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Dec 27, 2016
tl;dr An unoriginal story that runs too long, but somehow pulls it out in the end. I, admittedly and perhaps incorrectly, round up to rate this a 6/10.

Disclaimer: It would be very difficult to write a full review on this without letting go some spoilers. So if I have revealed anything after this point, you have been warned. In order to avoid major spoilers, I've clipped them from this review, and thus generalized the review considerably.

Your Name is an anime movie that swims in very familiar waters. The main themes are all fairly common and the major plot points and twists have all been done read more
Apr 2, 2016
Tl;dr 4.4 out of 10. no oppai, no plot, lots of talking about snacks.

This show starts completely different than it actually is. We start with a young aspiring manga artist who works in his dad's rural snack shop. It's a boring little shop with few customers. One day a pretty girl walks in and announces she's someone important and then goes on to challenge the main character in some snack themed contest and then does it again and again and again and so on.

The story pretty much derails after the first two episodes and falls into a formulaic feedback loop:
Start of episode: boring snack shop. read more
Oct 15, 2015
I probably rated this higher than most and I can definitely see the case for a lower score but for me it's a 7.

Owari no Seraph or Seraph of the End has two sides to it at almost every way you look at it. In some ways they clash, in some ways they compliment each other. I'll go through each a bit in this review.

The two styles here are the character art which is mediocre at best and the background and fighting powers art which is spectacular. Some scenes I just pause and take in the scenery (like the vampire city shots). They really make read more
Jun 11, 2015
Tl;dr: This title is a masterpiece, but with the excessive volume and poor quality of the filler episodes, watching the filler destroys any prolonged enjoyment.

This show starts out delivering a 10/10 experience right out of the gate. Its a more mature Naruto with some great villains and a story that keeps on delivering. The anime however falls into the "we don't have enough content" category and consistently pushes arc after arc of terrible filler that is by far some of the worst of any show. I don't know why the quality drops so much but it just does.

When the show is on manga content read more
Jan 22, 2015
Disclaimer: not a big Gundam fan, but I'm not against the series either. So, I believe I'm rather impartial and look at each show on their own and not part of a series.

I get the distinct feeling that Gundam: G no Reconguista is the modern day Japanese equivalent to G.I. Joe, a show purely designed to push toy sales. Where G.I. Joe, however was a poorly animated episodic weekly with interesting characters and fun stories, Gundam G (or GG as I'll refer to it from here out) is a very well animated poorly written saga with terrible characters that instead of selling action figures is read more