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May 30, 2017
im just here to express my absolute disappointment in this show lol

i love love loved the first 6 ep of the show. i don't like fanservice but i somehow managed to ignore those uniforms and enjoy the show?? there was comedy, action, characters are likeable and the backstories are interesting enough. (there's even a line by glenn that really stuck to me)

and then the latest arc happened and im like.....why. i even enjoyed the chibi preview more than the actual episode itself. cliche af, ridiculous reactions, sistine is reduced to one of those "oh MC is dying and i need to do cpr buT oH read more
Jun 25, 2016
i started this series with almost no expectations. synopsis seemed interesting enough but tbh i was wondering if it would be one of those shows that'll just crash and burn or i'll roll my eyes till they fall off my head.

so i was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying it as the series progressed, especially from maki's arc onwards. i think what really made me like the show are the characters. not sure why some people say they're cliched bc i find them an interesting bunch. some of them are unique, some of them are realistic portrayals of how teenagers act..and the emotionless ones aren't read more