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Dec 16, 2014
As a long time fans of Doraemon i think any opinion or thoughts about this movie will be biased, but that comes with a price, high expectation. Don't have high expectation because this movie doesn't give you any new story, it's just a renewed recaps of Doraemon's best episodes. Won't tell you which ones.

The thing is, the pacing is bad. Like cardiac arrest bad. Suddenly it's going so fast, and suddenly it's going so slow when there's part that could be skipped. Stand By Me skipped what's important and extend what's not.

That's where the visuals kick in. Bang. I will never feel the same about read more
May 28, 2013
Short romantic-comedy manga have their flaws and of course the have their advantages. The advantages are, it's always refreshing to talk about romance, so romance is one of the best genre to explore and it's always fresh. Flaws are, cliches, ecchis, drama-queen, over-reacting art, over-extended arc, and you will know who's gonna end with whom. Heck, it has more flaw than advantages.

But here i am, writing this review early in the morning. It's 5 am here, in Indonesia.

So my friend about 10 hours before this review gave me this manga. So i read it. One page(Actually it's the second page, but it's still counts because read more
Jan 9, 2013
It all started with my usual habit of checking top anime and top manga sections and i found something unusual. "Chikan Otoko/Molester Man". What's this? I thought it was a hentai manga. How come a hentai manga ends up with a ridiculously high rank? It even surpasses Slam Dunk -Best manga i've ever read. Time passes and here i am writing this sentence. Yes, i am giving it a 9.

Story (9)
A 2chan-er is misunderstood as a stalker/molester by a girl because he is walking behind that girl with an you-know-otaku/molester/stalker-face. For those who have read much hentai manga or such, you are wrong. It's not read more
Jan 6, 2013
Firstly, It is strongly recommended to watch the previous 13 episodes, otherwise, well, it's your loss.

Secondly, i still don't understand why "they" split the final arc. Or i'm the careless one.

Thirdly(i don't even know if this is grammatically right, excuse my bad English), i'm not going to write a long review, not my thing. As the series suggests,"Do what you want to do~!"

Lastly, this review may contain brief spoiler.

Here comes the review.
Kokoro Connects: Michi Random contains the final arc of Kokoro Connect. The main problem is about their randomly transmitted emotions & thoughts.
Try to imagine your deepest thought transmitted to people you react to.
I read more
Aug 16, 2012
Akira (Manga) add (All reviews)
In the 80s someone with a big vision and big dream poured what had been growing in his brain into a masterpiece, that soon would be acknowledged as a worldwide masterpiece. That person is Katsuhiro Otomo. The masterpiece is Akira.

Akira takes place in the future, in a place called neo tokyo. Neo because Tokyo before was "destroyed" by a person whose name is the title. Akira could do the destroying because he was number 28, a codename for government experiment in brainwave, mental research etc.(not my expertise area)

Where are the other numbers?
This is what the story revolves in.

Kaneda and Tetsuo are the high-ups of read more
Aug 3, 2012
Aria (Manga) add (All reviews)
"Because wonderful things are infinite."

Aria is widely known as a relaxing manga, often recalled as a boring manga by most of the reader. Let me tell you upfront, there is no mesmerizing action scene, no thrilling scene, no cool scene. Only scene that relaxes you that exists here.

Not only relaxing, it gives you a great lesson on life. A lesson to appreciate things that you have, things that you adore, friends that will be there for you, wonders that happen everyday in your life, and even small things like "How useful your left hand is". And the amazing thing is, you don't feel rushed read more
Aug 1, 2012
Aria's calmness and peace strangely have been a very effective charm on me, because i usually like to think, guessing the plot while watching any anime or movie. Just this once i don't want to guess how the story would end. I let myself drown in the last piece of Aria puzzle of relax, and i was happy that i let myself drown.

The Origination is the third part of manga adaptation which titled Aria too, and the Origination is one of the most conclusive last piece i've ever seen in my life as an entertainment enthusiast. Another most conclusive part is Lord of the Rings: read more
Aug 1, 2012
I find it hard to write a review about a sequel that has a similar tone with the prequel. Yeah, same characters, same premises, same conflict type.

But still i find this sequel is better, and i'm going to tell you why soon.

The first thing that i noticed about this series is the amount of the episodes. 26. Meaning it is doubled from the prequel, Aria the Animation.

And yet i give it a better score, and yes, i'm going to tell you why soon.

Then, i browse the net, seeing about The Natural popularity and the hype about it. The Natural is not as hyped as the read more
Aug 1, 2012
Aria is Italian and in English it means air, looks, and expression. I'd like to translate it myself as, atmosphere. Atmosphere, yes, because this is the main thing that Aria sells.

Let me tell you upfront, aria is NOT for you who is a die-hard fans of action, tension, thrill, and suspense.
Again, read the first.

I'm telling you guys this because Aria has none of them. Like i said before, Aria sells the atmosphere.

Aria tells the story of Mizunashi Akari and her adventure becoming a Prima Undine. Almost every ecounter, conflicts, and adventure is meant not to amaze you, but to make you realize how important read more
Jul 17, 2012
Mode Note: This review was written for the first volume, Sword Art Online: Hoshinaki Yoru no Aria.

Quite surprising no one has reviewed this novel yet.
It's surprising because the story takes place one month after the SAO incident, tells you about the premature condition of the main characters in SAO.
Well, i have to say the story has a quite surprising turn, Kawahara Reki has a very brave decision to tell us the condition one month after the SAO incident.

The surprising part is, level 1 hasn't been cleared.

Those who have read the main story must receive a quite strong shock in their brain.
The story setting gave a read more