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Aug 28, 2013
I managed to make it through 4 episodes without jumping out a window or cutting my wrists. This anime is boring as heck. I literally fell asleep during one episode.

Story: it's been done before, a MILLION times before. There are ways to take this plot and make it stand out from similar animes, but this one was pretty much an epic fail in my book.

Art: Clean, with lots of flowy lines. The boys were too flowery for my tastes.

Sound: meh. I never noticed anything special.

Character: all cliche boy characters; totally unhelpful grandma; wimpy, whiny, spineless, bland heroine.

Enjoyment: none. read more
Aug 28, 2013
I love funny anime. YNSH is a very light anime that has a plot which is not at all complicated. It's good if you want something pretty cheesy and mindless to watch after a long day. Unfortunately, it wasn't as funny as I hoped, and the humor that was there was not at all witty and in fact pretty lame sometimes.

Story: very simple plot, only a microscopic bit of romance. The premise makes you expect that at every given chance, the four boys will be trying to force Sunako to become a lady, but they don't really try that much. In read more
Jul 2, 2013
This manga is pretty fast-paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. I read it in one night because I was so anxious to find out what was going to happen next! The characters also develop in a very believable way. You get to see relationships strained by jealousy, fondness formed by making sacrifices for somebody, and the different ways people deal with stress. I really got attached to the characters - loving them, hating them, cheering for them, booing at them, and cheering for them all over again.

One thing that really irked me with this manga was the read more
Jul 1, 2013
First off, the art didn't really tickle my fancy - more sketchy looking than I usually like - but it was pretty endearing once I got used to it.

This manga is really short, but I feel that a lot of feeling and thought was put into it, really bringing it to life! One thing that really intrigued me was that usually, these stories about teen pregnancy are told from the girl's point of view and focus more on whether or not she will abort. This manga, however, was told from the man's point of view. We get to see his fears, his read more
Apr 15, 2011
I never knew that Miyazaki did any mangas--before I read this, his name was synonymous with anime movies such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. I was interested to read this, because I read that it was done before many of his other works. I began to read Shuna no Tabi with the hopes that it would be as wonderful as Miyazaki's later works.

I was not disappointed! The art is done in the beautiful, typical Miyazaki style--even fully colored! The art was stunning. I can't imagine how much time he must have put into each panel. The character read more
Jan 19, 2011
Home (Manga) add (All reviews)
I had read the mangaka's other (perhaps more well-known) work, "Tsuki no Shippo" a long time ago, and loved it. When I started reading "Home" I realized right away that the beautiful artwork was familiar, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that "Home" and "Tsuki no Shippo" were by the same author. I think I enjoyed "Tsuki no Shippo" more, because it has a more complicated plot, but "Home" is still a very charming manga.

Story - 8: Overall, the story is uncomplicated and somewhat predictable: pretty Spanish girl meets mysterious-looking Japanese samurai, by the cliché way of tripping and falling into his read more
Dec 29, 2010
I'll just say right now that "Hanatsukihime" is one of my favorite mangas.

Story: At the beginning of each chapter, the story of how she got the flower mark is quickly reiterated, which detracts from the story slightly, but then if it was originally published in a serial magazine, that makes sense... After a few chapters, it should become obvious to you who Lys's devil is, but the story remains intriguing as you learn more and more about the devil/hanatsuki relationship. It kept my attention and I HAD to keep reading, to find out what would happen to Lys!

Art: the art is gorgeous! read more
Jul 19, 2010
This story was really great! It touched some soft, sentimental part of me-- I fell in love with it from the first chapter. The basic premise of the story is really quite cliche (girl living in apartment with a bunch of weirdos, falls in love with a total bishie) but something about Midori is so endearing. She's not the overused sexy, air-headed, boy-magnet, martyr of love. She's really lovable and her personality isn't nauseatingly weak, unlike some shoujo heroines.

The whole story is full of little comedic moments that make you laugh out loud, and wonderful, sweet romantic scenes that make you read more
Jul 16, 2010
The art looks like it was drawn by a grade-schooler, but you get the idea that it was done that way on purpose. The simplicity is kind of pleasant in a way that can't really be explained. It somehow adds to the charm of this story. It's only 12 pages long, but that is plenty long enough to warm your heart and make you feel happy. "Moyashi Fuufu" is basically a story about an older couple who are still happy together, and they're really very cute together! ^_^ I loved this one-shot.
Jul 16, 2010
The overall premise was very interesting... although I predicted the end from the MAL summary. But I liked the concept of two people being "linked" together. Overall, it was definitely worth the read.

I personally loved the art and thought it was charming. Don't get me wrong, I've seen much more beautiful mangas than this one, but something about the simplicity of the drawings was really pleasant. The people were proportionate, which is more than most mangas can boast.

I felt the characters didn't get developed enough, and the ending was a little rushed. But very few one-shots have fully-developed read more