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Aug 14, 2019
The story for the 2nd season of burst series takes place on abroad instead of japan as usual background. This is of course give more interesting point of view and wide variety culture and bladers to see. The idea of world tournament also bring back the sense of world level competitive battle that brought only and exclusively to this 2nd season of beyblade burst. After watching the season up to the burst GT series, this level of competitiveness has never been reached by its successor whatsoever, therefore the 2nd season of burst deserve to achieve the higher score compared to the other burst season.

Even so, read more
Jul 18, 2019
It is normal for toy based anime to promote their latest product using anime as medium. Beyblade is about toys and it always be.

But when the proportion itself is larger than the overall story, it will reduce the enjoyment of the anime itself, make it no more than advertising medium with mediocre storyline. That's the current trend of modern Beyblade franchise.

In contrast, the best series so far, Bakuten Shoot G-Revolution, never heavily emphasized on promoting product, but focusing on interesting story and enough character development. Without implicitly stating "Boys only toys" in the story, that proved by the absence of competitive female bladers read more