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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
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Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu
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ToG25thBaam Aug 21, 2016 7:54 AM
Oh the Pokemon Go craze, I almost forgot about it lol. This reminds me I have to download the app, like right now. xD

Nah I haven't got to it yet, when will it premier in Malaysia? Do you know the exact date?

Mm I have not caught up with the 2 latest chapters of One Piece, gonna save them up to marathon on later dates. However, I started watching the One Piece anime instead, and just got done with the latest episode where Carrot makes her first appearance. You got to watch it, the latest episode was really good imo, the last bit was awesome.

Back on the manga, I definitely need me some more Vinsmokes too, I want to get to know more about the siblings, rather than some random # Big Mam's sons or daughters, since she has so many of them. Some Luffy action doesn't seem too bad though, but I doubt he'll go Gear 4th on them, until he actually faces Big Mam, if the story would get to that point. I still think someone else will come and save them away from Big Mam, like Marco/Nekomamushi/Inuarashi. I also really want to know what happened to Jimbei too, I don't know how I would feel if he lost one of his limbs.. D:

Anki by which company?

:O I keep hearing a lot of hype about Re:Zero, I think I read a comment saying that it's full of mystery and stuff, it seems right up my alley! I really can't wait to get to that point. Why do people call it a trainwreck though?

Yes I am talking about ReLIFE, in fact I am about to watch it soon xD (as late as next week, gonna get a 1 week break then) Good to know it's interesting, it does look like a good slice of life. By the way, is ReLIFE a romance series?

Heyy! Good of you to do that, none of my friends would be willing to watch One Piece.. they prefer Sword Art Online and those stuff.. D: They don't like the weird type of anime, and they love the typical harem shows.. To each their own I suppose. (that's why I've got no one to talk about One Piece with, other than on MAL) How does he feel about the series? P.S. he's reading/watching it at such high pace lol.. (he must have really liked it ;D)
ToG25thBaam Jul 31, 2016 3:53 AM
Late reply lol, sorry I had too much fun during the holidays. >_> It's over now though. T_T Another 4 months of hard grind and then it's finals time.

So what's your thought on One Piece recently? I don't know what changed, but recently when I read the manga, I could envision the anime version of it, like I was reading it, but imagining that it was an anime, it was great.

I live in Malaysia, it's probably over by now lol, I hope it's still on in the cinema. Has it came out yet?

As for Red Storm, yeah, I abandoned it completely once I got my holiday, LOL, I'll probably get back to it soon. I wanted to read some light hearted shoujo/comedy series, but it's hard to find a quality one, especially one that has already complete. I have a few on plan to read status, I want to read them, but my fear is stopping me from proceeding with the plan. I don't want to just forgot about it after a while because of the irregular updates.. yeah.. the fate of someone who couldn't read Japanese. Oh yeah, you recommended me some Japanese learning apps a while ago, do you still use them? The post has gotten lost in this mountain of replies lol.

As for Spring anime, it surprises me to see that Re:Zero is so well received, while I have heard that it was an entertaining trainwreck. I can't wait to watch it once I got my next holiday. I wanted to start watching it, and would have if it wasn't 2 cours, and still airing.

I have seen Tanaka-kun, it was nice at the beginning, but after a while, I feel like while Tanaka is the protagonist, he couldn't carry the series without the side casts. A lot of time when it was focused on him, the series tend to be less interesting.

I have also seen Mayoiga, and lol that really sucked(full stop)

About Kabaneri, I get what you mean about the protagonist's voice, the voice acting left a lot to be desired, as with the female protagonist. The direction that it took later in the series is also not to my liking.

As for Joker Game, I really enjoyed this anime. I love the episodic story telling and the reconnaissance mission, it was different, the good kind. I wonder if you have changed your opinion on it, or do you still find something lacking? My only problem with it is that the series started off with a potential continuity to its story, then just stopped there and went around other plots, even though the other plots are great, it's still 'lacking' something as you said.

