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Days: 90.7
Mean Score: 7.29
  • Total Entries436
  • Rewatched0
  • Episodes5,393
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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch I - Koudou
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch I - Koudou
Aug 15, 5:29 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch II - Handou
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch II - Handou
Aug 15, 5:29 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch III - Oudou
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch III - Oudou
Aug 15, 5:29 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 13.0
Mean Score: 8.44
  • Total Entries28
  • Reread0
  • Chapters2,334
  • Volumes251
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Omoide Emanon
Omoide Emanon
May 30, 2:08 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.
Feb 7, 2018 2:57 AM
Reading -/18 · Scored -
Himegoto: Juukyuusai no Seifuku
Himegoto: Juukyuusai no Seifuku
Jun 16, 2017 6:42 AM
Completed 100/100 · Scored 7


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dmrch Apr 22, 2017 9:48 PM
> I am kinda hype for rokudenashi though.

Yeah, I am enjoying Rokudenashi, too, though I think the anime adaptation is rushed so much. Especially, I'm interested that the protagonist suffers something like Kiritsugu (Fate/Zero) syndroom.

Wait, wait, according to your anime list, you have not watched Fate/Zero, even though you have watched some shows of Fate/stay night. haha...

Fate/Zero anime is the prequel of Fate/Stay night Unlimited Blade Works anime. The two anime shows make comparison about "hero of justice" in the whole story, and the two protagonists of the shows (Kiritsugu and Shirou) are set as contrast. The author said: "Kiritsugu is a human pretends to be a robot. And Shirou is a robot pretends to be a human". And, if I must say, the contrast is "Kiritsugu is a man who despairs justice because he is sane. And Sirou can't despair justice because his mind is broken".

The two stories have the same scene as a core of both stories - Kiritsugu and Shirou (at a little age) sit down in the edge of a veranda at a moon night. Kiritsugu says "I wanted to be a hero of justice, but I couldn't". Shirou says "I will become that, instead of you". - I really like the scene, because that is a tiny last salvation for Kiritsugu while that is a heavy curse for Shirou. That is the most cruel anime scene which I have ever seen. In that regard, Fate/SN UBW is one of the depressing answers for Fate/Zero. Hence, I strongly recommend that you watch Fate/Zero right now. Of course, it is dark.

Note: I really like Type-moon works including Fate/series in the regard that 'justice' and 'happiness' is not a same thing. I mean, in most of anime shows, if a protagonist behaves for 'justice', he will be happy in the end. But Type-moon works indicate that it is not always done. And I also like Shirou as a hero with broken mind. So I don't like first Fate/SN anime, because Shirou is described as a sane person in the show.
dmrch Apr 22, 2017 6:50 AM
> Have u recently check it out Sakurada reset?

No, so far. But I will start watching it in next week probably. Is it interesting for you?
dmrch Apr 8, 2017 7:28 AM
Sakura in actual everyday life in Japan. (Don't blame my skill to take a picture. haha)

> my country, is a country that will only see u thru surface (good result means everything, ability to works comes after). Im not sure Japan.

In Japanese society, what university you go to is more important than what you do in university. It is very surface, but it is one of the biggest reason for the development of Japan.

About ChäoS;Child, I will cancel all of my recommendation that I implied to you. haha... it was simply not good.

> P/S BTW do u know one punch man?

I watched the show and gave a 7 to it. It means "very good" for me. Well, the strongest point that all viewers will agree was the extremely cool animation for exciting battle scenes. And, the main theme of the story is about heavy solitude that the overpowered protagonist has. With his one punch, he can easily defeat all enemies that threat the world peace, like he brushes teeth in everyday life, so he cannot any feeling of accomplishment to save people. Also the people can't accept him as a hero because he has incredible overpower. (Imagine if a man without any struggle easily defeats a dark lord or the like). The story tried to show what is true brave and what is a hero that people accept. I highly rated that regard. But, I'm not convinced whether you will enjoy the story or not.
dmrch Feb 25, 2017 9:30 PM
For your information: Do you watch a show of this season, ChäoS;Child? (It seems you have been so busy and watched only Ao no Exorcist and KonoSuba 2 these two weeks though). In my first thought when I started to watch, this show was similar to Occultic Nine, in the regard that main characters get involved in mysterious incidents in dark atmosphere. And now I like CC more than ON, because CC has more serious mood. I'm not sure whether or not the show will decently finish, but I'm expecting it.

