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fancyjasper May 1, 4:33 PM
In the end it's still Osomatsu-san, so i'm going to love it regardless~ Let's hope for a season 3! Ah that's a shame the manga is really good. Oh yeah we still have the dub to look forward to! I don't expect them to surpass the Japanese voices at this point, since those voices "are" the sextuplets to me now. But it should be fun hearing the dub cast they choose and i'll have an excuse to re-watch it a couple more times~
fancyjasper May 1, 10:55 AM
Ahaha yeah i love all of them too. I'd buy all the volumes in a heartbeat if it came out in English! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و The last chapter i read was 25 a while ago~ Have there been anymore since then? Oh and what are your thoughts on season 2? :3 Like a lot of people, i think it was a lot weaker than the first season, but it still gave us some great skits! As well as a pretty emotional episode 24 again. T_T
fancyjasper May 1, 1:48 AM
Thank youu. I couldn't really think of what to put there, so what better than Neko Musume looking awesome haha.
I love your profile pic. "He cried" Ahaha the Osomatsu-san manga is so good! I see you're a Karamatsu girl then? I'm an Osomatsu girl myself ┐(●’v’)┌
Adi-Buddha Apr 24, 5:48 PM
I never thought I'd find another anime fan from AL lol.
xviinus Apr 16, 3:44 PM
Thank you so much ~ ♥♥♥ (it is still a work in progress)
I love your profile too Land of the Lustrous is such a beautiful series!
Donger_Weeb Apr 12, 11:07 AM
I never found a way to sort it I just found out a way to search by genre and see which ones in that genre are presently on my list.
MONCARAT Apr 11, 11:15 PM
ayyy, nice affinity ranking
DollHouse-Alice Apr 9, 1:46 PM
Sakura Trick is the characters for the statistics I used MAL embed go to if you want more info on it.
DollHouse-Alice Apr 9, 6:50 AM
Not sure what you mean. My signature?
Hana Apr 9, 1:08 AM
Ara Haan from the MMO Elsword. Although its her 3rd job class; Devi.
HotPocketRocket Apr 8, 8:14 PM
Rolling girl!
Lessa Apr 8, 6:05 PM
the best ship <3
ZeroZero0 Apr 8, 4:30 PM
Yeah it is and I feel the same way. It was actually a good and probably the first fantasy world series that I had saw.
paguiomcee Apr 8, 3:24 PM
Heyaaaa! (≧▽≦)

Thank you for adding me!

It's nice to meet you, hihi~!

MaeOrchid Apr 7, 8:18 PM
Haha, yes!

I remember when these two came out in the same season:

and this came out too:

Though, it seems to be getting better lately. I only found one this season. The new trend seems to be putting all of the candy colored waifus together in a slice-of-life anime (without any incel otakus). Thank gosh!