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Mar 29, 2020
There will always be a special place in my heart for an anime like Dorohedoro, which reminds me of the crazy and relentless convoluted mess of the likes of Durarara!! and Kekkai Sensen (both among my personal top faves).

Dorohedoro is a slow burner as a world builder (which can be understandably frustrating for a short anime). I’m only an anime viewer and know nothing about the source material. Short as it was, this anime is damn packed with very good things, with a lot of promise for a new season or two!

Overall thoughts (10/10): slow burner at the start but quick-witted soon after (ep5-ish). Solid read more
Mar 28, 2020
Kyokou Suiri is not the type of anime I actively look for every season. It deals with the supernatural in a mystery case format. If I were to be asked for one word to describe it, it will be dialogue-heavy. Normally, that would be a deal breaker for me, but the writing is simply clever, enhanced by the enjoyable character dynamics and more "logical" approach to the contrast of supernatural and human reality.

Essentially, it can also be treated as a "society study" which makes it lean on the more serious side of introspective anime content. I'd take it as more of a niche anime, and read more
Mar 28, 2020
I won't count this as part of the anime greats, but I'll definitely consider this as an ecchi great... if not THE ecchi great.
It's a damn shameless anime that is proud of the genre it holds. But it's actually also a clever and legitimately funny concept for both comedy and ecchi. Right off the bat, if you dislike ecchi with a passion, this anime is not for you. But if you do not really care or are a heavy enthusiast of this culture, IR is simply a piece of art. Genuinely entertaining. Embraces you and acknowledges your depravity.

For me, that felt strangely sweet and even read more
Mar 28, 2020
Magia Record feels like a knock-off version of Hanako-kun with all its frustrating aspects, when it could have been distinct and so much more than a remembrance of the "original" Madoka Magica. Nevertheless, the Shaft style is ever so wonderful and serves the anime well. I will not be discussing comparisons with Madoka, but I have to admit that being a fan of that series has made me a bit more forgiving for the faults of this anime. Allow me to elaborate under a format.

Character 4/10
Tropes. Tropes. Tropes. One after another. It has become rather annoying by the middle of watching, and how the anime read more
Mar 26, 2020
Episode 8 should have been episode 1, and it could have set up the the anime to its greatest potential. Episode 8 is beautiful, poetic and mixed the right amount of aspects, comedic and tragic, but majority of the previous material pale in comparison. The anime improves a lot past episode 8.

Judging solely from the adaptation (no idea about the manga), Hanako is a frustratingly inconsistent anime. I really wanted to love this, but the constant mood shifts are rather staggering for me. Sometimes, it gets to be insufferable and just hard to focus on. I believe it's because the heavy art style contrasted the read more
Mar 26, 2020
I feel like the anime would have worked better as a short OVA series or just a single movie. Don't get me wrong. It's a wonderfully charming and even aesthetic material that will surely warm the hearts of fans of this story type. Somali to Mori (StM, to avoid the confusion with the character Somali) spends its runtime with small arcs along the way to build up to a predictable but wholesome ending.
With the nature of the world and its setting, it's a comfortable format for a friendly anime. However, it doing so sacrifices what could have been one of its best aspects: more convincing read more
Mar 22, 2020
ID: Invaded is a striking competitor in the barely touched grounds of Detective Conan. That alone deserves some recommendation, for being faithful to the genre but also wonderfully unique. Boy, that refreshing aspect was something I didn't know I was craving! Plus, this is probably the most underrated anime of the season.
I've been loyal to the whole Detective Conan universe (funny, DCU), but have treated it as more of a regular clever show for passive mental entertainment, with the yearly movies too. ID:I fills the same heart for detective genre with passion and great care (as should be expected for materials in the genre).

The anime read more
Jan 31, 2020
Spoiler-free review. Also, judging only by the anime and not the source material.

Overall (8/10):
Vinland Saga is the anime version of the good ol' Game of Thrones, or at least that is a simple hook of a summary. It's a delicate slow burner, though for reasons different from GoT. While they share a lot of similar themes (parallel to Viking lore, of course), Vinland Saga focuses a lot more in the essence of the battlefield; its heavy dialogue and introspective approach presents an emphasis in this idea.
It might be hard to convince new watches to give this a chance, with no absolute highlights like Fullmetal (alchemists!), read more
Dec 26, 2019
INTRO/RANT (spoiler-free!)
Beastars is a furry anime. Now shut up and listen to me first. A furry is someone who has interest in animals with human characteristics (known as anthros). Furry, in general, is about anything anthro. Beastars does the concept of anthropomorphism to a wonderful degree, even superior to Zootopia due to its worldbuilding and sheer story length. Beastars makes good use of the 'furry' element as it emphasizes and develops the characterizations within the animal world.

If you're going to skip Beastars just because of the 'furry' thing, then excuse my language. Fuck your petty judgments. You are missing out on a wonderful material that read more