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Jun 19, 2011
Shoujo Sect tries to be yuri/romance with hentai elements (or vice versa). Unfortunately it fails to meet the requirements of both genres. There isn’t a consistent plot, drama or good character development, so it can’t be called a romance anime. The erotic scenes are short and lack quality, so it is not even a proper hentai.

Plot: 3/10
The plot in any 99% of all hentai anime is stupid and awful. However, in most hentai the plot is usually simple. Shoujo Sect tries to make an exception. Its plot is probably about the love between two girls, which go to the same school and are childhood read more
May 21, 2011
Story: 6/10
Well, the story has potential, but wasn’t explained well. I was rather confused at the end, so I had to watch it again. It had a lot of symbolism and references to the game of roulette. Even the prisoners are actually named after roulette slots (R,N,V stands for red, black and green… in French). It has a few plot twists, which will keep you entertained, though.

Characters: 4/10
The characters lack names and personalities. They only reveal small pieces of their background story, which wasn’t enough to care much for them.

Animation: 7/10
The characters looked a bit awkward and their movements appeared a bit stiff. At first read more
May 12, 2011
Before starting, I should note that I am a fan of the TV series, but I will review the anime as a standalone piece. I will put myself in the shoes of someone, who has never heard of Supernatural and evaluate its merits and faults from there.

Story: 7/10
The story is simple and easy to follow. It is about Sam and Dean, two brothers who hunt demons and evil spirits. Most of the episodes are following the “monster of the week” formula… but there is a general plotline that advances slowly throughout the series. There is also a main villain and the Winchester brothers have a read more
Mar 13, 2011
This movie is basically a remake of the Benizakura story arc (episodes 58-61) of the series Gintama. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Gintama is a comedy series set in an alternate universe, where Japan is taken over by aliens. It follows the adventures of Sakata Gintoki - former samurai, who is always broke. He works as a “yorozuya” (something like a mercenary) together with two teenagers and does various tasks to make a living. The series are more like a parody of popular anime series and characters. The whole concept of mixing samurai, space technology, aliens and comedy may sound strange, but read more
Mar 9, 2011
Mai-Hime is an average show. The first 13 episodes are especially boring and pointless. They are probably supposed to introduce and develop the characters. Indeed in almost every episode a new “Hime” girl appears… but there is no real character development. There are no flashbacks, important dialogue or meaningful interaction between the characters, which would reveal their personality and motives. They will just keep introducing new characters, while you will keep forgetting the already existing ones.

I don’t mind watching high school themed anime. However, Mai-Hime doesn’t show interesting themes, like growing up and making friends. It shows clichéd themes and settings (school festivals, beach read more