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Magika no Kenshi to Basileus
Dec 18, 2017 12:17 PM
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Kaidan Nikki
Dec 18, 2017 12:16 PM
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dhb1048596 Nov 15, 2022 7:49 AM
Belated Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a great birthday!
Saeko_Linjoyce Oct 21, 2022 7:41 AM
omg is been almost two years im soooo sorryyyyyyy:') but thank you for the birthday wishes<33333 hope you doing good!
Yae_Sakura Sep 28, 2022 10:47 AM
awww ty so much <3
DHD534 Sep 25, 2022 2:01 PM
I forgot to mention about popularity of anime in India. Yeah people finally talking about anime in India the success of JJK 0 movie is the good example. Even big personalities also talking about anime in India now. Companies like Crunchyroll making Hindi dub of anime. But it wasn't always like that. 5 or 6 years ago people hardly knew anything about anime. But slowly with the growth of Internet people discover what anime is. Yeah the number of anime fans might look huge. But compared to freaking billion population it's literally nothing. I made my so many good friends from India who watches anime. But we never saw each other in real life because we all live too far from each other. But i think in future things will change for good.
DHD534 Sep 24, 2022 2:42 PM
Thanks for your support. I will do my best to make my life better.
I only cook twice a day. I only cook my breakfast and dinner..i have lunch at my workplace. I like to cook easy and simple dishes like noodles, rice, curry, tea and roti etc. i don't like to spend too much time on kitchen so that's why i prefer to eat simple dishes.
How about you? What kind of foods you like to make?

Now i only mostly read episode discussions froums. Because those are the only useful thing you can read in this site rest of the other things are kind of trash.
By the way Ao ashi is really getting very interesting. Ao ashi deals with the sportsmanships aspects better than other sports animes. Loving it.

Diwali gives us bit similar experience as helloween. But i wish one day i will experience the real helloween.
Trust me watching your old photos and videos unites the family better than anything. Even in my messy family we all gathered together when we look at our old photos. Relationship might get complicated but memories always connects everything perfectly. I'm sure Ace going to love those photos when he will grow up.

By the way the days started to get smaller here and the wether also geting cold. We are only one months away from winter. Having hot noodles with sup is one of the best thing to do on winter.

Taking care of Ace should always be your number one priority. Don't worry about replying to my comment. He's very young and he needs his mom now the most so i can understand that . You can take as much as time you want. Have you give any nickname to Ace yet? In my family we all siblings have their nicknames we never use our given names in front of our family members. We only interact with each other by our nicknames.

Chainsaw man's story is super addictive. It will hook you so badly that you won't be able to stop yourself from reading it. I still sometime reread some chapters again and again. I hope your husband enjoying the ongoing chapters.
Yes the Chainsaw man anime will have 12 episodes. However i still think they're going to make part 2 or season 2 right after the season 1. They might schedule the cour 2 for spring or summer. Also Chainsaw man anime will have different ending songs in each episodes. Various popular artists going to sing their own ed for Chainsaw man. Some of my favourite singers are also involved in this. I can't wait to hear them .

Spy x family part 2 will start airing on next week. I will check out some summer animes now the season is over.
Yama no susume is very old anime and this is might be the reason why is not very popular. I think in first season the anime episode were only 2 or 3 minutes long.
Anime Yama no susume is the reason why i gain my interest for such a boring stuff like climbing and hiking.

I watched the Jujutsu kaisen 0 movie finally. The movie was good but nothing special. The animation and music was pretty good. The storyline was quite besic. Yuta and Rika's story was not that special. Although the 3rd act of the movie was mind-blowing. I will discuss them once you watched the movie. So have you seen it yet?
DHD534 Sep 14, 2022 2:57 PM
Till the end she lived like a queen and died like a queen.

