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Nov 11, 2014
Naruto (Manga) add (All reviews)
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I know there is many other people here on this site that have reviewed this Manga before, but i felt that i wanted to give my says about it since it now have ended.

For 3 years ago, i didn't like Naruto at all because it was so popular and so mainstream at that time. Other reasons is bacause i was afraid of going away from my other interestes in favor for Naruto. Oh man, i was wrong xD.

One day, i was sick and pretty bored, so i decided to watch an Episode of Naruto. I was pretty neutral there. read more
Nov 8, 2014
This is a good series to get into if you like all kinds of things. You'll like it if you enjoy ecchi anime, fighting anime, or yes, So Bad Its Good series. I enjoy it for being a good show myself, but I can see how people would watch it out of sick fascination. The fact of the matter is, most people haven't read, and quite a few probably haven't even heard of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so the story details it takes from that shouldn't matter. It's a fun series that knows what crowd is is trying to appeal to. I got into read more