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Jan 14, 2015
Have you ever wondered what happens to the characters after the finale of those animes whose end goal is to defeat a big bad demon lord? Now have you ever considered how the demon lord feels after being vanquished?

Hataraku Maou-sama! shows you a glimpse as to how those stories might continue. This anime cuts through the long cliche'd epic and bring you directly to the point where sequels will never be based on.

When the demon lord Sadao gets plunged into a world where there is no need for an ultimate evil, he does what every unemployed (and broke) villain might do: get a crappy day read more
Oct 27, 2008
If you are looking for a serious shounen anime about a boy's hardships through high school and him gaining experiences that make him a better individual in life then you may have to keep on looking because Cromartie has none of this except the boy and high school.

Cromartie High School is one of the funniest crack humor animes I've had the pleasure of surviving. It is definitely a delightful distraction if you're having a bad day as the humor is just simply put, hilarious.

A warning to those who consider humor as a side dish to their animes, Cromartie has no running story. There is no read more
Apr 13, 2008
I happened upon this anime in several anime fan sites as it was considered one of the higher rated animes even until today. Reading how some people said it rivaled works that of Miyazaki, I had high expectations for it. But unfortunately it was a total letdown.

The only thing I really enjoyed about the movie was the animation quality and detail that was put into the movie. The animation was just simply beautiful from the vividness of the background to the fluid motion of characters but then, sadly, the praise ends here.

The story and the characters were very anti-climactic as no real progress is met read more