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Oct 4, 2013
Maybe, the best part of this anime is characters: Black Rabbit, Izayoi, Asuka, You and others — all of them have their unique features — "gifts", all of them have at least one funny trait per each, — in short, all of them are very well thought-out characters. 8/10.
Next in my review will be sound — in my opinion, the worst part of this anime. Of course, opening and ending can't be called terrible, moreover, they're suited to the mood of this show, but something like this I personally heard in "Kill me Baby" and "Ebiten", for example. 6/10.
Story, enjoyment and art are united in ...
Jan 18, 2013
So, it's just outstanding anime about jazz, 1960s and human circumstances. Down here I'll describe shortly this point.

Plot is really stunning: can anyone name an anime, where music and story are really connected and can't be represented separately? Can anyone name an anime, where motivations of all characters are unbelievable realistic and define all twists? Can, in the upshot, anyone name an anime, where zeitgest is really felt?!
Second powerful point of this show is music. I never liked jazz, but after watching this I'll definitely pay respect of fans of this music genre, at least.
Art and enjoyment are both 8.5/10, but they aren't so important ...
Dec 20, 2012
Story: 5/10. Beach episode is so standard, and only usual jokes about guns helpa this story.
Art: 10/10. Sunrise and the night sky are both outstanding. And, of course, we have the art style usual for this series, which I personally like.
Sound: 9/10. Classical music at fanservice swimming scene made me LOL several times.
Character: 9/10. OVA keeps traditions of ONA, so all girls-guns are fantastically cute. ^__^
Enjoyment: 10/10. On can argue about boobs fanservice in this OVA (at that scene characters looks much older than in ONA), but I personally enjoyed this show. It was very logical to do such a pleasure for Upotte fans with ...
Nov 11, 2012
Sankarea OVA (Anime) add
So, I watched both OVA's and now can write a review on it.
In short: the first is about Chihiro and how he had found a book about resurrection; the second is about Aria and her strange dream (I can't write what was this dream about because it will be a great spoiler for you; for same reason I'm not writing who is Chihiro&Aria).

First OVA is like a prequel for the TV series. If you didn't watched "Sankarea" yet, I strongly recommend you to start with this OVA -- you'll free from several question and won't say "WTF?!" after the first TV ep. 10/10.
Second is so ...
Apr 1, 2012
Kill Me Baby (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This anime have quite a simple plot based on the 4'koma: three schoolgirls doing cute, dummy&funny things. Actually, one of them, Oribe Yasuna, is a stereotypical schoolgirl, second, Sonya-chan, is a killer, and the third, Agiri-san, is a ninja. The whole thirteen episodes we're seeing many jokes, but, as in the everage comedy, most of them we saw somewhere.
One detail near the end: "unused characther" really attracted my sympathy because she is trying to do her best and failed every time, every episode when she appears. Maybe, she was the main reason why this show got from me six, not five.
In conclusion I want to ...
Apr 1, 2012
Story: 9/10
It was absolutely unpredictable for me. Maybe, people who watched OVA can find some spoilers in it, but I think that scenario is great. It's quite interesting story about hurting, friendship and parallel world. Actually, "Black Rock Shooter" has two or even three parallel plots.
Art: 10/10
Fantastic graphic. Each episode was really incredible from graphical point of wvew. Both real and parallel worlds are painted carefully and stylish, that means, in two different styles.
Sound: 9/10
I don't know what to say about it. Maybe, I put nine for sound because I saw the "Puella Magi Madoka Magica", where sound work was really outstanding. There sound is ...
Oct 11, 2011
To begin with, I'd like to tell that I didn't expected so many psychological and philosophical aspects in such a romantic story. It so happened that I watched the first three series and then had to make a two-week break. When I thought about this anime, I said to myself: "It's just a Japanese soap opera. Only for relax after hard-working day." I could not imagine what will happen next.
So, in fourth series and after so many new characters appeared and so many small stories told. It was really unexpected. Sometimes I ever said: "It's masterpiece!'
But by the end I was a little disappointed. Story ...