Summer seems promising based on the entries, and a one (or was it two) cour series already ended in a day lol, I have never seen anything like that. I wonder why. And how.
ToG25thBaam Jun 29, 2016 11:27 PM
Ahahaha it's alright. <3

I think it's fine when people know me too much, I am always (well, mostly) open about myself, to the point where sometimes I feel that people were creep out on how open I am. xD I would feel flattered too if someone remember what I did or what I said years ago, it just means that that particular moment that person spent with me is significant enough for him/her. c: Thinking back now, I miss the days where we debate a lot about One Piece, where people would come at us or we would go at them about certain things. Nowadays I don't see much debate anymore, no 3+ paragraphs on proving your point, no back and forth arguments, nothing. People just learn to accept the way things are now, including myself. It makes me sad haha.

Nope, not yet, but I'll try reading it on the LINE app as you suggest. I am reading Red Storm right now, but it's getting boring for me and I am only 40 chapters in lol (stuck here for about 2weeks+ already), and it has 200+ chapters. People were saying that this was amazing, and I trusted them. T_T Maybe it will get better later on though.

Damn, I would love to re-watch the anime, but Toei's animation is getting worse every year, not just the pacing, but the animation totally suck. I was watching World Trigger the other day, and I was seriously baffled at Toei, how can they put out a work of that low quality and expect the viewers to suck it up. Other studios with lower budget still manage to create a better anime than Toei. I heard Toriyama Akira (mangaka of DBZ) once complained about the quality of animation of DBS series to Toei, I don't know how true that is, and I haven't started on DBS yet, but I wish other mangaka/viewers would do the same. This is freaking appalling and as much as I love One Piece, they are making it down right difficult for me to want to re-watch the series. :\ I think if Zou turns out to be bad in the anime, I'll seriously quit the anime. It's no excuse, and they should not create the One Piece anime with the assumption that they will revamp the series later on with no filler and better animation, just like they did with Dragon Ball. Have you seen the new opening? The song aside, the animation is so bad, the art looks weird, everything is just wrong, and if it's not for the content that's from the manga, I don't even care about it.-rant over. ):

I do look forward to the new movie though, Gear 4th will be in action. I am worried that the animation will be jarring though, based on the preview. The villain seems pretty cool thus far. Unfortunately, I don't think it's airing in my country. Where do you check which country it's released in?

I look forward to Coby's role. The series seems so close to ending, but yet Crocodile has not made an appearance, or rather, come back to the story yet. We saw him when he was reading the newspaper after Doffy's defeat, but I wonder what he's up to. I also wonder if Enel will come back to the story, he was awesome.

Woo, back when we had time! Now everyone is busy with their life and the young'in is taking over now. It makes me feel old lol. I wish the series would continue in either anime or manga form so that I can read it to find out if Houtarou(?) ever ends up with Eri(?).

Yet another season is ending, how's your experience with Spring anime thus far? Which series stood out for you? I am thinking of watching a few from the Spring season, but not sure which one to go for.
ToG25thBaam May 23, 2016 5:47 AM
It feels more like a pro detective work rather than a random person on the internet lol, it's weird how the idea pops up for them all of the sudden, like one day they had nothing to do, then suddenly they had this genius idea of typing someone's name on google/search engine lmao. Glad you girls made up though. :)

To be honest, I kind of want to know the feeling of being stalked, as long as it doesn't go past the dangerous line. I would probably be too dense to notice those small details though. xP

What link?

Hmm so CiTT still on going and is regularly updated, I might check it out. That Bastard synopsis, "There is a serial killer in my house" sounds like it could be a really good thriller. I wonder how does this webtoon with such a simple premise get 50+ chapters, if it's a thriller manga, I am afraid that sometimes the story gets stretched out and it no longer thrills the readers. It's been so long since the last time I saw you on forum I forgot how your avatar looks like :p

What do you mean LINE is translating them? The mobile app LINE? (hah updated LINE on my mobile lol, didn't know I can read webtoon through a LINE app. I just checked it out, it's really cool app)

About Phoenix Wright, I saw Glass Reflection's first reaction to it, and yea I kind of know what the problem is, I guess. It's not that easy to translate a game into an anime with a proper story of a main character after all.

