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Kiba-Sama Jan 7, 2011 12:39 PM
I am really starting too worry about you...but would still like to wish you a Happy New Years and that may nothing but good things come your way this new year! :)

Hope that you are doing well!

Kiba-Sama Nov 5, 2010 8:14 PM
Kiba-Sama Oct 28, 2010 11:58 AM
Is everything going okay? I hope so! o_0 Been awhile since I heard back from you.

May everything be going alright and that you are safe! ^^
Kiba-Sama Oct 17, 2010 10:44 AM
*Takes out cheerleading outfit and dances* A super good Packer Sunday to you xBehemoth17!!! =3

It really has been awhile since we last spoken too each other and I didn’t mean to worry you or anything! If only I wouldn’t have been half awake or busy working, then I would have come on here a lot sooner. LoL

I was so delighted to see your message and that you could forgive me! I couldn’t help but skip around the room while reading it. xD Thank you so much! A true friend you are indeed to me, and a precious one at that! I promise to not lose my quality of being full of life and looking on the brighter side of things! ^^ The same will go for you too! Know that things will all work out in time; it might not be right away and might even be a bumpy road, but I know that we both will over come the obstacles in life. =)

My pain and sadness went away right after I saw your message, and it was added to the good news of having a job interview setup for me tomorrow at JanSport! I will cross my fingers and really do hope that it will turn out so that I can have a job and some sort of income. LoL

I am glad that you have been doing decent, but also sad that you too are having a hard time to try and find a true smile. =( I pray that things will start to run more smoothly in your life and that you will find your wonderful smile again! ^^ It’s okay if you haven’t started to read or watch anything new lately, for even though I have some free days in order to keep up with some of my anime watching, I know that I will just end up falling behind again as new shows keep coming out. =P

Thank you for giving me your e-mail to help find in you FB! If only I could get the friend search box to be working on my computer. But I might have to send you an invite. =D My first name is popular, but maybe my last name wont be o_0 then again, it could very well be also now that I think about it. Hahaha! The e-mail that I use for FB is: I just think that if we can’t catch each other over here on MAL, FB or e-mail would be another way to go in order to keep in touch! =3

I am just getting over a small cold/sinuses, and am doing well! Whoo!
It was so nice to hear back from you once again and truly brought a smile back on my face today!

May it be a pleasant day for you in which the sun keeps on shining outside so that you can head out and have a bit of fun! May the Packers win! LoL

~Hugs Tight~

Take very good care and I will talk with you again soon!

Whoa! O.0 I am late for my meeting…oh well, traffic shouldn’t be too bad, I think. =P Either way, I wanted to get back with you. ^^

Kiba-Sama Oct 13, 2010 10:53 AM
xBehemoth17!!! *Comes bounding up to you at full speed and gives you an extra tight hut not letting go* >.<

Gomen ne for not coming on here sooner for you! =(

Its been crazy for me the past few weeks, ever since my last camping trip, so much has been going on that I can't even keep up with it all. I got called back into work at JP only to get laid off again just last week, and I am trying to not let it get too me, but it is hard. Each day I struggle to keep a smile on my face for my parents and friends so that I won't worry them...but I haven't lost faith just yet. ^^

How have you been doing these past few weeks? Have you started to watch or read anything new? How is school going for you?

I can't tell you how deeply sorry I am for taking so long in getting back with you, and words cannot describe just how much I have missed talking with you....T_T Its like a huge rock is crushing me at the moment as to how bad I feel...

In a way to help keep in touch better, mind I ask if you have a Facebook or an e-mail that you use a lot? I will do whatever it takes to keep in touch with you and not lose your friendship! >.< Hai!

I really hope that you can forgive me, and that you are healthy, safe, and doing well in school! Keep up the good work!

I will be looking forward to hearing back from you again soon! :)

Kiba-Sama Sep 24, 2010 9:20 PM
LoL I forgot to add in my last message, that I am thrilled to have caught you online! It was such a nice surprise and enjoyed talking with you very much! =3 Can't wait to do it again! Chuu!

