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Days: 550.1
Mean Score: 7.61
  • Total Entries1,893
  • Rewatched127
  • Episodes39,763
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Darwin's Game
Darwin's Game
Feb 15, 4:50 PM
Watching 6/11 · Scored 10
Feb 15, 4:48 PM
Watching 6/24 · Scored 10
Mushikago no Cagaster
Mushikago no Cagaster
Feb 14, 8:02 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 224.2
Mean Score: 5.91
  • Total Entries649
  • Reread6
  • Chapters40,351
  • Volumes4,072
Manga History Last Manga Updates
5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
Feb 15, 5:21 PM
Reading 53/? · Scored 1
Henkei Shoujo: School☆Days
Henkei Shoujo: School☆Days
Feb 1, 4:42 PM
Reading 1/11 · Scored 6


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Kolm Yesterday, 4:37 AM
Why do you call yourself Visual Novel DataBase?
Detective1412 Jan 29, 11:14 PM
Zefyris Jan 27, 8:22 AM
Hello, the anime technically ends at the end of vol 3. However, the anime only focused on Chtholly & Willhem 's story and therefore skipped parts and hints that only start to matter vol4 onwards, so I would heavily advise to start at the beginning instead.
Sukamoka is a novel sequel, not an anime : 5 volumes of sukasuka, then sukamoka (still running, 8 volumes out).
Whillem isn't dead by end of volume 3 and you can see that in the anime as well, in the last scene you see the screening pool suddenly having two echoes, showing that Nephren and Willhem are alive on the surface.
All Leprechaun reincarnates after a while. But with a different personality, and a different appearance, and no memory of their former life. The novels covers way more about Leprechauns and their reincarnation on the long run.
Ryu_Kurobane Jan 26, 7:49 PM
Well yeah I know that this page was created along with Date A Bullet but nothing's been added.

I seriously hope that it's not JC Staff and they better make a remake of the last episode of season 3 cause they completely skipped Kurumi saving Nia part.
Ryu_Kurobane Jan 26, 3:05 PM
Nia's the spirit that was caught by the DEM. And she's like near the bottom of my ranking so I don't really remember about her just like you.

Where's the website saying that Fourth season of DAL is confirmed?
Detective1412 Jan 26, 12:30 AM
wkaowkoakw, emang idol-drama itu.

4/10 tapi gw liat-liat 9/10 tuh, yg bener yg mana ni.

i prefer date a bullet.
Ryu_Kurobane Jan 26, 12:23 AM
You kinda mixed it.

Nia has the ability to read/see the future with her bible and Mukuro was from another planet. Mukuro has pretty cute personality so I like her but I kinda don't know how to rate Nia. Do you think she's also in love with Shidou or just sees him as a manga assistant? lol

Also do you think Shidou have a love interest among them? Or maybe he's too focused on saving them?
Ryu_Kurobane Jan 25, 9:39 PM
Nice I also want to play the visual novels but don't have time cause of college.

Yeah along with Tohka and Origami, I love Mio. My eye's got watery when Shin and Mio went on a beach date because I felt that she's not going to end up with a happy ending.

I always say to anime watchers who only watch DAL anime that my favorite spirit is Tohka/Origami but in truth as a light novel reader Mio's number one. It'll be a spoiler if I say my answer as Mio cause they don't know. Mio was just trying her best to be together with Shin forever and there's no way she can be forgiven so it was depressing to read her dying moment. If we think about it, this whole DAL story was meant for Mio but since it started from Tohka so she's the real herione.

Go ahead and look at my profile/ranking of the spirits, even though I haven't updated recently.

I agree that it's really hard to find fellow DAL fan much less DAL novel reader. I'm in the anime club of my University just for fun but no one knows DAL which is pretty sad even though it has 3 season and a movie.

Unfortunately, I can't get myself to read any light novels cause I don't want to use money. But DAL anime was so good that it made me want to actually read the light novel when I was in high school.

But the anime adaptions based on light novel that I really like are: Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo, Oregairu, No Game No Life, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Black Bullet, and High School DxD.

Btw what do you think about this: Date_A_Live_Shin_Series, that was announced few months ago? Do you think it's going to be a fourth season? I have a high hope that it maybe trilogy just like Girls Panzer/Heaven's Feel. They could adapt the whole remaining arcs cause it's pretty much connected.

And I'm curious about your complete spirit rankings?

What kind of end do you think it'll happen for the last volume and what do you hope to be? Judging by your first message is it KotorixShidou?'s finally ending.
Ryu_Kurobane Jan 24, 5:41 PM
Oh you also read DAL?

Did you read all the way up to Volume 21?

I bought the vol 21 Japanese version this winter break since I went on a trip to Japan FOR THE FIRST TIME!

If you didn't then I'm not going to spoil but I like Tohka and Origami the best but Kotori's the third best girl that I like in DAL.
Remu_Ramu Jan 24, 12:19 PM
Glad to be friends with you^^. I see you like VN's huh, i only play some when i have the time for it. Those i play are pretty much populair ones :)
Detective1412 Jan 24, 10:55 AM
mksdnya gw ngejar anime-anime musim lalu pak, bukan 22/7 wkwk.

anjir liburan. mantap dah. ati" jakarta banjir, ujan dikit aja banjir, tadi pagi banjir anjir.
VirtuShi Jan 24, 5:54 AM
I was quite interested in date a live but thought I would wait until after. At the moment I’m getting through all the manga and light novels on my shelf. I’m reading Yakusoku no Neverland at the moment but I’ve got a long way to go before I can cat chi up with my visual novels
VirtuShi Jan 24, 5:52 AM
Yeah I wanted to read some more visual novels so I was interested in learning Japanese to understand more from them. I started learning Japanese but I didn’t have the time and didn’t have enough motivation so I gave up quite quickly. I am looking to pick it up again very soon though.

I pay through PayPal it isn’t too bad. It is just like logging into a website but they you pay for something with it.
I’ve been a MAL supporter for a while, though only recently started it back up as I ran out of money.

That must have been amazing!! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan or the areas around! It looks so nice and I think the weather is similar to where I am in the UK. I’ve heard it is quite expensive but wouldn’t you say to stay for 2 weeks would be worth it?
I’d imagine knowing Japanese would make it much easier but I think I would get lost just like you did lol.

I get the same way with sleep some times!! Good luck:)
Detective1412 Jan 24, 5:29 AM
wkwk anjay

gpp, gw jg belom nonton wkwkwkk. lagi ngejar season sebelumnya dlu, baru abis itu masuk musim ini.

jakarta apa bandung njir, pilih satu
Detective1412 Jan 24, 5:15 AM
anjir gw kira siapa wkwk

iya nih.