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Dec 12, 2018
I have seen both seasons of Kaiji and saw this, and think that I enjoy Tonegawa a lot more than Kaiji because the second season of Kaiji was kinda slow and disappointing... but also I really like Tonegawa and I find it hilarious.

Story - 9
I like where the anime goes so far, it focuses on not just Tonegawa but also the people living underground. I think there are some valuable lessons to be learned in this anime based on mistakes the employees make and also this anime seems to portray life in Japan a bit more realistically. While some things probably wouldn't happen in Japan, read more
Dec 9, 2018
Finally, now that I've seen enough of the anime I think this is a pretty good show. If you don't like BL or smut, don't bother with this anime as it's not for everyone.

Story - 8
So far the story focuses on these two actors in love with each other, at first it was pretty unrealistic but as you get further into the story they face real-life problems. And by real-life ones, I mean problems that idols will usually face in modern day Japan if they are involved in scandals. I find it interesting to see how it deals with certain situations, it seemed cliche read more
Nov 26, 2018
So far, this second season seems to be terrible... was expecting more from how season 1 ended. Actually, I feel that Psycho-Pass ended well in just season one and I am satisfied with the ending of the first season but the second season just doesn't seem to make me excited.

Story - 6
It's a continuation of season 1 with new characters added in the cast, no more Makishima and Kougami... however I am pretty disappointed because I don't find this that interesting as the first one. It's like they're repeating things that already happened and going " how could this be! " with things that have read more
Nov 25, 2018
I am rewatching this for the second time, and I have to say this anime is simply AMAZING. I originally watched this as a kid, but fast-forward to now and I realize that I didn't understand this anime when I first watched it because this show is heavily based on psychology and sociology.

Story - 10
The dystopian sci-fi story takes place in the future, where the state of society is constructed through the Sibyl System and this specific system places judgements on humans based on their mental state, or as I would like to call it... their " crime co-efficient ". This is what is what read more
Jan 26, 2018
What you're about to read will be really deep, that's what you need to know.

I've never really understood why people even liked yaoi or why there were so many people fangirling over it. One day, I was really curious about what yaoi anime was like, so I looked up for some and found Junjou Romantica.

I was a young teenager during this time, going through puberty and all. I have had a history of being emotionally abused often, so when I saw this anime I thought it was cute and couldn't see the abuse at all because I thought this was normal, and the read more
May 14, 2017
Sometimes in life, we struggle with insecurity in ourselves. Society expects us to look a certain way when you're born male or female.

This manga shows the struggle of a popular schoolboy named Todo who is insecure about his inverted nipples and his dick size. One day he happens to meet this guy named Yamamoto and he tries to help him with his problem... well I guess you know where this is going already.

The story was a bit predictable at times, and you can see that in what I just wrote. It's not really outstanding but it's not really bad either, more like your average yaoi read more
Apr 18, 2017
My friend introduced me to Vampire Hunter D. Apparently this is some kind of classic, so I decided to check it out. He is a huge fan of this but I didn't even know that this movie existed in the first place.

The art for this movie is pretty great especially for a 1985 film. Someone into today's anime may not enjoy this one though, but I'm used to the art style as I watched the old animes from the 80's before, like Ranma 1/2. The animation is very fluid, colors are nice to look at. Probably not the best art if you compared it read more
Mar 24, 2017
I love Tiger & Bunny and recently binge watched the entire thing. Then I found out they had two movies, and even a special. I finally finished the movies and got to the special, only to realize that most people on MAL rated it as a 6! And only 67 people have seen it.

I was shocked by the numbers, until I searched for the anime on the internet. I realized there were no English subtitles, but the raw version can be found on the internet according to people who commented on some site so it made sense why many people haven't seen it. I read more
Mar 16, 2017
Niichan (Manga) add (All reviews)
As a huge BL fan, I have to admit that many BL mangas either fetishize gay men or portray an abusive/unhealthy relationship between men and make things like pedophilia seem cute when in reality, it isn't. However we should keep in mind that even though many authors create these things, these are all just fiction and a fantasy for their readers in the end.

This is one of the most original stories I've read in a BL manga. I would give this a 10 for sure, because it explores the true reality of pedophilia and shows how it affects each of the characters in read more