I am now off to dreamland in hopes that I can dream of Kurama! xD

Zzzzzz....*sleeps soundly* ^_^
Kiba-Sama Sep 24, 2010 8:28 PM
I am so glad that you liked the video I made for you! =3 I couldn't believe that it was I who even made it when I got it all done. LoL It is something that I made for you and only you, and even had fun making it! ^^ Feel free to post the video anywhere you wish if you would like xD
Kiba-Sama Sep 24, 2010 8:14 PM
My messages to you will be a bit backwards for I can't wait to tell you this at the end! xD

I have good news for you! My project I have been working on for you is now done! Only took me all night long last night, and half of my day today, but it was well worth it! ^.^

I made this special for you xBehemoth17! Hope you like it, this one goes out to you! =3

I was going to change it when you started telling me the other characters you liked, but decided to stick with my first plan and make it all about Kurama. LoL
Kiba-Sama Sep 21, 2010 10:05 AM
*Jumps out of an airplane and parachute’s safely to the ground, while landing right next to you* Howdy xBehemoth17!! A mighty fine day to jump out of a plane and parachute, isn’t? LoL

Hehehe…I am doing my best to keep in touch with old friends but it is not always easy. ^^ I have found out within a month that I have grown apart from a few close friends I used to have back in the day, it does hurt, but good thing I have made some new ones to keep me going and not lose my smile completely. =P *Jumps up and down with joy* Whoo!!! I am so happy to hear that my message has brought you some joy for the day!

Once a friend always a friend, even though I might have just met you a few weeks ago, you already mean a lot to me and will always lookout for, give support in time of need, and make you smile when you need it most! =)

If any ideas pop into my head for Halloween, you will be the first to know of my plan! MuWaHahaha! ß-(evil laugh) xD The kids will in for a real treat this year! *Looks up in calendar* Hhhmm….still have got about a good month left….gives me time to plan! Ha! LoL

Lets hope that neither of us will get sick in the days to come! Its not even winter yet and already I have been sick a lot, and I don’t know why? Most I have ever gotten sick so far is this year. O_0

I ended up skipping around with the Dark Tournament episodes and thought to myself, why not just start the whole anime over again? So for the fifth time in a row I am starting the whole series over again! xD Thank goodness I have all the episodes in the uncut format for it is ten times more fun to watch then the edited version. ^^

I try to get back with you any way and time I can! I don’t mind staying up all night just to get back to you, because you are worth it to me! I am sad to know that you have been down the past couple of days as well but feel comfort knowing that I have helped to bring back a smile to your face! =D I think we both help each other out when the other is down, and with support from both sides, the challenging problems we face will soon start to go away! Quote from me: ~Never give up hope, but believe in what you can do~

*Sneaks around a corner and waits…waits…waits…target confirmed! Jumps out behind you and tackle hugs* =^_^=

Hopefully that you will have a great day at school, not get too much homework, and are sure to get plenty of well-deserved rest!

Take very good care xBehemoth17!! I will talk with you later on!

This isn’t the whole project, but a part of it LoL The one I am working on is a challenge, but starting to get the hang of it! Hope you like it!

If only I could have gotten the words to be a bit further apart, took me a long time just to get the size right! xD
Kiba-Sama Sep 17, 2010 10:14 PM
*Jumps down from a tree and lands right in front of you* WaHa! Moshi Moshi xBehemoth17!!

Today is Friday and what a happy day it is! Not only did I get a surprise visit from a friend today, but also I was able to finally get a hold of some friends who I haven’t seen/heard from in ages! Plus reading your message as a nice way to completely end my day on a good note! I can’t seem to stop smiling! xD

YaTTa! Thank you for all of your support and wishing me the best of luck! All of your support has kept me going and given me another reason to never give up! Just got to keep on going forward! LoL

Even if I wasn’t thinking completely on track I still managed to come up a good idea? ^^ I wonder how that happened? Hhhhmm….maybe I need to be half awake more often when trying to come up with an idea! I will be looking forward to how it will all work out with you and your friend this Halloween! I bet it will all be such a treat to see those kids scream in fight! =^.^=

With the constant change in weather with it being hot one day and freezing cold the next, I think that is how I got sick. Last night, I have fully recovered and have energy to burn! WHEE!!! Best I have felt in awhile!

When I first saw Jin, I wanted to hug the screen TV! =P That also goes for Kurama when he turns into Yoko Kurama! <3 You would think I that I would be nuts loving those characters so much that I am hugging the screen. LoLs Out of the all the four seasons, The Dark Tournament takes the cake! It would have you glued too the screen wanting to know what would happen next, and meet some very interesting characters! Think I am going to watch it again this weekend, all the scenes of Jin and Kurama, plus the one battle with Hiei and Bui! =3

*Looks at the clock* Eep! O_0 It is Saturday already! Hahaha! Its no wonder I have been yawning so much! ^^ But now that I have gotten back to you, I shall rest peacefully for the rest of the night, or what’s left of it. =D


Nighty night, and may you not let the bed bugs bite! Have sweet dreams all night long, and rest peacefully! I shall talk to you very soon! Chuu!! xD

Ja Matte Ne! ^^
Kiba-Sama Sep 14, 2010 9:10 PM
*Bounces over next to you* A pleasant day to you xBehemoth17!!

