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Oct 18, 2019
In life sometimes you get bored of the hobbies you used to have as a child. Anime is one of them in my case. After being disappointed season after season with countless fast food adaptations. I decided to put a stop at my once favorite hobby.

Of course after a short 2 year hiatus you cant possibly ignore that even in that time frame at least something decent had to come out. Generally speaking most popular anime could be considered decent if only viewed on a surface level, but you're in for a surprise.

Naturally after having thoughts of going back to watching anime. I decided read more
Sep 30, 2017
Well first of all, the story's premise is absolutely cliche, you have the classic "Shy girl meets bad boy" type of shoujo. Most of the situations the "couple" gets into are overused and predictable. The romance is undeveloped and feels less credible than it should be. Characters are pretty generic and dull, and most of their actions are predictable and cringy. The art is pretty average, it has a lot of flaws and it feels empty, effortless and dull.

Im giving this a 1/10 because none of its features stand out in the least.
Overall its pretty boring and poorly managed. I Don't recommend it at read more
Jun 19, 2017
If your looking to watch a immature cringy middle school romance with a massive amount of bubbly and sparkly scenes develop in highschool, well this is the anime for you! The anime has decent aspects, if we are talking about production, the story could've been executed better to not make it seem so cliche, but apart from it being cliche it also has a lot of minor plot holes all over the place.

The soundtrack of this anime is average, nothing outstanding about it.

The characters of this anime are bad. No one is outstanding in terms of personality.
We have the main shy girl who read more
Jun 15, 2017
Well another attempt of breaking the paradigm that ended just as stupid as the mess with non sense that this anime provides.
Story - 1
Stupid story with no sense, a lot of plot holes, dumb characters and situations that the creators thought were funny, excessive amount of stupid unfunny dick jokes. The ending also is dumb as hell.
Art - 4
At first look you can see the the animation isn't nothing special I would rather describe as annoying, the colors are bright but the type of character design destroys everything.
Sound - 3
The sound was average nothing really outstanding , the soundtrack also was bad, read more