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Jeanne (Manga) add (All reviews)
Jul 30, 2016
Before I read this, I breezed through the synopsis and thought that this manga was actually about Joan of Arc. However, it isn't a straight retelling of her story. The main character is Emil, a girl named Emily who was raised as a boy to hide her from her father's family, who wanted to kill her. Since she was a child, Emil has seen visions of Joan of Arc. When she is sent by her foster father to go and support the king in his battle, she becomes able to communicate with Joan's spirit. From that time, Emil's story parallels Joan's, as Emil struggles to ...
Jun 6, 2016
Ah, Golden Days. When I first finished this series, I thought of it as quite good, but I simply could not get it out of my head. I continued to ponder over the questions about life and death that this manga brought up, until I eventually raised my score to a 10. I don't give 10's lightly.

The plot of Golden Days seems, on its surface, a bit silly. There are plenty of ludicrous media out there that use time travel as a gag device, to pull a character into amusing or exciting circumstances without dealing with the implications of such a plot device. Golden Days ...
May 1, 2016
Preliminary (70/? chp)
Juuni Kokuki is one of my favorite series--not just among manga and light novels, but among fiction in general. If you are coming here fresh from watching the anime, you'll find the novels even more enjoyable. Here I will be reviewing the entire series, not just the first novel.

Unfortunately, Juuni Kokuki is not a complete series. But according to recent tweets on the author’s twitter account, Ono Fuyumi is working on another novel, which is exciting as the last one in the series, released in 2001, ended with a cliffhanger of sorts. Don’t let it’s incomplete status deter you from reading it, though–Juuni Kokuki ...