Thank you so much for understanding and caring about me! No matter how sad I may feel, reading your messages always puts a smile on my face! ^^

*Runs around in circles* I have got news for you! I got a call later on today for a job interview at Family Video next week Monday! Whee! Plus tomorrow I will be going into Econo Foods for a walk-in job interview. xD Maybe I might luck out and end up getting two part time jobs after all or one, either way, I hope that at least one of them will workout. LoL

You have some fabulous ideas going around between you and your friend on what you would like to do on Halloween and scare all the little kids witless! I love the idea about being close to a lake in which if it was cool enough outside, you might end up having a bit of fog to help along with the scare! The kids might not even know that you and your friend would be hiding until you come out of nowhere! =P Or you could end up combining the two ideas together into one! I don’t know how far the path goes, or where it leads, but maybe you two could setup your cardboard box at the end of the path, and have one of you tap a kids shoulder halfway up the path, and another one at the cardboard box with the big bowl of candy and jump out as soon as the kids come along. LoL It was just a random idea that popped into my head; I don’t know how well the idea of mine would even work. ^_^

I am glad that you had a week flyby fast, but sad that you were sick on Friday. =( Its no fun being sick, and so it’s a good thing you made a quick recovery! It would give you more time to get all your homework done. Though I think I am fighting a cold/flu right now, hahaha….I don’t know what I really got. But I shall get the bug out of my system in no time, by taking vitamins and drinking orange juice. =D

All I can say is that we won the game by a miracle! It was so intense that I couldn’t watch all of it. But was cheering towards the end when we somehow pulled out a win! xP

You are a fan of Jin too?! Yeah! I love Jin’s personality and how he can fight! Touya was another favorite of mine, for he was very much like Kurama with his way of thinking about change and wanting to have peace towards the end. The whole Dark Tournament was exciting and would leave me breathless at times when Yusuke or one of the others would get hurt! O_0

I am very tired and starting to kind of doze off lol but wanted to get back too you!

May you get a full nights rest and have full of energy tomorrow! Good luck with any tests you may have and that I will be looking forward to hearing back from you!

*Hugs good night* =3

I will talk to you soon!

The last image you used was so cool! I have yet to see Lucky Star if that is where it was from. =P

Kiba-Sama Sep 12, 2010 10:15 AM
*Waves at you and smiles* Hiya xBehemoth17 and Happy Packer Sunday! xD

Please forgive my late reply back to you! I didn’t mean to be this late in replying back, it has been one hectic week! O_0 I have been so focused on getting out applications and running errands that I haven’t given much thought to hop on here. =(

Thank you very much for the warm welcome back! I am so happy to actually be back and talking to others once again, last weekend was kind of lonely at times without chatting to anyone. LoL

Hahaha! You are just like me when it comes to handing something in and doing it at the last minute! Although it is a good idea to work ahead as much as possible especially when it comes to doing homework from college. One day of not working on any homework will put you behind a good day. LoL Sort of found out the hard way, but I was sick and unable to keep up with all the work, which is why I did double time in order to get caught up! I am sure that you will have no problems! ^^

With you being the first person from Wisconsin that I have managed to find online, I find you to be very thoughtful of others, caring, and respectful. I am very grateful to have the honor of being your friend and enjoy talking to you as often as I can! It gives me something to look forward too during the day!

I should have brought a cam recorder along or something and show you a video of all the kids reaction to when something would pop-out at them! It something that I will never forget and can’t wait to head over their again next year and watch a new batch of kids get freaked out! Gives me a new idea of what to do this upcoming Halloween!

How was your week? Did you get a lot of homework that needed to get done over this weekend? Hopefully it wasn’t as stressed out as mine was. ^^

The Packers play today, and so I am going to watch the game! How about you? Do you like the watch the Packer game? xD I might be a girl, but I am kind of like a tomboy with loving to play games for the game station/gameboy advance. Plus watch some sports such as football and basketball, along with loving to play golf outdoors when it is nice out.


May your day be filled with rest and relaxation! Hope that you are doing well and that you take care! I will talk with you soon!

Ja Matte Ne!

JD_of_Paradise Sep 10, 2010 3:10 PM
I was expecting a Epic Doom Metal feel from that song,but it was still awesome none the less.
JD_of_Paradise Sep 10, 2010 1:40 PM
Yeah I've been meaning to listening to some more doom bands myself.
JD_of_Paradise Sep 10, 2010 1:04 PM
I'm doing good you, and yes I'm still listening to thrash, I'm actually listening to some Coroner right now, then I'm going to listen to some Sodom.