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Shayon Aug 25, 5:06 AM
>About putting the grail remnants in her?

Yeah, that's what I meant.

>Maybe they think he doesn't need it due to Zero?

Probably, and it's unfortunate how FSN adaptations have to rely on FZ for something once again, even tho FSN is meant to be standalone and FZ is something that came after.

UBW anime also misled people into thinking that FZ is meant to be watched first because of the flashbacks/related scenes that were put in it and the lack of explanations. There was also the issue of the Fate route being skipped ofc.
Shayon Aug 24, 8:10 AM
I like the Sakura in wonderland and train scenes, the train scene captures Sakura's feelings of being left behind by her real family and the wonderland scene is both fanservicey and messed up.

I haven't watched the BD version properly yet, but it seems the official subs aren't very good, I heard they're too literal in places.
Also checked the scene where Shirou talks to Zouken and there is one sentence that makes no sense whatsoever.

>Thought the Kirei backstory came during the Assassin fight?

He has a backstory on day 10 after Shirou leaves the church with the arm, they could move it into the next movie, but people said the same thing about Illya scenes.
Heisen Aug 24, 6:05 AM
You want to be Darjeeling, but you all you can manage is a tardjeeling.
Shayon Aug 24, 5:07 AM
Poor Illya, idk how they would space them out, but I feel like this should've been 4 or 5 movies.

Kirei is also missing his backstory and screen time, even explaining the arm was done by Rin.

The CGI truck fight in the first movie was stupid, but Berserker vs. Saber alter was actually good here, I agree that it takes up too much screen time, but there aren't many fights during this part of the VN and they had to make sure their action fans(that carried over from UBW anime) don't fall asleep here lol
Heisen Aug 21, 6:20 AM
I'm gonna spank you so fucking brutally one day, even I'll regret it.
Shayon Aug 19, 2:32 AM
Heisen Aug 17, 10:12 AM
I'm gonna spank you so fucking brutally one day, even I'll regret it.
Shayon Aug 16, 8:10 AM
That is true, and there isn't a legal option for a lot of anime and other weeb stuff, there's only fan-translations.

I got it from erogedownload, but Nyaa also has it.

if you get to the H-scenes, lemme know if they are awkward like FSN or if they're actually worth something, lol
Also, feel free to keep me updated with your progress if you want.
Shayon Aug 16, 5:48 AM
I do have the full version with all the routes but I pirated it tbh, I do feel bad about pirating and I intend to pay for it properly when I can.
Yeah, the routes aren't locked in order for some reason.

There's the 18+ version but I haven't fiddled with that myself

I see, noted.
Shayon Aug 15, 10:21 PM
How far are you in DI? you said something about not being sure if you ever started it, so that makes me wonder if you just heard the speech that occurs when you launch it for the first time, lol

That's true, it would make more sense for her to be wearing a long skirt.

In case you aren't aware of it, there's a recommended route order for DI:
Shayon Aug 15, 9:31 PM
Since I'm trying to avoid spoilers, haven't seen much of anything from DI fandom so idk what consensuses they might have, but one of the heroines has a likable personality, another one has good development in the story but I'm just not into her personality.

My only real problem with the new designs is that Arc somewhat looks like a Jeanne-face, I don't wanna be reminded of Jeanne every time I look at Arcueid.

Babylonia cutscene compilation is actually 10 hours on youtube.
Shayon Aug 15, 4:11 AM
I do have some issues with it but it's generally good, it has some interesting characters but the writing feels unrefined sometimes, only one of the four heroines is likeable and the romance feels non-existent.

I think it would be weird for the re-designed Tsukihime characters to first appear in FGO, but they might do that anyway.

With all the built up hype surrounding Tsukihime remake it could end up being a disappointment for many people, not to mention all the Fate references and cameos that are inevitably going to be forced into that thing. I've given up on reading it myself since who knows how long it will take for it to be released and then get fully translated.

I also felt that Camelot was over-hyped by JP players, but at least it's acceptable and doesn't treat itself as a bad joke like the previous singularities, Babylonia is better than Camelot but not anywhere near as good as a FSN route.
Shayon Aug 14, 8:44 AM
Umineko and Higurashi.
I'm currently on Rea's route in Dies Irae and I might also read "interview with Kaziklu Bey" after finishing it, it should be on the shorter side according to vndb.

Accepted the discord request.
At this point, TM would probably want to adapt the Tsukihime remake into anime after it comes out, problem is that remake isn't going to come out lol

Yeah, I was thinking that there was a decent chance that the anime will be a rushed adaptation mostly focusing on the action scenes, it wouldn't be far off since their main target audience is the players anyway and FGO is so popular in Japan, but ep 0 hints that it will be a somewhat proper adaptation at least.
Shayon Aug 14, 1:14 AM
Sure, although I can't say I'll get to it anytime soon since there are 2 other VNs which were recommended by friends that I need to read, plus I need to sort some stuff out in real life so idk if I'll have much time for VNs regardless.

I don't have easy access to your profile assuming I want to talk about it though, can you enable friend requests or send one to me?

Agreed, it's a cash grab fueled by one dimensional waifus. I hate FGO but I don't bother arguing about it mostly because it would require me to go out of my way, like going to Beasts Lair or something, and saying anything negative about it on reddit will get you downvoted to oblivion lol

Whether I like it or not, I may end up in some arguments on MAL when the Babylonia anime airs though
Shayon Aug 13, 12:06 PM
Thanks, I'll make note of it.

>Mashu isn't fellated as much as she could be purely because the plot is too busy celebrating the countless other speshul snowflakes, the ones that actually make the gachabux.

lol, that honestly made me laugh a bit