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Aug 10, 2009
Stories 9/10:
Natsu no Arashi (summer storm) is not like your average drama/slice of life series.
It started the series by some complicated things like time travel and no character introduction at all, somehow this will give 2 kind of impression for the viewer :
1. This is a "boring" anime.
2. This is interesting, must watch the other eps.
And if you choose the 2nd option (recommended by me), you will eventually enjoy the series.
There story revolves around some boy named "Yasaka Hajime" spending his summer time in his grandfather house. There he met with a sixteen years old girl name "Arashiyama Sayoko" who claimed to be read more
Oct 16, 2008
Ok, here i'll make my 3rd review of anime...
I realize that i always gave a good score for anime (what should i do...cause i think it's really good T-T)'s the review of Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na
This anime take place in the time when human already advanced and there're some that live in moon. So basically this two place of live make human divided themselves into 2 section... The earthling and the moon people. Someday, way broke up between this two section causing many disastrous attempt and result. And this war ended with no side became the winner, thus some diplomatic relation is read more
May 12, 2008
This manga is about a young boy, named Tadamichi Aoba (or called Dandoh by his best friends). He started with baseball and dream to be a rich by it cause he was a poor boy. After the twist of the story and some other reason, we can found out that Dandoh move from baseball to golf. He started by learning with some professional golf player whom have retired. After that the journey about Dandoh and the golf started....he the boy who can talk to nature.

Along with the progress of the story, we could find out that Dandoh become more mature and cool. We could find read more