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Oct 7, 2010
Adaption success? Adaption success. Unlike that of Dance in the Vampire Bund I had meant to do with a long time back with, among other things. Don't pay attention to my scores as my writing, as I tend to rate most things highly.

This is a simple show that does what it is supposed to, but is a big deal because shows like these can have a lot of expecation behind them from the manga fans like me. Could you imagine how much expectation you would have if someone animated Yotsuba&!? Exactly.

Shinraku! Ika Musume, is another Slice of Life Comedy show. A very good one. They're read more
Oct 26, 2009
TechnoShamanist Fiction.

Oh we Pagans of the future! The longer one spends time as an outsider with outsider culture, the more one realizes that things that should be polar opposites such as the ancient past and fantasy tale of magic and occult, and future tales of science and reasoning, science fiction and fantasy are actually two sides of the same coin. Ever so closely tied in strands not yet I ever close to grasp. Both in defiant analyzable of the that which is not the status quo of culture and thinking, they are but sisters!

This TechnoShamanism word I will start off this review with and read more
Dec 16, 2008
Well, of all things today I'm writing a review of Kodomo no Jikan. I thought I was going to be writing a review of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni next, but time changes moods it would appear.

Anyway, Kodomo no Jikan is a show that has created a lot of buzz for it's content and I assume for mostly it's content is it popular or notorious. It is by far not a very unheard of anime and manga, but there are a few things I think are undersaid about this anime and manga, or since I have only seen this anime, and this is the anime read more
Oct 27, 2008
Ok, so I'm giving this review, for if nothing else, because this show simply doesn't get enough non- ten out of ten reviews.

For one, I enjoyed this anime. For several reasons. But in no way would I ever consider this the best anime I ever watched.

Story: I'm going to be very generous and give this a 9 out of ten. I really feel like I could give it an 8. Actually scratch that, I'll make it an 8.

The story itself, if taken seriously, is not the most breathtaking or in my opinion, anything short of silly. Now not that most other anime is particularly more read more
Oct 6, 2008
Ok, so writing a review for another one of my favorite. So of course, it's going to be hightly score. But in this, allow me to tell you why.

Well being the sort of Neo-Pagan Shintoist Heathen that I am, it was right up my alley. After seeing this one wikipedia one day, I knew that it was a show for me and I just had to watch it. And I ended up of course...liking it. A lot. I suppose they could have done the Shinto theme really badly, but this did not. At all.

Off of the preface, onto the individual qualities. Since I seem to read more
Oct 6, 2008
Well the thing about this review is it's directly compared to the other series, favorably or unfavorably. And after just writing a Lucky Star review, I thought it was only right that I write a Lucky Star OVA review. In fact, I only got up the energy to write a Lucky Star review to the community.

So, now that I've filled out the preface, it's time to get to the individual qualities of the short movie. Or actually, just medium as an OVA.

1. Story
Well how does one comment on one story, that's slice of life episodic comedy?
Well, you rate it on being an episodic, slice of read more
Oct 6, 2008
You've probably heard a little about Strike Witches already, I'm willing to gander.

You've probably already heard something about it being a fanservice anime if anything. And have already formulated your opinion about it from that.

The likelyhood of that opinion being that it's just a fanservice anime and is therefore not good. And while there are quite a few fanservice anime that would make you to think that way, being since there are a lot of poorly done fanservice anime, that is not the case here. Oh, but it is not the case at all. Strike Witches is in fact a fanservice anime. But it is read more
Oct 6, 2008
First off, yes, this show has a reputation. And some people might hate it just because of that. But really it does live up to it's reputation.

Secondly, this is only my first review, so I hope I can manage to actually do a good job. If I'm confident in this review, I might just go on to write a few more.

Preface extended:

As another part of my preface, I'll go into my motto than an anime has to do something well to be a good anime. And if it does something really well, it's enough to be called a masterpiece. Now the more genres something read more