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Hakumei to Mikochi
Hakumei to Mikochi
May 24, 3:38 AM
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May 19, 1:03 AM
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Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
May 19, 1:02 AM
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Apr 13, 5:49 AM
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Feb 20, 10:17 AM
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Star Strings yori
Star Strings yori
Jan 21, 9:17 AM
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SadMadoka May 19, 3:36 AM
Hey, so did you hear all that music? I'm curious which tracks were your favorites.
As for the other stuff, I've been so busy and just haven't gotten around to typing it all up. ehe... I have some notes jotted down, at least. If you want the short answer, I fancy myself as a researcher and don't really identify as anything per se, as I find it very limiting. I love to learn about so many things, ranging from science to the paranormal. (The latter category is often more about reading interesting stories than attempting to prove or disprove anything.)
At the moment I'm listening to Behemoth: Demigod; possibly the greatest blackened death metal album.
Orion007 May 9, 8:50 PM
oh this sure has potential for emotional impact
every character missing from chimera ant arc is in this
there is sure to be huge conflict in the end and its not gonna be pretty
Orion007 May 9, 1:01 AM
well if its gonna be comparable to the chimera ant arc in scope then its gonna be the best shounen arc in the world
SadMadoka May 8, 1:58 PM
I was pretty sure you knew, but ya never know who might be out there who thinks I take Madokaism seriously.
:) I hope you're able to share your thoughts on more of the music once you finish it.
By the way, the first two Madoka movies have better animation, music and English voice acting than the series, along with new content. I prefer sub for the series and dub for the movies.
Do you have any Hunter x Hunter merch? Here's mine. (link)
Orion007 May 7, 6:10 AM
But yeah its about friendship so i think he wouldn't do that but he is saying that he plans to finish the manga soon so...fingers crossed
Orion007 May 7, 6:09 AM
oh i think he won't kill him in a fight but in another way
and hunter x hunter can be pretty seinen sometimes
we can't just forget all the deaths in chimera ant arc and certainly not what Hisoka did in the manga
SadMadoka May 6, 5:41 PM
aha. I'm sure you're aware, but Madokaism is just a joke religion for the fans. By the way, there are funny Madoka videos on my profile.
Some of my reply may be long, so I'll send that part later.
Cool, cool. I put together an industrial metal/rock playlist for you. \m/ Praise Madoka! ...That is, me. >:D

My top metal subgenres are melodeath (melodic death metal) and black metal.
My favorite band is In Flames, but I haaate their latest albums. They started out as melodeath, then progressed to other genres like melodic groove metal, metalcore and alternative metal...but now they're kind of generic whiny watered-down alternative rock/metal. I like plenty of bands that fall under that genre, but their new style just annoys me.
On that note, here's an In Flames playlist I made featuring one track each from most of their releases from 1994 to 2011.

I like (some) electronic music even more than metal. Nomic: Falling Star III (hard trance) is my #1 electronic song. (From 0:00 to 7:30 in this hour-long set.)
I'm always pleased to surprise! gwehehe
Orion007 May 5, 5:28 AM
I kinda feel bad for kurapika...its too stressful for him don't you think with the prince war and now the troupe and everything....and he's already collapsed once
Orion007 May 4, 9:44 PM
hmm but i still miss gon and killua and i'm more excited about Ging...the man's a total mystery
Orion007 May 4, 9:07 PM
damn right...but at the same time thats what special about togashi....I mean when i was watching the chimera ant arc , at the beginning i was really bored from hearing all of that detail...but man when it all finally came together and morel san began the countdown i gotta say i was pumped as hell
SadMadoka May 4, 6:57 PM
Nice favorites. So are you a LaVeyan Satanist or what? On a related note, are you into metal music? I've been a metalhead since around the turn of the millennium (though I like a bit of everything else as well), and since both spiritual and non-spiritual Satanists tend to be into metal, I thought I'd ask.
Orion007 May 3, 9:05 PM
yeah i also started reading the manga from where HxH 2011 ended but i stopped at 380 and there are still 10 chapters but the haitus is tooo long and i can't wait that much and there is also a lotta detail in this arc so it gets hard to remember all of it when the next chapters finally release so i thought i might as well wait...
Orion007 May 2, 9:26 PM
i see...what do you think about its manga then?
Orion007 May 1, 10:21 PM
I see you like the HunterxHunter 1999 version more than 2011 version
Orion007 Apr 28, 11:55 PM