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Oct 9, 2015
I really liked this anime, I question why so many people have negative reviews over this show. Personally, as someone who has yet to play the Shin Megami Tensei games on DS, I cannot say whether it stays true to the game or not but personally, I found this game enjoyable. Perhaps some others felt that the game was much better, but for me I loved this anime nonetheless.

At first, I was contemplating to drop this anime because the beginning seemed quite boring and plotless. The real hype was when they began to summon the demons and fight against the Septentriones in their endless and read more
Oct 9, 2015
At first, I was incredibly excited for this anime because the plot sounded so amazing and had a lot of potential. However, my enthusiasm died rather quickly as I ventured deeper into the anime.

First of all, the main character is mainly useless, other than being granted the power of the Red Dragon and whining every now and then, and he can't do anything except sacrifice others at the extent of his own sanity to unleash his powers. Other than this, he is completely useless. I don't even know why he became the main character when even the side characters held more power and potential read more