Living alone has its both pros and cons. Living alone is very good for you if you want to live peacefully. It's also good for your partner if your are in a relationship. But living alone is also very problematic if you don't have any knowledge about household works specifically cooking. Now I'm just a pretty besic cook. I only can make very handful of dishes. I mean it's enough for me live. Right now things are going well so far for me. I'm enjoying doing work and I'm loving this new environment. Changes are important for everyone.

I prefer watching anime for 2 hours then using Instagram or other social media platforms. Although I'm using twitter a lot lately. Also I'm finally going to watch Cyberpunk anime. The anime is finally out.
Mal is no longer the best place for anime discussions. People like you and me only use this site to update our list.

Sadly helloween is not very popular here. We only have seen helloween in movies and TV shows. Helloween always looks so fun and amazing.
Ace might too young to understand about Christmas. But he'd love to know how he celebrated his very first Christmas. So I'm sure it will be worth it.

Yeah even my friend also tested positive for COVID even following every precaution. I didn't get COVID even i sometimes didn't weare mask in public places. Maybe COVID was spreading so frequently that no one even noticed when they get COVID. I hope we never going to see this COVID crap ever again.

I do everything but eating vegetables is too much. I dislike most of the vegetables. I only have them when i get sick. I love to drink worm drinks like coffee, hot chocolate milk, tea and lots of soups. I wish if i get a small breck during the peak winter. Because leaving the house in the winter is more deadly then anything. I'm sure Ace is going to enjoy this winter.

He will even usee more energy to sit and move and eventually he will start to stand. My cousin's daughter is also learn how to sit. She's also about a year old now. I'm glad to see Ace growing so fast.
Now Ace is going to tear down everything that he touches. He will also gonna try to eat tissues and his toys so you should watch out for that. You should watch some cat and dogs videos with Ace. I heard that babies react to those videos very quickly.

There's some manga that i want to read like Oyasumi punpun or Fire punch. But i don't know wich want should i read first. Reading is very different then watching. When you read you can't leave the story in the middle. I remember reading Chainsaw man. Even with my very busy schedule i read the first part in 3 days. So when you read you want keep reading.
You have to be a rich kid if you want to read manga in India. You can buy manga physically in UK but we have to buy it online that's not even worth it. I wish Japan should snow thier interest in India and other countries. People will happily buy them if they are bit cheaper.
Sadly India not even host anime related events. I wish in future we will have one.

Yeah he tried to act rude but he's actually very cute. I'm sure in part 2 we will see more cute side of him. Yeah the part 2 is very close.

I'm going to watch Devil is a part timer or maybe Classroom of Elite.
You are the only person i know who have seene Yama no susume. This anime is very underrated. I love the cute environment of this anime. These cute girls even motivated me to do climbing and hiking. More people should watch Yama no susume.
I can't wait for the new season of Yama no susume.

Binge watching is the best and simple way to watch something. No waiting or no interference just you and your anime.
DHD534 Sep 12, 2022 2:38 PM
So finally at the age of 96 the Queen Elizabeth died. It was the biggest news going around the internet for few days. I heard that in UK they cancelled every big TV programs in Queen's funeral day. Rip to Queen she lived a long and healthy life.

Everything went well we enjoyed the festival perfectly. At first i wasn't enjoying much by living alone but now I'm quite liking it. If course it's not easy for anyone to live alone but once you learn to enjoy your own company you can enjoy being alone. Now i can do stuff whenever i want. I can eat whatever want and most importantly i can stay calm and i can do whatever i want.

I watch anime when i get home from work and it's really keeping me calm. After working for like more then 7 hours watching anime is very relaxing for that.
The forum posts are so toxic and stupid. Like they only want to talk about why this anime is so overlated or why you like this shity character so much. It's better to ignore such a childish posts.

Oh helloween is very close. I wish you will have a great helloween with your son and husband. I'm sure he'll look great on those clothes. I hope Ace going to enjoy his very first helloween with his mom and dad. Christmas is very fun make sure to tell Ace about Santa Claus.
I'm glad you and Ace both survived from COVID. This is very serious geting COVID during your pregnancy.
I always get sick during the winter. I hope this time i won't get sick for too long since I'm living alone and i have a job now.