Lol how fast you turned against Mayoiga. It's such a shame, mystery anime is scarce nowadays, I wish they would not waste any chance at producing a great (mystery) anime. ): Two dimensional characters are everywhere nowadays, 90% of the new anime have pretty much a copy paste of characters from other anime, they don't feel very.. real, like, they don't have an identity of their own. There's no history past their 'sad backstory' (lmao everyone has one sad backstory nowadays, especially the harem girls), there's no identity beyond their generic interaction with other characters, etc. Everything just seems so.. old.

This is why I love One Piece and its cover pages, Oda's characters feel like they had more to them, that they are actually living their on life, even when it was not shown on paper/screen. Oda could have just had Jimbei suddenly appear out of nowhere after Fishman Island arc, but he decided to show his journey. It's the same as Caribou and how he has a change of heart (which is actually really nice to see), and of course, Sabo and the revolutionary too. Also can't forget about Coby and Helmeppo. Things are not still when the story is not focused on them, they are still doing their own things, just that we're not seeing them. Not many series have this sort of depth and individuality to their characters.
P.S. Speaking of Coby, boy I wonder what he's up to nowadays. I've always liked him, wish he was more involved in the story.

Aye lol, I knew years back when I completed Hyouka, I read that the author really takes his time with the novel release, and there's not enough material for a new season. Good for you xD But with such long interval between each volume, usually people (fan-translation group) would drop the translating project unless they are really huge fan of the series. Oh well I don't read LN anyway. :p

P.S. I'll be kind of busy for this coming weeks, so apologize in advance if I take my sweet time with the reply. :-)
ToG25thBaam May 13, 2016 9:23 AM
Then it's fine. You can always double check when you have time. xD It's cool but it's still odd though, Spectrum ~_~

Uhh, it's kind of cool that you're registered on google. o_o How did they get your phone number if you don't have facebook etc? It's not like you write your personal contact info on your submitted essay or something.. right? It's weird tho, why would a girl search for your personal info? Maybe she's into you? LOL! It's sort of creepy though, it would feel as though someone was stalking you.. That guy though.. haha I guess we both agree that people have to be less of a creep to others, and just straight up ask if they have something they want. I guess you have the right to be that secrecy about your personal info, though I've never been that exposed or google deemed me not worth enough to be registered xD

Mmhm manhwa, eh. I've heard about Cheese in the Trap, I've wanted to read it for a while now, but I heard that the fan translation kinda stopped at one point, only to continue being translated once more and I think it was not updated on any manga site? The on going status is also worrying. I've read Green Boy and Pinocchio at the time they were being translated, but once I stopped, I never got back to it, no matter how much I liked it, and now I think both of them are already fully translated. Lol. It's the same as Noblesse which I really liked. I recently watched the anime version and it reignites my love for the series, but I am still kinda hesitant to (re)read it again just to put it on hold for a while. >_>
Which Bastard manhwa were you referring to? I couldn't find anything from MAL's database. Only found 1 Bastard manga.

Re:Zero? Sure I'll give it a try, it looks good. Been a while since I've heard Mamiko Noto's voice, so there's another plus for me if I watch the series. :)

I haven't watch Kabaneri yet but I know what you mean, it's hard to get into a series if the main lead's voice acting is not up par with most of the elite. Btw I've seen some promo picture of Kabaneri and.. is it a survival (battle) anime? It looks like there are a lot of girls in it tho?

Lol. That's the thing with early scoring with majority of the people, most anime look like they had a decent start, then the writers couldn't follow up their ideas.. I still hope Joker Game turns out to be great for me tho, it's got a unique title and the synopsis sounds fun.

Hmm, I don't know what was in Phoenix Wright first episode, but I think majority of the people agree with you, seeing that score it has right now lol. Dang, I hope the series at least followed the game though, I rather people hate it because they don't like the game too, rather than people and me included, hate it because it strays away from source material, and still ended up being shit. It sure is worrying though, 2 of the anime I looked forward to, being in the 6.5 rating range, Mayoiga and Phoenix Wright.. :< Hope those turn out to be like Samurai Flamenco, has terrible score but is actually pretty dang good.

