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Super Doll Licca-chan
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UnoPuntoCinco Jul 7, 2:23 PM
He is one of my favorite authors for several reasons. I think he has a great sense of humor and posseses endless creativity. And those qualities he shows them in the finale of Fraction: everything turns out to be a really absurd monstruosity and, at the same time, we are revealed how we were fooled all along. I don't think one should consider his works as horror since I don't believe he intends to scare. He's come to create his own genre of manga.
MrZawa Jul 7, 9:45 AM
In terms of demographics I can enjoy any kind of good Seinen or Shoujo. For Shounens it depends more on quality and specific genres, but I don't dislike them.
In terms of genres Comedy, Historical, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural and SoL are my favorites. I don't have particular dislike towards any of the genres, although harems and school romances are bad more often than not imo. Ecchi can also be annoying when used wrong, which is quite often. But I love a good ecchi.
In terms of what I find most important in terms of aspects of the show it would go characters (in terms of personality mostly, but design matters to a lesser degree as well)>story>music=art=animation. Although any of those things can make show a lot better or worse.

I also like if there is some deeper meaning to the show, although I don't mind if there isn't as long as it's fun. But it's always a bonus to me. Lolis are my guilty pleasure, so loli can always make a show better too.
Fureiya Jul 6, 4:35 AM
Hi, thanks for the add. May i know where you found me?
UnoPuntoCinco Jul 5, 8:17 PM
Since you mentioned horror as part of your favs, I recommend the works of Hideshi Hino. They are both grotesque and funny at the same time; to some degree his plotlines remind me of silly heavy metal lyrics. A Season in Hell and Hell Baby are quite a read. How did you like Shintaro Kago's stuff?
UnoPuntoCinco Jul 5, 1:12 AM
You did nail most of my taste, but I have a lot of love for slice of life manga because it goes so well with a cup of coffee.
I'd really like some manga reccs, for it's been barely some weeks since I got back into reading manga. I have been reading some stuff by my favorite authors but would really like something new.
UnoPuntoCinco Jul 4, 9:47 PM
I think that the magic of Shojo Tsubaki is that it feels like an awful nightmare. Horror made in the west is mostly about a hero against the unknown (Lovecraft for example), and that's why it's really not horrifying. Maruo does horror about the human body, and that is horrifying because we all have a body.

I'm suprised that you liked my favorites list because we literally have zero of them in common
MrZawa Jul 4, 4:35 PM
Yeah, I certainly agree with that. My theory is that lack of good character, for example, would make anime less enjoyable to begin with and is thus accounted for by enjoyment for the most part. But there are certainly exceptions to this. So I also tend to consider other factors if I feel enjoyment alone does not fully account for them, either in positive or negative way.

For me character personality, and development, is also very important. Especially in terms of appeal character design alone does very little for in comparison to personality. The lack of deep characters and/or lack of character development is very often why shows fail for me. Overall storyline is the next major factor.
In negative way logical inconsistencies and undesired plot twists are most likely to make me dislike/drop a show.

Factor that most often makes me add more points in score than enjoyment would indicate is quite often soundtrack though. Alternatively if anime in question has some deeper meaning for me besides just enjoyment (such as Mushishi or Baccano!).

Which are your favorite kinds of anime?
MrZawa Jul 4, 3:18 PM
Hello ^_^

Yeah, my username is based on Kaiji, since I also loved that series a lot, and I loved the way zawa...zawa always played on the background when things got tense. So since I created my MAL account around time I finished that show I named it as such.

It seems like a rather interesting coincidence that our first show was the same, although I had one person add me before for the same reason. Still it's rather rare to find people who had Vampire Knight as their first show.

I'm glad you liked my bio, I enjoyed writing it and put quite a bit of work into it, so it always makes me glad when I receive a positive feedback for it ^^ It's also nice to see we enjoy some of the same shows. If you would like I'm always open to talk about some shows. So feel free to talk to me if you ever want to talk about show we both seen, or you plan to see. Or recommend me something.

I think rating on enjoyment is fairest since that's the main aim of art to begin with, and I think it does already comprise the most important things to rate by. I have been thinking of making some changes to my rating scale since my mean score is rather inflated like this, and it's shame to hardly ever use 1-5. But I certainly don't ever plan to ditch enjoyment as major rating factor.
UnoPuntoCinco Jun 5, 10:48 PM
Greetings. You sent me a friend request ages ago, you probably don't even recall it. And since I hadn't logged in ages, I never knew until now. Was there any special reason?
kaitonic Aug 14, 2018 12:43 PM
Mine is Nicolas or Jason.Then how may i call you?
kaitonic Aug 10, 2018 12:02 PM
Thanks xD
Well may be we might get along well.
So what is your name? If you don't mind telling.
kaitonic Aug 10, 2018 3:55 AM
Hey! there
Thanks for the friend request
Aidan Jul 3, 2018 4:38 AM
Similar friends is all lol
Aidan Jun 29, 2018 11:49 PM
Are you going through my friends list to meet people or something? :eyes:
Ezekiel_01 Aug 3, 2017 9:15 PM
How did you discovered my not really social account?