That's really good. He's doing very well siting in his own for this long is very good. I'm sure he will gonna try to move while sitting. Make sure to watch him carefully when he sits on bed because he might fall down while moving . My mom always say that i fall from bed a lot when she keep her eyes away from me.
Yeah that's the best part of having babies. You can watch them grow in front of your eyes. They are so adorable and cute.

That's also the same problem for me. It's hard to pick 1 manga. I think a lot before reading Chainsaw man but i somehow managed myself to read it.
Seriously if i start buying manga in their physical form in India. I will lose my half of the salary in no time. Buying manga in India is very expensive because there's no physical bookstore that seles manga. And buying them online is very expensive and unfortable. For now I'm reading manga Manga plus app. I mostly read manga online because this is the only way to read manga for us.

Damian is very funny for me. At first i thought he's rich kid with dady issue. But he's actually quite sweet. A poor kid trying to get his dad's attention. The way Anya punch him was very funny i still remember how loudly i was laughing watching that scean for the first time. Yeah Damian saved Anya like a hero was really very cool.

I was only following Call of the night from summer season. I will check some stuff now that the season is about to end. This season was quite avarage I'd say. But the real game will start from the fall. My watchlist for this fall season is quite big. Apart from Chainsaw man Spy x family I'm going to watch.
Mob psycho 100 season 3
Do it yourself
To your Eternity season 2
Golden kamuy season 4
Urusei Yatsura (2022) and Yama no Susume: Next Summit. I'm very hype for this upcoming season.
That what i always prefer binge watching is very good for adults like us. You can binge them anytime anywhere without any issues.
DHD534 Sep 4, 2022 2:18 PM
Finally I'm back on mal. Last week was extremely busy for me. Firstly I moved to different place due to my work and 2nd we had Ganesh chaturthi last week. Ganesh chaturthi is basically a festival where we celebrate and worship lord Ganesha. I was busy with those things. Everything went well and now I'm back again on mal.

Watching anime is not a competition you're not completing against anyone. I used to feel sad whenever my friends watch anime more frequently than me. But i now i don't care about beating anybody.
That's good for you. You can finally watch anime without any issues. I also watch anime mostly at night or evening. Because those are the only time when nobody bothers me.
There's nothing fun to do on mal apart from getting in touch with your closest friends. People here are very wierd and toxic. Replying to you and some other friends of mine are the fun part of mal for me.

Yeah winter is perfect for everyone. Me and my friends always go for a small tirp in new years. Of course we haven't been to any trip since last 2 years thanks to a certain virus. But we will definitely going to a trip this new year's weekend. Also seting a camp fire is also very relaxing thing to do winter. Apart from getting sick i haven nothing much to complain about winter.

My mom still think i survived that time because of some kind of God.
It's always fun to watch when a baby trying to walk or understand things going around them. You just hand them anything they will destroyed it. They also put anything on their mouth. It's so cute to watch. Normally a baby start walking around a year so I'm sure In few months he will start walking.

I remember watching DBZ few times in TV when i was very young. But i never give it a thought of watching it. I'm not sure about watching the entire DB series but i will watch a movie if it's good.

You can read 100 chapters in 2 to 4 days. But watching an anime that covers 100 chapters is very long. Both manga and anime holds their own importance so i appreciate both formets.

Loid don't take Anya very seriously. To him Anya is just a child with less brain cells. But Anya is still cute. I'm loving the dynamics of Anya and Damian. I hope he and Anya gonna fall in love when they will grow up.
dhb1048596 Aug 30, 2022 9:12 PM
Thank you for the greetings, I hope you have a wonderful day!
DHD534 Aug 26, 2022 2:46 PM
In my case it's next to impossible to complete 700 anime in this year. Well the thing is now you canot force yourself to watch anime since you're busy with plenty of works. 24 animes might sound small numbers but i know it's not easy to watch this many anime in such a short period. That's why now i watch anime without any goals. I have nothing to regeat to be honest i habe finished good amount of animes in 4 years. Now I'm not interested in completing thousand anime. But 1 thing for sure i will continue to watch anime till the time i die.
I used to visit mal a lot back them for anime discussions and recommendations. But now i only use this site to update my list and to reply your comments.