Yea, I was surfing around MAL and I saw that Bleach has a new chapter out, so I immediately went to check on One Piece because this week is supposed to be golden week break for Shounen Jump.. but yea One Piece is still on break until next Thursday. ): I haven't read the latest chapter lol, I just read a bit of the spoilers. Trying to savor the chapter better once it's in bundle, unless something omfg happened. :>
ToG25thBaam Apr 28, 2016 11:24 PM
Lol I don't mind slow responses. :) You can take your time with it. (as long as you don't forget about it lol) I myself also have pretty limited time nowadays, sometimes lose sleep because of assignments and stuff. Spectrum is an odd alias haha. Is it that easy to find you on social media tho, I mean, even if I disclose my name, there are still thousands of millions of people out there with the same name, unless you have a really unique name. Heh but I've never been stalked before, so I wouldn't know that feelings. XD

I just checked out your list, haven't been updated since 2014. I didn't know you read Shibatora too, recently I've been thinking about Shibatora and how I would like to find something like it, but to no avail. ): Haven't been able to find a good manga for a while now. ): Every manga I started I feel like dropping it on the first chapter.. then I would think back to those time I read something good, then feel sad about how hard it is to find a good manga to read. :c Do you have any good mystery manga to recommend me?

I just searched up Re:Zero, the guy in the promo picture, the one in the middle, he looks like someone from Haikyuu, especially with the black/orange colour theme on his clothes, similar to that of the jersey the main characters wear. The synopsis kind of sound unique, and I like that it has 25 episodes and it's an adventure series, but nowadays I haven't been too fond of having too many female characters with only 1 main male character, it tends to lead towards a somewhat.. predictable cliche interaction.. I am still open to watching it though, hopefully it's not a harem.

The similarity does show between Kabaneri and SnK, no wonder people draw to that conclusion. They still haven't set on an episode count yet, I hope it goes past 1 cour, and possibly also 2 cours+, if it is the type of series I think it is. Looking forward to Joker Game if you think it's good. :)

Why didn't you pick up Phoenix Wright though? :o

Edit: Oh boy, I just found out and remembered that we don't have One Piece this week.. I kept thinking about Thursday's One Piece chapter when I was working on my assignment.. kind of a bummer, I forgot about the Golden Week(?) week we have this week in Japan, dang..
ToG25thBaam Apr 24, 2016 9:01 AM
You can call me whatever you want. xD I usually go by Ginsan (Gintama!) for most forum username. You can also call me by my real name though, Aaron, but it's kind of weird when people call me by my real name. ;) I don't know what to call you too, always called you wanderingplayboy haha.

About Momo being a little pervy, I always thought that it is about the boobies, and that led me to link it to baby and mother, like how a baby always cuddle up with the mother. It's more like an instinct thing I guess. I doubt he knows a lot about that adult stuff lol. I dislike the pervy stuff with Sanji more, because he's a well grown adult.
Ye it was funny that even Luffy wouldn't eat his own cooking, lmao now he really has got to get his cook back. Sawyer7mage (a youtube reviewer) predict that the upcoming whole cake island arc is gonna have cooking as it's theme, and he pointed out that in the latest chapter, we had Luffy using up all their foods, and Sanji proclaiming that he only cooks for his friends. Not only that, Big Mam is a huge sweet lover. I thought it'd be a cool theme for the arc.

Hmm, I really like Carrot's character, her as an alliance would be cool, but I don't see that chemistry between her and Luffy, that Luffy have with a lot of the other straw hats yet. Like when you think of every straw hats, you can somewhat link each of them with Luffy, most iconic one is Luffy & Nami with Luffy putting his straw hat on Nami ; Luffy & Zoro, where Luffy tanked all the bullets and freed Zoro from Morgan ; Luffy & Chopper, the "I don't care, let's all go out to the sea together" ; etc..
For now, I am not huge on the idea, though I wouldn't mind if that happens.

