had nothing to do with running and intend to take part in a marathon. It's been pretty cool so far, so you can check it out if you like.
If it comes to Cowboy Bebop the art is a bit older but it doesn't look too bad to me, the story isn't too bad either. Most episodes have their own unrelated story, but even these are enjoyable.
Don't worry about it. I'm also sorry for not responding but I had problems with the internet :/
katastrofikal Sep 15, 5:25 AM
It's okay! I reply slowly too so I don't mind :') Just reply whenever you can and wanted to!

Yes it has some light fanservice, but I think most of them are more intended for comedy purposes lol. I haven't watch the anime, but I really like the manga since it's so fun to read andthe story's not too complicated :3

Oooh I see! That's rare though, since almost all my friends know what it is, and if someone did watch one, they would be called as weebs D: I think it takes more dedication to watch anime though? Since I have to stay still and watch the screen for a determined amount of time. With manga, I can read anywhere and anytime, and I could stop whenever I wanted too!

I understand that! You should of course prioritize your work and life! But do watch anime whenever you're stressed from real life and need a source of entertainment, remember that it's okay to take a break sometimes!

Yes, that happens nearing my final exam I think? I just don't have time to think about anime/manga at all at that time lol.
Yes it is!!! I don't know why I keep reading shoujo at that time, even when all the stories are basically the same XD I see! I actually like SOL sies since it's light and eaier to watch/read than others most of the time :3
DHD534 Sep 13, 2:18 PM
I really don't get the idea of online classes. I mean what's the point of having then. People like me who can't even concentrate on actual classroom then how will they gonna able to concentrate with such a small PC screen... My teachers keep threatening me that he will gonna give me low score if I keep ignoring his class. But I don't think he will gonna do it because I'm not the only one who skipping his class there is lots of student who also doing the same thing as me....

Good to hear that you will gonna try those anime.
Hmm a anime about fishing that's sounds good. I never try that type of anime. I will try it thanks for the recommendations...
Although I do fishing a lot back then when I was in my middle school. Because in those time I use to have lots of free time (acutely I always have lots of free time)
I haven't been for a fishing since from a long time.

I'm enjoying Kuroko no so far. I'm a huge sucker of sports anime so I enjoyed petty much everything by sports genre unless it was Yuri on ice... The anime has very amazing animation. And the story is also very good. But so far it is nothing like Haikyuu... Haikyuu is my favorite sports anime... What is your favorite sports anime????
dhb1048596 Sep 13, 4:20 AM
That's nice that you watched only 5 episodes of rezero, I dropped re:zero in the 18th episode, it is known as the rem episode. And that is actually my favorite episode of the series. It's the first time I feel relieved for Subaru's character that finally he understands his many flaws as a character. Then after the episode ended, for some reason I hesitated to click "next episode" and decided to dropped it there. Even with a great episode like that, I felt that they should have done that sooner.

Oh man I know dragon ball but I only watched the notable arcs when I was a teenager like the Frieza arc, cell arc and then the majin buu arc.

Do you have a favorite character in dragon ball?

The longest anime that I've gotten so far is 99 episodes out of 195, that anime is Urusei Yatsura. It is an 80s anime made by the same creator of Ranma and Inuyasha but I've never finished it yet. The longest anime that I've completed is only 37 episodes with Death Note.

Do you do any sports? Also what is your workout routine?

Yes I recently finished Citrus a while back which is surprisingly good, how about you? Have you been watching anything interesting lately?
DHD534 Sep 12, 2:18 PM
I told you before you don't have to apologize. It's understandable. I think reopening the schools is not good idea. The pandemic is still running very first. It will be a huge risked for the students. Gathering lots of people at once is really not safe for now. Over here people taking online classes and it's really very sucks. I try to attend there once. But I couldn't focus for a sec. So I don't care about classes for now.

One punch man season 2 would be more better if they focus on the animation. Seriously the animation is really very bad compare to season 1. Still I also enjoyed it.

I hope you will gonna enjoy Monogatari series. The anime has lots of amazing characters. You have all sorts of characters nice mc then a bit tsundere type character. A perfect at everything type character. And the last but not the least a imoito type character as well.

I have heard of Strike the blood but I have yet to watch it. My friend also recommend me Strike the blood series. So I will check it out later...

Shirobako is a slice of life anime about the anime industry. We all want to know about how our favorite anime made. And Shirobako is about that. In this anime you will gonna learn lots of things about anime industry.
The basic plot of this anime is. 5 girls made a animation club back in their high school and they also made a short animation film at their cultural festival. And they all promise to each other that one day they will gonna make their own original anime. After 2 years later 2 of the girls mange to get a job on the animation studio but other 3 are still struggling. So this is the basic plot.
Shirobako will show you how heard is anime making process. Every stuff no matter what they do they are all important for anime. The anime also focus on some problems of the anime industry. You can try it. It's a beautiful story about friendship hard work and dreams.