Your are right i also never feel this hot before. This entire summer was extremely hot and unbearable. I'm sure in future the temperature even gonna rise more then now since this planet keep getting hot. So it's not a good Singh for our next generations
We never experienced snow fall in our area. India is very hot country so we have very few places where you can see actual snow fall. Now i truly wants winter to arrive as soon as possible because this heat is killing me. In uk you might see snow fall around Christmas.

My mom told me that when i was just newly born baby i was infected with pneumonia. My perents thought they will gonna lost me. But i was lucky enough to survive. She also told me that for more then a year i wasn't eating properly.
I'm sure your son gonna gorw as strong and healthy boy. Is he trying to sit or walk? I think he is still to young to start walk.

Thank god i wait for the HD virsion. Even though it took them to long to release the movie so late. But it's better then nothing.
As for the 2md season of JJK i think we will get it somewhere around winter or spring.

I have seen Dragon Ball super broly without watching any Dragon Ball stuff. But i enjoyed the movie it was fun and amazing. But I'm not going to watch the new DBSH movie. Yeah the CG in the trailer is not very impressive i don't why they chose this way. Also DBSH is also releasing in India. But I'm not going to watch it.

I didn't like much the season 4 of MHA and that's why i wasn't watching season 5. But now I'm hearing some good thing wil happen in season 6. So i might watch season 5 before season 6. I only have seen 1 MHA movie didn't like it much. But i will check it out other 2 movies also.

Same here i also don't read manga. I'm only following Chainsaw man weekly. But reading manga saves a lot of time so i might read more manga in future.

You finally watched the best episode. I thought Yor's brother gonna be some normal dude but he work for secret police. It's interesting how Loid figured out that he work for secret police. But he still can't identify Yor. Hmm interesting.
DHD534 Aug 23, 2022 2:24 PM
I forgot to ask are you up to date with One punch man manga?
DHD534 Aug 23, 2022 2:23 PM
I thought it would be very easy to complete thousend anime. But man i never thought it would be so damn hard. From watching 5 to 10 episode per day now I'm watching 2 to 4 episodes per day. Time sure has changed a lot.
Same here i also atleast want to watch 100 animes per year. Let's see if i can reach 700 by the end of the year. I don't think it's possible but i will try.
Don't worry when i use mal I'm completely free. I use mal when I got nothing to do. I use it before going to bed so it's not big deal.

That's so true. My so many friends from my school and college are now moved on and we are no longer close friends. But some of them still left for me. Your best friend never leaves your side even if you are very far from each other.

We are not too far from the winter. Now agust is almost over so we only have to wait few more months.
But for real this heat is insane. Maybe we are already experience the impact of global warming.

I'm glad that your son is healthy. He's eating well that's means he's getting all nutrients he needs. Some babys don't eat properly in their beginning. But I'm glad that your son is doing so well. Sweet potato is very tasty i love it.
It's so amazing naming your child your after your favourite anime character. I haven't seen One price but i iike this name Ace.

I hope you will gonna love the Chainsaw man anime.
Yeah finally almost 8 months later we are finally getting the hd print. September 19 is the date of the blue ray and the digital release of Jujutsu kaisen 0 movie. Season 2 of JJK might air on January.
What's your thoughts on the new Dragon Ball super hero movie?