I haven't read Akatsuki no Yona yet, haven't done so for Baby Steps too. ): I am probably gonna start reading those series soon, because I am having a hard time looking for a good manga to read recently. And yep, the last dragon is the yellow/blond dragon I think.

Hmm what's your favorite shoujo romance you've read so far? I kinda enjoy the slow pacing, but not if nothing is happening though. Like if it's slow paced romance like Skip Beat, where romance is only secondary to the plot, then it's fine.

My week is already ending Dx Gonna have to tough out the rest of the semester until July, then I'll once again be free. I haven't watch a lot of show this past week.. I kind of chose the wrong show to watch LOL. Watched both Seirei no Moribito and Ghost in the Shell movies, both were.. quite meh..
I wanted Yami Shibai 3rd season to be good like the first season, but the franchise has lost its charm. ):
So yeah.. didn't find anything good at all for this past week. >:(

Those titles you mentioned, I used to be able to identify the anime when I hear the title, haha I am losing my touch.. don't know those titles except for Kabaneri, which I think.. is the series Studio Wit is in charge of right now. They say it's similar to Shingeki no Kyojin in term of the feels/intensity..

Just looked up Mayoiga, hmm a mystery series. I'll definitely check out that series once I have the time. I love myself some mystery anime. Even though Subete ga F ni Naru and Sakurako-san weren't such a great mystery series, I still miss them.

Also looked up Netoge, looks like a fun series to watch. Will definitely check that out too. :)

There are a few popular anime this season, have you checked them out yet? Boku no Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs, Sakamoto Desu ga, and Phoenix Wright (OBJECTION!) just to name a few.. I also hear that Joker Game is quite promising thus far.
ToG25thBaam Apr 13, 2016 6:54 AM
That was quick lol.

I am struggling a bit on all the assignments with the time restraint. We're learning at a very fast pace right now.. it's kind of hard to keep up. ): Luckily we have a week off starting from Friday, otherwise I might really suffocate lol. Planning to watch a few anime series during that week to keep myself away from all the stress.. I haven't had the chance to watch anything at all since school started.. D:

Lol, how did you make that mistake, hahaha. How was Akagami no Shirayukihime anime then? I haven't watched the series but I heard that later on the series kinda shift toward getting technical about botany..?

Hmm, 90+ chapters of Yona.. the wild kid..? Are you perhaps talking about the blond dragon? I hear the manga readers say that the story reveals his backstory in chapter 104+, and they say it was incredible. It's gonna be in an(?) OVA soon, I definitely can't wait for that. No season two still.. ):

I have not had the chance to watch anything from 2016 onward lol. I have seen that title before though (Shoujo tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu), but it looks kinda generic? I wish I had all the time in the world to watch every one of them lol, but I don't so this series will probably be eventually forgotten or way down my plan to watch list..
Speaking of new anime, any new series you would recommend me to watch during my week off? I have no idea what series I should watch..

Hahaha, many people were disappointed with Raizou lol, the disappointment across the internet was real, but a lot of people like that Oda referenced Naruto through Raizou. I thought it was a really cool thing to do too. xD

Yepp Vivi is back! She looks more beautiful than ever, haha. I really want a reunion between her and the straw hats. Some of them would probably go (o.o)??? and it would be great. Never forget the X nakama mark. ('; I think she's only a nakama at heart, not technically their crew mate-type.. It's like, they will always support each other, but they won't be crew mate.

Hmm I've always liked Momo to be honest, and I like him even more after Luffy 'manned' him up. Definitely liked his idea of staying behind with Zunisha. Actually, since the previous chapter colour page featured him along with the Sanji rescue gang, I predict that Zunisha will somehow ends up at Whole Cake Island, along with Inuarashi and Momo. Nekomamushi, Marco and gang will come over to Whole Cake Island too since the colour page had Nekomamushi there..
I mean, Luffy will definitely cause trouble at the party, and he can't take on a yonkou alone yet, so others will either bail him out, or fight alongside him to take down Big Mam, which is a huge stretch to be honest lol.

