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May 8, 2017
This is honestly amazing, i started reading this after the anime was announced when i read the sinopsis i found it really interesting. the plot is very good and its really, really well written

Very intriguing , keeps you hooked the mystery is great because you always feel like something is missing but its not in your face all the time

I have been watching anime for years and still very few things hooked me as well as this. its very enjoyable to read and has great characters.

If you want something to read, read this doubt you will find anything better if you do please pm read more
Nov 2, 2012
well jojo bizarre adventure one of the best manga's out there. i've never read it but i always hear people say that is a masterpiece but i actually prefer to see anime, i was really sad because i never thought that after all these years they were going to make an anime adaptation from jojo but they did!! I was with so many expectations about this and i'm really glad it didn´t let me down!!

story: 10 - the story is really quite unique i'm not going to talk about it because i don't want to do spoilers but it's really interesting, it makes you think read more