For real MHA needs to take a break. With only 5 to 6 years they released 5 seasons of TV anime , 3 movies and some ova series. This is some next level flaxing you straight. I hope you will gonna like season 5 and 6.
Like One punch man i hope someday we'll get a new season of Akatsuki no yona one of my favourite shoujo anime .
Sure i will watch the Made in abyss movie once i get some time.
DHD534 Aug 20, 2022 2:32 PM
In my earlier college days i was watching anime like crazy. I remember finishing FMAB in less then 4 days. Thinking about those days makes me feel sad. Back then i don't think twice before watching any anime. I simply pick anything i want to watch and i just watch them without thinking anything. But now i have to think a lot before watching any new anime. I thought i can easily watch thousends of anime back then. But now thousand is too far from my reach. The spring season was quite big so i think it will gonna took you quite while to finish them all.
I feel sorry for myself if i won't be able to reply to your comment as soon as I can. Because you give your few important minutes from your busy day to reply to my comment. Unlike me your life is lot mor difficult from mine. So I'd be very happy to response to you as soon as possible.

My close friends are quite nice . We known each other since from the college. They often help me with many things. My friend circle is not very huge. But they never leave my aide. Although sometimes we have some silly fights over some silly things.
Celebrating your birthday with your loved ones is the best way to celebrate your birthday. They truly wants you to be happy and they never asked you anything in return.

I can totally understand that . My cousinc's daughter is also very young. She cries a lot when it's too hot. She teat down the house when there's no electricity in our house. It's good that the heat is reducing in uk. In India we have to wait until October to surpass this unbelievable heat.

Atleast for a year babys can mostly eta liquid foods. I think once his tooth start growing he wil be able to eat normal food. What did you name your son? It's okay if you want to keep it secret.
Watching anime in this kind of situation is not easy for anyone. I can't imagine how hard is for you to watch anime while keeping everything together.

MAPPA is killing it. They've making a lot of animes. Frist Chainsaw man then Jujutsu kaisen season 2 alongside Vinland saga season 2. Man rest in peace for the animators.
I have seen the first season of Made in abyss. But i haven't seen the movie yet. Once i done with the move i will good to go for the 2nd season.

October is definitely the best season in this year for sure. Just look at the animes we are getting. I also have to watch MHA season 5. God MHA dropping new seasons Evey year.
You should watch Mob psycho if you liked One punch man. It was out of the blue. No one thought they will gonna announced the 3rd season out of nowhere. The studio is not confirmed yet. But most likely Bones and the staff from the first season gonna handle the anime.
DHD534 Aug 19, 2022 2:12 PM
There was a time when i watch 2 animes per week. But now it's been weeks and i haven't binge a single anime . Now I'm mostly watching extremely short animes and ovs alongside Call of the night. You are right you can't save enough time for anime once you start working. Also I'm sorry for responding so late. I wil try to be more active in mal.
I wasn't expecting anything from my birthday. I was very busy with my work and i was continuously traveling here to there due to my work. But my friends surprised me with some nice presents and treats. So it wasn't that bad birthday. How do you celebrate your birthday usually? Do you throw some big party or just celebrate with close friends and family?

Yeah babys are very soft they can't afford to stay too long under the sun's heat. I can't tell you how hot it is. No matter how many times i take shower before going outside. I can't help myself from getting sweaty. Even driving is also damn hard in such a crucial hot weather.

Yeah that's why I'm trying to understand my family. In the end i know my mom will always there for no matter what. Thanks for your sweet words.

I'm happy to hear that your son finally able to eat foods. What kind of diet plan your chose for your son? Here people mostly feed bottle milk with some brade and biskuts. After almost a year we feed them rice and curry but a very lit amount. I'm sure it's very hard for you to handle everything. Woman's are really strong they mostly take care of their childrens.

Chainsaw man dropped 2nd trailer few weeks ago. The trailer looks extensively good. I'm pretty sure if they don't censor anything Chainsaw man will gonna take down everything.

Mob psycho is also returning with 3rd season in this October. Anime can't get better than this first Chainsaw man and now Mob psycho. This October looks lit as hell. Spy x family is also coming in this October. The part 2 of the anime is almost here.
Kindpersonirl Aug 15, 2022 9:31 PM