I can't wait for the next One Piece chapter, it's gonna begin the "Year of Sanji" arc, after all. It's been so long since we have seen the non-Dressrosa crew. Carrot for sure will be following them too. xD
ToG25thBaam Apr 13, 2016 3:50 AM
Yo it's been a while. How are you doing in life?
ToG25thBaam Feb 20, 2016 11:23 AM
What are you talking about LOL, are you sure because we were talking about Akatsuki no Yona. Yona doesn't have a sequel announced yet as far as I know. Are you perhaps talking about Akagami no Shirayukihime? ;D

Lol, it's Murano.. Well a lot of people got annoyed with her, but I remain neutral toward her. I agree it does sound kinda retarded when she keeps repeating "Are you really Izumi Shinichi?", but she was there to remind Shinichi that he's not a mindless/emotionally numb parasyte, he is a human. At least she's not useless. She could have been worse, like Sakura from Naruto, the poor girl's character got butchered so hard by Kishimoto in the second half of the series.

Yea NnT anime wasn't really great for its animation. What I really like was the setting and the characters though, and the premise of the story. Thus far the world building is pretty dang great, and the author is doing a fantastic job at integrating the characters into the setting, along with each and every of their back story. The adventure aspect of it reminds me of One Piece, truly greatness. I haven't read the manga yet, but I know that the anime had that pacing issue and animation flaws. It can't be help though..
Oh ya, the 7 deadly sins also have this kind of special relationship, almost similar to that of the straw hat crew, and that even though each member has a strong personality of their own, they still work under someone else. I find that really cool. xD

As for Shirobako, I don't know man, I have seen like 16 episodes, and most of them were jobs within a studio. Yes it does feature the main girl (forgot her name), but they occasionally show us the seiyuu girl failing her audition, and they never did (based off my memory) show her hard work to us (though I don't doubt she's working hard). The anime put more focus on animation team talking about how one scene should have been done, while throwing in some (imo) unfunny jokes that's filled with otaku-ism (not a degenerative term, but I have no interest in their fetishes). The worst thing about that is, I don't care enough about those characters because they were not introduced in a proper manner and were dumped right onto the audiences.
I guess it depends on if you like the characters or story / are able to relate to the characters / are interested in the works in a studio.
Because there's a reason why anime isn't real life.

As for the "everyday feels like a day wasted", I think I said that because I am not earning money by myself right now. I feel that once I started having income of my own, I can start planning certain other things, like buying a house, buying a car, etc. In other words, moving onto the next phase of my life. ;) I am pretty sure working is tougher more tiring than studying, so yea I'll enjoy this time of my life the best I could when I still can!

Saekano is another typical harem series, the protagonist is pretty much your generic harem boy, but the harem members are mostly pretty great so far, and Katou stood out amongst them. Sure the girls share certain stereotypical traits with girls of another harem series, but their character have more to them than just "I wanna be with this guy 5eva *<3* iluvyu" They have their own ambition, and they strive for it! And we actually see them work for it! Not just fooling around with the protagonist all day long, which, imo is a nice change of pace.

Lol chances are, Raizou will have another 'uncool' ability like the one Kin'emon and Kanjuuro have. Some people speculate that their powers may be based on kabuki theater. (I forgot the exact details tho) I am not a huuuuuuuge fan of the samurai thus far, but I do like each and every one of them, well, except for Kanjuuro, because he has yet to have a stand out moment of his own. A lot of people seem to hate on Momo because he gets every chance he could to get into Nami's bewbs, but I personally find that funny lol, especially how aggravated Sanji and Brook are about it. Kin'emon is pretty cool typical samurai dude, and he can cut fire! A loudmouth he is though, so maybe people don't like it that much.

