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Jan 19, 2018
Bland and Boring.

Nothing new story wise as opposed to countless other similar works. But that could have been okay if the series didnt put so much forced focus on its name. "Ohh no we are always 10 cm apart. even though we love each other we cant get close coz of plot reasons". Add in some past death drama and some teenage angst and you got yourself a wasted 3 hours of your life.

Spoiler summary of story:
guy and girl are in kiddy love. girl gets saved as a kid by guys's older brother, who later dies. girl finds out later on and is scared read more
Mar 23, 2017
episodes are random, yet portray a good overall character development. i loved how each character interacted with each other, and grew together.

vamp is kindhearted, but a little out of touch as a person o his age usually is. he makes the perfect housewife. sunred on the other hand is a brute on the outside, but a super big softie on the inside who cannot always portray his feelings and emotions correctly.

while the story is rather lacking, it makes up for it with its very fitting art style and catchy theme song. overall, the this anime is very enjoyable.
Mar 23, 2017
dont trust the other reviewers. this anime is as dreadful as it gets.
cliche save the world story? check
bland shonen mc saving nakama? check
characters dying, oly to not actually die and be saved by plot armor? check
climax fight where bad guys redeem themselves? check
everyone goes back to their typical boring lives in the end? check

here are a list of things you could do instead of watching this anime
1) take a nap
2) look at cute pictures of kitties on the internet
3) go out for a walk. its a beautiful day outside.
4) idk. literally anything else.
Nov 6, 2015
Anime Review: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Story: The story, in itself is simple. It is the events of the tokyo earthquake from the perspective of 3 characters, their struggle, and what they do to survive. It is the story telling that is this anime's selling point. That is done exceptionally well.
Score: 3/4 due to lack of actual story depth.

Characters: Average characters. your average brother sister combo, with a caring passerby. the type of characters that befit the story, but nothing necessary to advance the story, or add any value.
Score: 0.5/1

Sound/Music: Proper ambient sounds and noises to add tot he environment, soft voice acting that fits the characters. read more