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Jun 18, 2012
Well I assume that everyone that want to watching this are either Pokemon fans or at very least has a back story about Pokemon Movie

The story of this movie is pretty much the same as the other movie, Ash and his friends are traveling, and come to a town, meet new pokemon, new people that become friends, and in the town there are problem that they must solve, yeah pretty much it

Now the bad thing about this movie is that the plot is very shallow, the only important character are like just Satoshi and Victini, and unlike pokemon movies before it, the other legendary are read more
Jun 18, 2012
This is my second review and English is not my first language, so sorry if i made a mistakes about grammar and my English are so limited of vocabularies

Well, this is the story from the same mangaka that made The Law of Ueki, so if you already read it, you must quite familiar with the story, and i'm writing this review up until chapter 27

The story is quite interesting, but not too original for me, about a world underground, that actually connected with the human world and yet similiar with the human world, and here we have Luchiru, a Majin (the people that lives read more
Jun 18, 2012
Ninku (Manga) add (All reviews)
This story is interesting, not linear one, but like flash back

The story started about quite a peaceful time, after a previous war, but of course there are people that wants to wage war again, and Fuusuke, now just normal civilian dragged because the group that wants to started the war are new ninku users, and they targeted the previous captains of ninku, so Fuusuke trying to unite with the other remaining captains......
is this over? no, because after this arc the timeline of the story shifted to before war, when Fuusuke still learning about ninku and meet the other people that also wants to master read more
Apr 30, 2012
Basically this second season of Recorder to Randouseru is just the continuation of the first season of this, with a new ED song

With the same Atsushi that still like a grown-up man but of course has the personality of 5th elementary school student and his sister Atsumi that still like a grade school kid even though she already in high school

But those that already watched the first season must know there are quite difference, like before in the first season Atsushi will ends up caught by the police, but in this secon season, the plot is more focused to the activities that would Atsushi and read more