Lol guaranteed nakama, every arc we have fans who would root for some characters to be a straw hats. This arc we have #CarrotForNakama tag. LOL. Kinda crazy. xD But yea, Oda's keeping us in the dark! We wanna know who's gonna be the next straw hats! He did mention (iffy source though) that we would have another female nakama on board, and an ex-antagonist. I wonder if it's gonna be Carrot/Bonney and Caesar. I know a lot of people would oppose getting Caesar on board, mainly because of how cruel he was. As much as I liked his comedic moments with the straw hats/heart pirates, I too would feel uncomfortable if they (more so Luffy) accept Caesar.. I wonder who it could be though. It couldn't be Bonney because she wasn't exactly directly antagonizing the straw hats, so.. yea..
Edit: It'd be crazy if Vivi comes back for that straw hat spot! Lmao.

By the way, I read this somewhere, but do you remember that one scene when Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were about to die after the swirly pirates arrived at Zou? Pedro(?) said something about the dawn awaits them, or something like that. Apparently, Kougetsu means dawn, or something similar to that, could that be what has been waiting for Nekomamushi and Inuarashi? Don't quote me on that tho, I didn't bother to verify this, so ya.. take it with a grain of salt.
I really want to know why are Inuarashi and Nekomamushi so important to the world.

Ahh, a week without One Piece feels so.. wrong. ;_;
ToG25thBaam Feb 14, 2016 9:36 AM
I will still tell you it's good even if you have read it! Yona is good! This is how much I really liked it. If you're not going to watch the anime, at least watch the second opening, it's on my profile if you can't be bothered to search for it. xD I love love love love love the opening, soooo good!! I really hope that they would announce a second season for the show, reading the manga is only a last resort for me. ):

Just checked your updated list, and yoooo you have seen so many great series!! Parasyte, NnT, Shigatsu, and Rokka no Yuusha! I recently just finished Parasyte and man was that an amazing ride! I really loved how it explored it's theme in a non-idealistic way, and properly addresses the issues that our society have. Shinichi's development is also amazing in a non-traditional way.

Seems like you really liked Shirobako, Hibike Euphonium, and OreMono.

Hibike Euphonium!!:


Haha, sorry I rambled on so much lol. I wanted to express my thoughts and wanna hear what you think of those series too. xD

As for working vs studying, yea you may be right, but if I am working, I feel like I am contributing something, or am being productive by earning my own income / helping out in some way. When I am studying, everyday feels like a day wasted for some reason. (lol) As for the schedule thing, yep working may require gonig overtime anytime, but depends on what kind of company I work for; if it's a good/capable trusted company, my life is pretty much stable after working for a year or two, unlike studying where you have to change your schedule every once in a while, for example, when you are studying for A-levels or foundation for a year, before going for your degree, you will have to change your schedule accordingly after a year of pre-U studies; or when you decide to study abroad after 2 years of local degree; etc.

With working, I feel like it's the same routine every day. Wake up in the morning, do your work, finish it, go home. If you have some spare time, then you can have some fun watching anime or w/e, but if not, then it's not a bad deal. But at least, you're following the same routine everyday.

I don't know, maybe I am wrong, or maybe I am weird, but that is how I see it right now. xP I hope I am not too far off though..

Onto that One Piece topic, it's not possible for the straw hats to face even one yonkou right now imo (lol), it took Luffy and Law everything they had to take down Doflamingo, imagine a yonkou crew, with a lot of underlings at Doffy's level, that's just way too much for them to handle at this point. What I meant was, I am leaning more toward Luffy leaving Zoro and Law, and handle the Big Mam's side of issue without them (with or without confrontation with BM), and I want a Zoro & Law vs Jack situation, where they handle Kaido's side of problem, mainly because I want to see Zoro going all out, and I think Jack is fully capable of pushing Zoro to his limit.

