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Dec 28, 2020
To be clear, I included all 5th, 6th and 7th season in this review.
Might have some small spoilers:

Ok, so I'm making this review in case there are people that don't know what happen with the season.
I'm going to start of by saying that this season (5th season) is already over and that is the same with the next one (6th season). The 7th season is currently airing with weekly episodes on saturdays as of writing this.

Now, my opinion on these 3 seasons combined:

I enjoyed this, I laughed and I even cried while watching.

Story: 9
I felt like the story continued really well and it's not stuck read more
Dec 13, 2020
I'm really into Sherlock Holmes and I have to say that I was so excited with the whole mystery vibe. I don't know how to express my emotions so don't be harsh on me. It was enjoyable but it's not perfect, waiting for season 2. Here's my opinion on the anime.

Story 8/10
I like the story but could've been better from my point of view

Animation 9/10
I really can't say anything bad about it, it's nice to look at.

Sound 10/10
Fits really well with the whole mystery vibe, especially the op, and the voice acting is on par.

Characters 7/10
The first season is too short to say anything about read more