By the way, I am wondering why ITOU, Kanako always sings OP songs of such dark shows.
dmrch Jan 9, 2017 12:00 AM
> im glad u remember me after ive been on hiatus for quite some time.

I also have been often on hiatus of MAL. Now I mainly come to MAL every Sunday, Saturday and national holidays. Today is Coming of Age Day, so I'm off.

> Occultic Nine, it was a great idea for an anime but i feel like it was executed quite bad. what do you think?

Firstly, I didn't get why the dialogues between the characters were too fast to catch. Even though I am a native Japanese speaker (as you know), I frequently couldn't follow their conversations because those were too fast.

And, I wanted to see Gamo-tan's active role in the story after character development of him. Actually, he finally got courage and stood with his own will, but it was only at the final 3 minutes of the show. I thought the show should have be done with 24 episodes. In conclusion, I agree it was a great idea, and I really liked it. But I also agree the presentation way was quite bad (mainly because it was too rushed).

> I am also an avid reader for ReLIFE, though i havent watched the anime but im always updated on the manga.

I haven't read the manga of ReLIFE, but I watched the anime. I thought it was good, so I gave a score 9. But I modified it to a 8, because I remembered the story was not finished. haha. Anyway, that was a high score in me. (I try to give scores with very wide range, so my average score is below 6.0). I'm waiting the second season if it is.

> Do you have suggestion for me for this anime season?

Nothing. LOL

Wait, wait. I manipulated my TV HDD recorder to record shows which are added an "anime" tag among TV programs. That was an only thing that I have done for anime of this season. I don't have any information about it, and I haven't started any of it. So I can't say anything about it.

> What are ur jobscope for it? software system which means u learn programming language?

No, I haven't actually learned programing languages. I worked as a consultant, which was a quite infamous job. haha.

> i might consider become a computer technician or game developer. this july i will start my industrial training. T_T

Do your best with throwing your life until your death... I'm sorry, this was a Japanese thinking way. Well, take it easy, and enjoy!
dmrch Jan 8, 2017 9:01 AM
Of course, I haven't forgotten you. What anime have you enjoyed recent days? What things have you enjoyed in your life these days?

I started a new job - an engineer of precision machineries. It is hard... (I had worked in the software system industry of Japan).
xtulthu Jan 7, 2017 2:50 PM

-embelle- Dec 18, 2015 11:09 PM

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Reverie Dec 18, 2015 9:14 AM

Jackrito Dec 13, 2015 12:03 PM
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Kuroshiino Nov 17, 2015 12:15 AM

Limonene Oct 4, 2015 12:02 PM
Hi there, from Animanga Card Empire~
After a long hiatus I decided to catch up on club activities and make all the claims I forgot about, but seems like the link to Code Geass doesn't work. Sorry for bothering you, but could you edit the post and put new links? I'm so sorry for the trouble and thank you~
anakg Sep 27, 2015 3:20 AM

Any problems, let me know.
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illiterate Aug 20, 2015 4:03 PM

Hey guys! How’s it going? Some messages from the Chibis!! Club. (feel free to ignore this if you want to)

trebmeg Aug 10, 2015 5:26 PM

This is just a little reminder that Chill Club is hosting "Cards Against Humanity" game. If you are interested, please check this thread.

We'll also have character competetion and other interesting games soon sure not to miss out on the fun.

That's all for now. Thanks for your attention~