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Oct 14, 2017
Mod Note: This review was originally posted for "Children Can't Choose Their Parents", which was subsequently merged into "Chocolate".

Well, I came into this story expecting a passionate shoujo story about a man and his chicken girlfriend. I got what I wanted.

The story is about a man named Mika who gets a new girlfriend whose name is Fabian. Mika tries showing off his love for Fabian but everyone he shows his relationship to acts how I would act, with bewilderment. The story was decent at best, considering it was a one-shot.

The art is alright. It is pretty good for a one-shot about a man and read more
Jun 26, 2017
Do you like massive towns? Massive dongs? Well then, I believe you won't like this massive letdown. This manga is centered around a girl named Minami that wanders into a strange town that is mostly vacant except for a couple of strange individuals. This story had a somewhat interesting premise, of which is Minami's life in the city she stumbles across and her past. Sure, the premise isn't all that original, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Story: 5/10

The story is about Minami's life in the strange city she stumbles across and some bits about her life. The story had many plot holes, unnecessary things, and read more