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Mar 16, 2014
I wasn't expecting such a great movie especially with the slow start this one has. But there's definitely a sincerity and theme of what idols are being all about that makes this anime really moving. The art's quite unique but the two reasons I enjoyed this anime so much was because the compelling stories and themes and the characters. It's a movie about Girls trying to become idols- the movie moves fast but the great thing about that is there isn't any downtime at all. Once the plot starts to accelerate it just piles on the enjoyment from the dilemmas and struggles, the individuality of read more
Feb 19, 2014
I'd have to say out of all the movies that I've seen thus far this was probably one of my favorites because it wasn't a completely different universe or theoretical country we never heard of but rather an extended development of the on-going TV series.

The strong-points of this movie focuses entirely on that development regarding Minato and Kushina. If you enjoyed watching episodes including backstory on them because of the powerful emotion involved than you'll definitely enjoy this movie.

The story was predictable in it's outcome from beginning, middle and end. So there wasn't really nothing of note. The art and sound were actually pretty read more
Sep 28, 2013
Servant x Service is another example of great characters creating great comedy using the most oddest setting I've seen yet, the health and welfare division of a government ward office in Hokkaido. With such an odd premise, I was extremely skeptical if they were gonna be able to execute a slice of life anime in an office setting and still be entertaining, especially after the influx of school-club-slice-of-life K-on copycats the last couple of years that couldn't deliver. However, Servant x Service was able to execute the comedy with flying colors, using mainly the awesome characters but also hilarious plot to create overall enjoyment that read more
Sep 19, 2013
I really loved Gin no Saji. In a phrase, this anime was able to take a multitude of themes and balance them beautifully to create a series that is thoughtful but light-hearted. That describes the story, the characters, the music, and the overall experience.

Gin no Saji is all about first-experiences. From Hachiken's first taste of raw egg on rice, freshly steamed corn on the cob, to riding horses, and baseball games this anime is all about the experiencing new things and learning a new perspective of things that is both thoughtful, incredibly insightful, educational but still funny.

Hachiken experiences so many new things, including about read more
Sep 19, 2013
Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince doesn't invent anything new. It isn't controversial nor is it innovative but it DOES tell a decent story. With Majestic Prince's plot, animation, music, and character design and development I definitely enjoyed this anime consistently throughout the series. I'll be using the last episode as my starting point and expanding to the series as a whole.

Many of the reasons involve the final episode but are illustrative of the series as a whole. I never felt the story was lacking in explanation or depth. All the characters were expanded on well as well as some of the background behind the pilot and read more
Jun 27, 2013
This anime has one of the most off-the-wall premises I've seen since Girls und Panzer and executes the comedy beautifully but only in the beginning. Being stranded in Japan from their original world of demons versus anime made for some of the funniest moments. In fact, I'd say the characters were outstanding and made this anime as enjoyable as it was and potentially even more enjoyable if the story hadn't fell through. The pacing and timing of going from high ranking top officials of the other world and regulating them to two single men struggling to make it by in an single room apartment made read more
Apr 19, 2013
I was really hard-pressed to decide what to rate this anime. I've known about this anime for more than 10 years but never came around to watching it. The thing I find amazing about this anime is how much it pulls you in to the story. Everything is executed perfectly. I admit, especially from watching it now when CG is so much better than it was almost 20 years ago, that the CG kind of turned me off but overlooking this anime because of that reason would be a big mistake. This anime manages to create excitement, intensity, great comedy, compelling romance and wonderful character read more
Mar 21, 2013
This review comes minutes after finishing the last episode. I highly recommend this anime to anyone, as long as they're ok with darker and more violent themes. The reason why is because this is one of the few anime that breaks away from the pack of anime and tries to be different not for the sake of being different but to challenge the viewer to ask questions about society and about themselves. Think of Minority Report and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit combined into one show.

It attempts to ask serious questions, and hence stays "dark" the whole time. This isn't like other anime that read more
Nov 30, 2012
Hmmm I can't claim that I hardly rate anime a 10 since it looks like I have at least 5. But my initial reaction after having just finished the episode is that this anime, like all the anime I rate as a 10, does one thing, and one thing well: Tell a great story. Something that sucks you into a world, immerses you, losing all thoughts other than the characters and the plot.

Accel World brought all the elements to tell a great story: the art, the music, the animation itself. The animation itself was really pretty as well as the character designs. Coming from read more
Feb 8, 2012
Macross (Anime) add (All reviews)
It's amazing that after this anime is over 30 years old but still excels in the quality of the animation even up to today. Macross Plus was my first exposure to mecha anime and I definitely enjoyed the tie-in between the two shows. Macross has some excellent animated sequences during fights in space and in their mechs as well. You can tell the animators really took great detail to making the action polished, the explosions delightful, and the destruction detailed. There was so much detail put into the fights you get sucked up into the epicness of fighting in space with all the war debris read more