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Ninja Batman
Ninja Batman
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Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
Mar 15, 4:01 PM
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Mar 14, 10:31 AM
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Full Moon Joker
May 20, 1:16 PM
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Guardian Joker
Guardian Joker
Mar 18, 8:49 AM
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Strobe Edge
Strobe Edge
Mar 18, 3:53 AM
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Kotone_neko Mar 29, 3:42 AM
hihi im a huge otome fan too (>.<)/
Gorre Aug 27, 2017 6:36 AM
Nice favorites/characters! Izaya loves humans equally <3

Imi place sa vad si Kuzu no Honkai la favorite, mi se pare foarte underrated si hated de comunitate pe nedrept.
Nurasuke Aug 22, 2017 11:37 PM
From a fellow nyan~sta: Do not despair, ganbatte kudasai!

Playcool Aug 22, 2017 2:51 AM
I also apply a similiar politic to me comments, out to reply to them all right now~~
(mine may take ages to start, so dont be surprised if it takes more than 2 weeks sometimes, I never forget everyone, since I got it bookmarked, and MAL system helps with the notifications)

I know right? She is tecnhically a wolf, not a dog but still whenever you think about her, you think furrys, not a women with dog ears. While for nekos it is just nekos...

You should give Spice and Wolf a go, I started with the LN first, and it is a 10/10 read for me, romance like this is quite an unique thing, and a charm to read, the romance starts pretty early on too, but just feels so real and never dragged on.

Most of the anime I m following where anime I choose to work on for the site I m part of (Hi10anime), and it seems I hit the jackpot since everyone of them is very interesting themselves. Made in Abyss has that unique charm, mistery and adventure to it couple with some dark shit, Virgin Soul is Bahamut S2, so lots of action and great animation and good plot and cast, ballroom will be the anime of the season for me when it reachs the parts where the manga gets REAL and Kakegurui is a very fun time just to fuck around and see girls going crazy~~
Sonal1988 Aug 21, 2017 11:26 PM
"white hair totally didn't made me think anything"
In case you didn't get it, that was Zen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

"They have just realized there is a market to take advantage of for their anime recently and you want them to figure that out for otome games."
Seriously tho, YOI changed the game and Japan has suddenly woken up to a shocking realization - a female audience exists

"But Koreans are very work-driven"
All Asians are!
"Koreans' mortal enemy is English"
πŸ˜‚ Same with Japs πŸ˜‚

"did you watch Junjou Romantica? Or Sekaiichi Hatsukoi?"
Not a fan of the art style + normalization of assault.
BL as a genre needs am massive overhaul bc of how it normalizes abusive relationships. The best source for BL ,ofc, are manga. Haven't come across that many instances, maybe bc the manga are written by women and anime are made by studios that consist primarily of men? Ironic, but that might be one reason.

"And btw, do you like superhero stuff?"
Casual Marvel fan. Wonder Woman is the only DC movie I enjoyed.

And here's a bad end you probs didn't know existed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx--hzCaPbY
See? As promised, a short reply.
Kuroko-chan Aug 21, 2017 12:59 PM
Hehehe, multumesc.
Eu fac bine, uite ca acum mi-am facut ceva de mancare si ascultam Melanie Martinez. Da, stiu, mancare la ora asta? Mda, mi-e cam foame hahaha.
Tu ce mai faci?
xgreeneyednekox Aug 21, 2017 12:55 PM
Neko went off now !

The ones that didnt get a reply will get one tomorrow or in the following days. Neko will be busy with studying for the rest of the month, so please don't be impatient! ( β—‘β€Ώβ—‘ *) qο½₯゚ο½₯(οΎ‰Π”`)ヽ(οΏ£ωοΏ£ )
Sonal1988 Aug 21, 2017 12:50 PM
Are you fucking kidding me??????????

Of course not! It's a take on his ACTUAL bad end. I thought you knew!

it's a bad ending, it doesn't count right?
Yeah but that doesn't stop us from trashing Jumin's behaviour in his bad end, ya know :P
I wonder what Jumin's bad ending is seeing how his good end was still creepy

Yeah, I'll send you shorter responses.
And will respond tomorrow to the rest of your comment!
Sonal1988 Aug 21, 2017 9:42 AM
“but I don't like his controlling attitude at all”
Yes, the prob with Jumin is he’s your typical I-can-have-what-I-want-bc-I’m-rich dude. While his poor sense of humor and sporadic concern is appealing, it isn’t enough for me to look over how controlling and frankly, disrespectful he is of the feelings of others. Esp poor Jaehee. The way a person treats their subordinates speaks volumes about them.
At least Toma felt regret and had a reason for being psycho – Jumin didn’t display an inch of regret and had NO trauma that justified his actions.

Altho, in all fairness, doesn’t one Zen bad end basically end with Zen forcing MC to live with him? I didn’t play that route but I did look up the end on YT.

“kids resulted to be smarter and understand way more than what we normally give them credit for.”
Agreed. And yet, despite that, children also happen to be some of the most self centered and stupidest fucks on the planets.

“I just found Ren to be too innocent and lacking in awareness”
You mean, like the MC of Diabolik Lovers, from a manga that you enjoy despite its abusive and rape-y undertones? ( Ν‘° ΝœΚ– Ν‘°)

Nurasuke Aug 21, 2017 8:17 AM
Likewise, your MAL description makes me think again and re-evaluate the reason why I still view ani. When you do something for a long time you tend to astray and forget in time why you still even do it, because you like it can't simply the only reason anymore. I am of the same mind. I think media serves various purposes other than entertainment, and it is used for different things such as to relay messages, get a point a cross, open people's horizons like you noted and even gather people together (communities) and MAL is good of example of that.