Right now I'm watching Kuroko no basketball. Have you watched it? It's quite popular sports anime...
dhb1048596 Sep 12, 4:21 AM
How far were you when you dropped rezero?

I think people misunderstood that too much fanservice is a good thing in no game no life.

When I watched Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, I thought it was bad then after the first episode I immediately liked it. And I'm surprised how it didn't get enough attention because of how good it is

What are some of the long animes that you finished?

Good luck with that goal in mind. I actually eat a lot but I don't gain or lose weight. Ever since college I stayed in a consistent weight until now

Don't worry about the late replies, take your time replying if you have the free time
_Ayako_ Sep 6, 8:50 AM
I haven't seen Strike the Blood yet, but I plan to watch it. How is it?
I started recently Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru and I'm about to finish Cowboy Bebop. Have you seen these?
Thank you :))
DHD534 Sep 5, 2:55 PM
That's really bad I hope you will safe. Traveling in public at time like this is really dangerous....
Indian government is way too busy on bending Chinese apps. They don't give a f about the people who are suffering from covid... I hope everything will go down normal real soon.

As I said before my brother is pretty harsh on most of the anime. So he only picks good shits. Recently he watched Serial experiment Lane... Our taste is not that much similar. I'm a big fan of slice of life genre along with cute girls and he hate those types of anime.

I'm not sure when I'm gonna watch Black clover but I will definitely gonna try it...

For me One punch man 2 was a disappointment because of the animation... The season 1 is damn good and people love it so much because of its animation... It was really ground breaking.... But in season 2 it wasn't even feel like the same hype or feelings I got in the 1st season... Still the story was really very good...

The problem with Monogatari series is that people don't know the way to start it. It was same for me as well.
There wasn't a main plot of this anime... The story is separated into arks wich is dedicated to each characters... Every characters have their own ark... Our main character Araragi is a half vampire and half human. He help some girls who dealing with some supernatural powers or something... It definitely sounds like a normal harem anime but trust me it's even beyond from what you think... The anime has its unique philosophy. And it's also about regret jealousy what is the meaning of good and bad and many more stuff.... The animation make it even more amazing...
You just watch Bakemonogatari first... And if you like it then you can continue it...that's what I did....

What are you watching lately?????
I'm gonna try Shirobako next...
dhb1048596 Sep 4, 10:18 PM
I also dropped a lot of anime and some of them are notable like

Rezero, No game no life - dropped them because the MCs are annoying for me

Great teacher onizuka - It got boring as the episodes went on

I think those are the notable ones

Didn't know, Promised Neverland is a horror anime

So far only a few and they are not that full on horror. It is Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and Sankarea. They are both romcom horror anime series that are hidden gems in my opinion

I started watching anime consistently just last February with the anime series "Urusei Yatsura" (Made by the same creator of Ranma and Inuyasha). Even though I haven't finished it yet with 99/195 episodes, that series was my gateway to being an avid anime watcher. I really can't remember the first anime that I watched as my childhood is a blur now but I can remember when I was a teenager, the anime School Rumble was the most interesting anime for me that I always tuned in watching. Then fast forward to April of this year, School Rumble was the first anime series that I finished so it has some sentimentality for me. So I've been only watching anime for 6 months now and I still have a long way to go.

Pineapple is not that bad because it compliments well with the pizza.

Actually that was the only pizzas I ate all year haha it's been over a year since the last time i ate pizza. It was a relief eating it again
katastrofikal Sep 4, 1:01 PM
I see, so it might be similar to Fairy Tail then... lol.

Wow, you're really dedicated!! How do you manage to watch it during lunch break? Is your coworker/the people around you okay with you doing that? I can never watch anime in public since I'm afraid of other people's opinions... so I'm a closet anime/manga fan even until now D: I rarely watch anime, unless it's a series that I really like and then I would binge all of the episode in just a few days. I read manga daily though, on every spare time I had ( ◡‿◡)

4 months is a really long time! So you completely not watching it during that time?? But yes I think it's nice to take a break from manga/anime sometimes. Spending too much time on it can make me lose track of time and also forgetting reality lol. I've felt burnt out quite a lot, although it never lasts long. The longest was a month, I think? But it just normally happens for me, since everytime I read, I often read too much of it, so I get mentally exhausted a lot. I've gotten bored a few times too! It happened most during my shoujo phase lol, I used to read a lot of shoujo mangas, and since most of it are just cliche and predictable, I got bored of reading it D: