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Banchou Feb 22, 2011 11:38 AM

how are you?

Draculaah Jan 16, 2011 8:16 PM
Yeah, school takes up your life man ._. Good thing when i move i'll be homeschooled and i'll be less stressed XD!
My friend used to live in Texas. I'm not sure what part, but her friends still live there. They have a band, but the band is too lazy to do anything so they need to find new people -__-
Good luck with your band! I wish i could play an instrument or sing well... I'm learning how to play the harmonica though o: hehe
Draculaah Jan 11, 2011 9:25 PM
I haven't been on this site for a while. I'm moving to florida though XD!!
So how've you been?!!!
Draculaah Jul 20, 2010 5:16 PM
.... i just found out that i can't go...... Im extremely upset ._.
Draculaah Jul 16, 2010 8:02 PM
Awe, thank you ><
LOL You were sunraped!!!! O___O
Dude, i got a horrible burn at Six flags because my mom forgot sunscreen ==' My back was BUBBLY D:< IT SUCKED.
Im having a hard time typing because i found out that i might be able to get VIP tickets to see Dir en Grey and the VIP part means i'll get to MEET THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD IM FREAKING OUT!!!
Its just that Dir en Grey have helped me through the hardest times.... Their music kept me fromm going insane. It was my release, because i've never had a release before i found their music and could just let go for once. Its the only thing that kept me from killing myself, sad to say. but im better now because of their music. And of course help from some of my friend but, they were a huge influence.
I know that sounds cheesey.... but to be able to meet the people who helped me through those times, it means a lot to me.
Draculaah Jul 16, 2010 10:13 AM
I miss you ;-;
How are things going ?? O_O
Draculaah Jun 2, 2010 7:04 AM
I don't really have a "Tan line" but my forearms are darker and then it slowly fades to pale o.O And my legs are pale too, but my thighs arent...? Weirddddd :c
Lol. That was random XDD And so do i...i can't stand not layering in winter OR the summer :o And i tend to wear long things in summer like sleeves and in the winter i tend to wear things that are shorter, like skirts and short sleeves o.o Idk why though. This summer i've been more concious about it, though XDD lmfao, sometimes i draw what im going to wear ~ w ~''
Hahaha. I know... i have ridiculous dreams..... I've had dreams of Kyo from Dir en Grey :o he was a teacher and he was wearing a silky, flowery kinda see-through shirt that still showed his stomach and dark blue jeans that were really tight on him (XD) and he was basically like when he sang 24kocylinders live that one time.... -can't think right now- but anyway. He was teaching me math and i was the only one in the classroom and he was like "Oh wow, it's a little hot in here." and he takes off his jacket and he's wearing that shirt and he put his jacket around me. Then he started eating a penut butter and jelly sandwich and he spilled some on his shirt, and hewas like "Oh, dear me, i seem to have spilled jelly..would you like to lick it off?" And so i licked it off his chest (XDD!!!!!) and then he started doing this...belly front of me and then he sat on my lap with his legs around me and he kissed me. but then i wokeup. I was like DAMNIT o.o that was awesome... i had a dream like that with kyo, and almost everyting was the same, but this time we actually kissed XDD hehee....
AWE DUDE. That sucks to have your dream end like...right there o_o I would've cried XDD heh...
Oh god, i hate when people do that > . > it's so ridiculous... You go and be like "Aw, yeah, we're best frienns! We do everything together, youknow? Cuz we're best friendss!!!" And then later they're al like, to someone else "Ugh. She's such a bitch..." Its like WHAt. The. Hell?! -sigh- i deal with too many of those kinds of people.
Like this one girl who whenever i spend the night or she comes over to my house, she wants to "do stuff" with me and i can't help but remember her walking around saying that I was a bitch and all this stupid i make excuses to sleep somewhere ELSE > . > and plus, she just plain creeps me out sometimes .... she might rape me or something XDD lmao, id kill her.
hahaha, idk, take..supplements...? ._.
Lmao. I should try asian soy milk, sounds better than our kind. That stuff is nastttyyyyyyy... not good at all. But its okayyy when its in shakes that i make cuz theres fruit too..but... not alone Dx
Draculaah May 31, 2010 7:57 AM
Awe :D You tanned XD That's special. Im starting to tan on my arms... i should cover up more :o BUT IT"S SO HOTTT~!!!! >:c
I knoow, right? That happens to me alot... or when you have like a take home project or something and you are good at it but the other person completely your guys's grade both drops .__. So now i am usually like, "HEyyyy... I'll do the whole thing!!! :D"
LMAO. NICEEE XDD I had the most pointless dream... You know polls where there's like questions and stuff. a poll...well...humans, animals, plants, everything was non-existant except for this one poll. Its all i could see in my dream was this huge poll. I was non existant aswel... and a deep voice is asking about agreeing with the sociable changes of...blah blah blah, something, but i woke up like "What...the...hell?" o___O?
I don't have many korean or asian friends. There are like, none... o_o Maybe a select few. So thats five asians...and like 3 are not my friends... They're mean, yo :o
lmfao. OMG I HAVE NOTICED!!! Liike Kyo from dir en grey, who is like 5'2"...lmfao. And then other asians are soo fuckingg talll!!!! O__O
OH GOD. i found out that im growing. I had it in my head that i was 5'0'' because that was the last measurment i had, and then the last time i had it it turns out i was 5'2" D: I was like "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! i DON"T WANNA BE TALL!!!!!!!!!" Then i figured if im going to be tall then there better not be any of this "in between" shit. I either want to be really short or really tall. And i'd rather be really short XDD
Draculaah May 25, 2010 2:48 PM
Lol. I've been getting lazy, but im going to start it up today again XDD I stopped for two days because it's been crazy hot which makes me not want to sweat anymore than i already am. Plus the heat is making me tired D:
OMG there was a talent show today in school and my friend Connor sang the dairy queen commercial, i don't know if you've seen it. It was very enteratining -__-''
haha, i always cheat for people. If i like them anyway... and they don't do there hoemwork and we pass papers so we can grade it, i always fill out blanks and change answers so they get good grades :D
Lmao. -dances-
LMAO XDD I love that picture of Reita with the banana phone. it made me so happy.
you know.. if i was a banana, id lick a monkey. -random thought-
For some reason i've really been getting into the korean stuff.
That reminds me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there's this little korean boy who is two years younger than me. He's a reall cutie pie, i just want to squeeze his cheeks and snuggle wuggle him >_< but anyway. He can speak korean so i ran up to him and i was like "PLEASE SAY SOMETHING IN KOREAN!!!" And he's like really random... and was like "This service is currently unavailable." I was like
"o.O Please??"
"Give me twenty dollar."
"I have sixty five cents...?"
"Twenty dollar."
"Awe come on, thats a load of crap, im not paying you twenty dollars because i don't... have... twenty dollars to give you...." All while thinking 'you knw, if i did i probably would just to have him say something Korean XDD' My friend mariah was next to me shaking her head like, 'come on ayame its not that big of a deal.'
He's like, "FINE!. " so he said something and walked away quickly as i stood there and giggled until i got out of my school. XDD It was so CUTEEE~!!!!!!!!
I died. know...i got better.
Draculaah May 22, 2010 2:10 PM
I KNOW .-. I wish i was cursed with that. But i do gain muscle very easily ._. Probably because short people gain muscle good :D
OMG i can tan like hell ._. I hate it... blahh D:|
Awweee :o That's cute >_< -dies-
Hahahahahahaha XDD
Dude, i've been listeniung to MBLAQ a korean band and i love them so much. look up their video "Y" and then "Oh yeah" its so much sexy *0*
Draculaah May 19, 2010 4:19 PM
OH, and yes, they loved it. They were all like "ooohhh" "Ahhhhh" "OW OW OWWWWW, it's getting hot. in. here.!!!! XD" LMAO>_<
Draculaah May 19, 2010 4:18 PM
I KNOW, RIGHT!!! I can't wait to like, get in touch with her. Idk, i think she just married into the family. I know that my stepmom is not japanese, though XDD Just skinny like one. She sat down and ate a whole turkey and didn't gain anything ._. she has a very high metabolism. -envies- XD
I KNOW! I have no idea how she dissapeared > . >
yeah, i feel like if i try to work to asia then it'll be harder in the future because of the economy and all that crap... So i want to find the fastest possible way to get there... XDD im impatient, too. :3
Hah, i would LOVe to go to paris. I would be all hyped up on coffee twenty four seven XDDD yeah,, that's where the REAL coffee is at :o
Lmao. For some reason i always pictured him with men ._. Of course, i picture anyone of the sexiness ...face... thing.... who are men ... with That sentence sucked. Wow. I have been slurring on my english for some odd reason. Like, a hell of a lot. It's not funny XDD actually it kinda is when reading in class. but oh my god, its ridiculous.
Hah, are you referring to a friend's toast or when Kai and them made french toast for the rest of the guys in The GazettE? ♥
Draculaah May 19, 2010 2:57 PM
Hahaha... that's what my friends say....but directly -___- Except for the part "it's like your more japanese than vietnamese" part cuz... im not asian...
OMG!!! I have news. alright, so i found out i have a step aunt who is japanese and her name is Kyoko. She dissapeared/moved somewhere else when her husband died and we don't know where she is and we think she moved back to Japan. I really want to meet her so my stepmom is going to try and get a hold of her. Im so excited XDD I just couldn't believe what a coincidence it was that i love japan and i found out about my japanese step aunt :D If she moved to Japan and we get a hold of her i could visit and learn about my aunt whom i've never met :o I feel like a person on one of those shows where they were adopted and they find their real family XDD its lame, i know, but im so happy > - < I hope we find her.
OMG!!! ME TOO. I adore SEX POT O_O I would die XDD
Hmm... i was wondering.... a lot of asians work as nail techs. I have a vietnamese friend who's family owns a nail salon. And any nail salon i've been too was crowded with asians. (I'd walk in and be like "o.o ... sweet XD" lmao.) but i was wondering maybe its because of small hands? (idk...) it seems like small hands would do better at painting nails...or asian writing systems are really precise so it helps them to be more precise at nail painting....? idk, just something i've noticed :P
and i've noticed whenever there's an asian store then it's a family business :D it gives me all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings inside ^^... But OMG there are asians fucking battling it out here in my town!!! They try to see who's store is better XDD its entertaining. My friend peter "NO! my family's store Super Wok is better" "no, oriental gardens is better!" it goes on and on > . > lmao.
hahaha. "Is it cuz im YELLOW?!" >_< Thats awesome. That could confuse some people though cuz not everyone thinks of asians as yellow XDD
HAHAH!!! OMg he had an affair with his wife and had "relations" with other men. I for one believe that during the making of the movie "interview with the vampire" Tom cruize fell inlove with Brad pitt and whisked him away into the world of homosexual love :D atleast....that's what i convinced myself to beleive. its probably not what happened to make out my fantasy XDD lmao.
What do you mean the presentation? (Sorry, im tired. XD I don't get things when im tired)
With a cherry on a pile of toast :o
Draculaah May 14, 2010 9:20 PM
I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > _ < that's just ridiculous...
:o my dad would probably let me go to J apan if i was invited because he knows about my dream and how bad i want it because his dream was martial arts but he could never have that dream and the advice he gave me was to never give up and to go to college because that was his mistake from dropping out because he thoght that his martial arts would get him where he wanted to go but he developed high bloood pressure, hypothyroidism, and he had a surgery with screws in his foot but the fucking plate broke and he said it hurt really bad so he had to get it done a second time and it really screwed up his foot so his dreams for martial arts ended. I was crying for him today ... D:
UGH. my friends wnat to see the jrock fanservice club so im going to end thsi comment here.
I LOVEYOU!!!!!!!!! :3
Draculaah May 8, 2010 9:42 AM
hahaha. yeah, teletubies are really creepy, yo .__. You know what else is creepy??? This children's tv show that was banned. I'll give lyou the link, it's SO WRONG!!!! ._. I don't understand why they would maket his a children's show. I can understand it being for philisophical reasons thoug, maybe they were trying to jam reality into chilren's brains before they thought everythign was so good in life . _. but seriously XDD creepy...
I KNOW. Mine is only a dream aswell, but if i want to enoguh which i do then i will find a way to get there because when something motivates me this much i will find a way XD I just hate it how people are like "yea, im going to Tokyo for summer... " and it seems they coudl care less as thought hey were just driving to another town. Cuz here i am desperate to go to Japan and they're treating it lke an everyday trip D: It kills me. lol.
OOh, that sounds good :D lmao. AWWWW that sucks!! Why would they do that?~! Lmao. A super secret rock star XDD that sounds like my sixth grade social studies teacher from a while back, he introduced himself and said that we could bring in guitars if we knew how to use it and we could play our guitars together. And he is inlove with the beatles and told us how he used to smoke pot inthe sixties lmao. He was the best hippie teacher ever!! :o
Omg white people who pretend to be black is so fucking annoying!!! I mean i do it as a joke, cuz if a teacher starts yelling at me i'll be like "Is it just because im BLACK!!!" but im not serious about it XDD and i walk around lke, "black power!" and my black friends are like "White power" XDD lmfao. Its great. But when people are serious then its like... uh..hah.... ur kidding, right? > . >
hahaha, an honarary asian XDD That made me laugh.
:o that sounds like A splendid card XD haha, now i want coffee cuz splendid sounds like splenda and that is artificial sugar and it reminds me of coffee cuz my mom uses it all the time :D Everyting reminds me of coffee, actually. And chocolate. And... jrock fanserivce. Everything for me leads to jrock fansergice.
-takes a breather- whew.
OMG i love applejuice. whenever i go to my friend alyssa' s house i always ask her wherethe apple juice is because her mom who is like my mom now cuz i've been to her house so much always buys apple juice and keeps it in the fridge because she knows that i love it so much :D hahaha.
omg!!! i di that once hahahahaha XDD congrats!!!! :3