"I exist..." "I find myself..." .
that is a interesting interpretation. It is very deep. I would never have even begin to think about it that way and precisely because it is something most of us say upon introducing ourselves. It is curious thing. Thanks for replying and giving me an idea Neko-nya ~~
Sonal1988 Aug 21, 2017 7:48 AM
“I'm a person that has a hard time to show or release emotions. I also have a hard time to form bonds or attach myself to people. Sometimes it's just unavoidable to feel sad though.”
Same. I feel sad about fictional characters, tho. Real people can go suck it.

“Till now otome games have been directed to a Japanese audience only”
Japanese and their stubborn fixation with NOT wanting to try anything new. Smh.
And are Japanese and Korean languages similar to each other? Otherwise it must be quite the task to learn a new language at a later stage of your life. And no, I don’t list to K or J pop :/

As for the MM links, I’ve already read both articles. Didn’t know the website was a gaming website! I liked both articles, especially the criticism of the game. I agree – the answers get pretty restricted and they basically force you to be rude to others in order to get to a specific route.
They trust you very quickly! “Oh, I guess you found this app. You can be the head of our secret charity organization!”
And this
Jumin was my favorite from the start, but my interest in him atrophied as it became clear that he was perhaps the most selfish and cruel. At times, I found difficult to actually move my finger onto options to praise him. He was just so… cutting.
She gets me.
Sonal1988 Aug 21, 2017 4:13 AM
“Having Crunchyroll take a risk with the rest of the world”
You’d think that with every company going global, that would be the next logical step, but nooooooooooo. Just goes on to show how little Crunchy and Funimation really know about their target market.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. You saying the app isn’t half as good?
Why tho. I like Ikki :( I don’t mind a poor game play (so long as it isn’t terrible), you know. Not that picky when it comes to seeing more of my guys.
“So counting that there were like 5-6 guys, you'd pay 25-30€ for a game that's only a low quality shadow of its original”
Holy shit.
“Otome games are my way of releasing frustrations”
Yeah, same. I hope we’re talking about the same frustrations tho ( Ν‘° ΝœΚ– Ν‘°)
“I don't support half-assed services”
“played the Japanese version during the anime's airing”
How was the English version? Good translation?

“They could choose to remove the voice acting altogether”
Yeah but an overseas audience wouldn’t really mind a fresh set of Jap VAs, don’t you think? It’s a very small group that would insist having the org VAs. Plus, look at MM. The girls are in love with their VAs, so that’s proof enough that you don’t need a name to push your game – just quality content
PS. Did I tell you I’m in love with Zen’s VA’s voice? Omfg *drools*

A lot of animation work or illustration work for visual novels are done in South Korea”
I’m aware of Japan outsourcing its animation (places like Bangladesh and Indonesia are pretty cheap) but it’s not exactly easing learning Japanese for a Korean person, is it? Until and unless you’re specifically training to be a VA. And then what about the accent?? Covering it would require massive efforts and training.
“Korea would start making their own anime”
Oh, didn’t you know about Oseam? Look it up. If you’re into SoL, that is. I’m not.

“Shall we date franchise and the Voltage otome games “
The more I talk to you, the more new stuff I learn. Damn. Makes me feel so old.
Yeah, there’s NO denying that games like Amensia and Diabolik Lovers would create a massive stir in the land of the oversensitives. Does the DL manga have the same lack of respect of MC’s consent as the anime does?
And how's Shall we Date? Does it have an app? Bc this dude has my attention

“Voltage games for the smartphone like 10 days with my devil”
I’m keeping everything on hold till V’s route comes out. And then it’s a Zen marathon.
“videogame websites that have nothing to do with otome games had to report on MM being a hit game”

“It revitalized my feelings for him so damn hard”
It'd break my fucking heart, honestly. And this is coming from someone who has a heart of stone. The outgoing calls in Jumin's route when MC is at his place. OH GOD HE WAS READY TO COME OVER AND RESCUE MC DESPITE KNOWING ELIZABETH WOULD BE THERE OMFG HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THAT GUY AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Sonal1988 Aug 21, 2017 3:05 AM
I'll respond later. ttyl!
Sonal1988 Aug 21, 2017 2:54 AM
Different people have different interpretations of the same things, so ofc she's allowed to hate it. Doesn't bother or matter to me.

How did that make you feel?

Sonal1988 Aug 21, 2017 2:38 AM
There hasn't been much to 'spoil' in Kuro since chapter 129, the biggest fucking reveal in its entire history.

It was Ren who insisted sleeping (literally sleeping) with Haru bc he could only sleep that way. Haru was the one who always resisted his advances. I liked Haru because he was such a gentleman and never took advantage of Ren. I think you should re-watch the anime. You have it mixed up with some other anime's plot. When the anime began, Ren was 16 and in s2, he was 17, if I'm not mistaken. Again, age is not very relevant to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've seen many Japanese terms have varying definitions, including 'shota'. For me, Shounen Ai is something that focuses more on the romantic development between two consenting individuals (usually adults). Yaoi is basically hentai.