Haha it'd be cool to have some minks with the straw hats on their reconnaissance task to Big Mam's ship. One of the reason why I think it is possible is because of the minks' ability to avoid detection from Luffy's haki, which has been shown multiple times throughout the Zou chapters. The 2 instances I remember were (1) Luffy not noticing the night cats when he first had any sort of confrontation with the minks (2) Luffy not noticing Pedro the Tree above him before he was about to visit Nekomamushi/Pekom. I think Raizou may tag along too, mainly because ninja was known for their stealth ninjutsu. It would be really cool if that actually happens! I hope it does! Oh man I wanna know what's going to go down, too bad we have a break next week! ):

Oh ya I forgot to mention 2 other great shows, NnB Repeat and Saekano. NnB Repeat is as great as always, except for the original soundtrack which imo is subpar compared to the first season. Saekano had Katou Megumi carrying the entire show for the entire season! She was great!
ToG25thBaam Feb 11, 2016 7:52 AM
Oh I see. So your country celebrates CNY. :)

Yea the latest twist was good, Oda got all of us good, none saw that coming. This whole deal is making Raizou even more important to the conflict within Wano (I assume there was), and it's making the "Feudal Lord Momonosuke" theory even more plausible. Really can't wait to get to the Wano country. Hopefully it will be Luffy vs Big Mam's henchmen & Zoro + Law vs Kaidou's henchmen/Jack (because it's Wano, country of samurai).

Lol just the other day I was comparing both the kings, and was thinking the reason I like Nekomamushi way more than Inuarashi. Oda definitely put more focus on Nekomamushi imo compared to Inuarashi. Wish to see Inuarashi get more appealing quirks, because right now I believe most people prefer the cat over the dog, even though the dog is still equally awesome.

Lol, it's not that I don't have time to watch anime at all, it's just that I prefer to watch the entire series in one go, which was almost impossible when I was studying. I can't wait to start working, that's when I can finally have a stable life, and a more consistent schedule. When I came back to anime, I realized how much I have really missed it. x'D

Aw ~ (7^-^)7 Once you've quit MAL, it's hard to come back and organize your list. I saw a lot of people who just don't care anymore. It's only great for when friends want to check on what you've seen recently for discussion purposes. (nobody ever chat me up tho T^T)

By the way, have you seen Akatsuki no Yona? Or Parasyte?
ToG25thBaam Feb 10, 2016 3:10 AM
Yo, I wanted to send you a CNY wish too, but I wasn't sure if you guys celebrate CNY. xD Thanks and Happy CNY to you too! I am celebrating CNY here at my dad's hometown, and it's boring over here lol. The only thing that keeps me interested right now is my weekly One Piece chapter. Pretty much all I look forward to everyday, and the youtube reviews.

The year of Sanji is looking better every week. I really like Nekomamushi, he's my new favorite new One Piece character! I wanted to add him to my favorite character list, but he wasn't registered yet on MAL few days ago when I checked. ;c I think the Zou arc is really really good right now, and it is amazing that we are about 15 chapters into the arc, and we have yet to have a direction yet as to where we are going next. Oda's keeping the mystery up! Wonder if we'll settle the thing with Big Mam first, or the samurai issue that will eventually lead to Kaido's involvement.

Lmao the difference between your internet speed and mine tho.. it took me 3 months to download the whole batch.. Dx

I haven't started any Winter anime yet, still catching up on those last year anime I couldn't watch because of my study. I am looking forward to watch quite a few of them though,

The anime world can never have enough of historical, MMORPG, thriller, or slice of life anime. xD

What about you? Following any good Winter series? You haven't update your list since 2k14 lol.
ToG25thBaam Jan 2, 2016 10:26 AM
Happy new year! Wishing you the best of 2k16! :)
ToG25thBaam Dec 15, 2015 9:38 AM
Sorry for replying so late lol. Getting hooked on playing game, pretty much what I do everyday now.. How have you been over the past month?

Lol at the reason behind your username.. you can become a playgirl instead. ;p

In regard to biting/licking becoming a fanservice, hmm well in a way they could be seen that way but tbh I think it's one of those characteristics that animals have. I couldn't see it going far, but that's just me. xD

Right now the One Piece anime is only 2-3 episodes away from the "big event"!! I am getting so excited! It won't arrives until 3 weeks+ later tho, with Christmas break and all that.. ):