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Jun 1, 1:53 PM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 7
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Super Secret
May 31, 9:33 PM
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo - Prologue
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo - Prologue
May 31, 4:00 AM
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Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku
Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku
Yesterday, 1:33 PM
Reading 73/? · Scored 7
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Super Secret
May 31, 9:33 PM
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May 31, 8:45 PM
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Mei-o_Scarlett Jun 1, 7:23 PM
nah we just gotta
let anime die
i got enough stuff backlogged from games to anime that i can survive with no new anime for the next 3-4 yrs
also gets rid of all the annoying anime fans :>

yea added grass cause of u
then realise cant pirate it kek
think it should be on the korean manga apps anyways whenver i decide to check those out
Mei-o_Scarlett May 31, 11:34 PM

also surviving romance is peak fiction
especially the end of s1

yesKiri May 31, 4:33 AM
mistahee May 30, 6:33 AM
How's Takemitsuzamurai? It looks like Taiyo's most expressive.
yesKiri May 29, 7:38 AM
> How's Aria so far for ya?
Shaping up to be another one of my favorite series :) I'm expecting quite a lot from Origination, and even if my high expectations don't get fully fulfilled, I'm sure it'll still be a really pleasing experience. The Natural episode 26 was so good, man.
yesKiri May 28, 7:48 AM
> Will anime flop harder?
As it is now, probably yes tbh. It's not just fading novelty but also increases in quantity without actually making an adequate profit. Adapting ongoing popular IPs is the safest bet to dominate the market, but this ironically leads to big studios snatching all the rights > having too many shows on their belt > production issues > not so positive receptions.
Apolygon2 May 25, 11:57 PM
I don't necessarily think we need big moments to make a good character but it does take some planning. If we get characters with extraordinary appearances, endearing personalities, and meaningful backstories then that's good enough. But it's a bonus if we get to know their motives that help with their actions and decisions since it helps construct a narrative in the story.

big moment may have been the wrong word, I just meant stuff that are good by themselves, but also build on everything that comes after them.

like having every pay off be the build up to another pay off.

when I said big moment, I just meant anything important. and stuff like character growth counts for sure.

Ryuseishun May 25, 4:52 PM
Sorry for late reply, but yea that was a great episode. Almost as great as the previous one, at least. In fact, the director apparently has this and the previous ep as his favorite ones from the series, which is honestly cool, though it does make me somewhat worry about the directing for the last four episodes after the extra week break (a recap next week was planned beforehand, plus a few sports events would be taking too much of the viewership, even if they’re on different channels and such).

You nailed it with the breakdown. Check out my own thoughts on AniList while you’re at it. Of course there will be subjectivity with how many will view the redemption process positively or negatively.
Apolygon2 May 25, 9:21 AM
> Though if you want to care about the character in the first place, there needs to be a reason. I don't think having an atypical topic is good enough, that's where the story comes in.

actually a perfect character that defines a character being good because of the story is a character in your favorites. homura.

akemi doesn't really have that interesting of a personality. both her original, and her changed self are quite dull. and in an uneventful show, it would have been very boring to watch.

but she has such a strong character arc, that it doesn't matter. her story, what she goes through, and the choices she makes, makes you care about her.

on the other topic, I actually haven't seen any of the shows you used as examples yet. I know they're great, but there is much good media out there I constantly feel like I'm playing catch up. lol

If I was to use shows as examples that perfectly build up their events without being slow, it would be the vinland saga, arcane, and the promised neverland season 1.

the key is to use build up new pay offs, withing the previous pay offs. so the factors that help create the first big moment, use that as build up for their own big moment. which is why more than anything else it takes planning.

these aside though, how do you quote on profile comments?

I've seen a few people do it. I thought I would figure out at some point, but never did lol
Apolygon2 May 25, 12:25 AM
I don't exactly disagree with what you are saying. but I also think most pieces of media would benefit from using more build up. the truth of the matter is that getting the most out of every plot point, either needs masterful planning to an extremely high degree, or slower pacing. one of which is something that would take an extreme amount of time and skill to pull off, and the other is something that most people find boring.

so when I try to criticize something on "not having enough build up" there needs to be a massive room for it. since anything can improve by "an" amount with more build up.

and I at least can't think of anything that character could have done before the drama that would have added enough to the impact to be worth it. specially because she didn't actually die.

I also think the fact that it's dealing with a relatable topic, would make most people resonate with her for that alone. specially since this topic is rarely if ever actually depicted well. while he was using it to criticize the show, I think literaturenerd actually used the perfect episode to compare this to. which was that one odd taxi episode about gocha games and gambling.

we feel for the character because of the story around her.

it's actually a double edge sword if you think about.

if the story the character is going through is interesting, you care about the character faster.

if you care about the character more, you get more invested in her story.
Ryuseishun May 24, 10:05 AM
Giving this a 10 for now. Idk how to share my own thoughts at the moment, but that last moment was pure hype.

Too bad no new episode next week. Apparently it was planned beforehand to fill in the empty timeslots unlike with Mashle, Hell's Paradise, and Kamikatsu xD. Cause only 11 episodes total.
yesKiri May 23, 4:39 AM
mistahee May 22, 9:07 PM
Yeah, she's really sweet (unintended pun given the sweets she keeps giving out lol) and seemingly tries to enjoy a "normal" school life despite literally having connections to Royal families and such. The episode where she tries to get hit the same way Ritsu does is a particular standout.
mistahee May 21, 5:12 AM
lol, once again, touch choice. I think Ryou barely edges it out, tbh. I like her mellow nature and general character design. Although Nijika's sort of underrated imo.
ViciousVirulence May 20, 3:22 PM
That's awesome! Yuru Camp is on my list but I don't know the other 3 but they look good so will add them to my list thank you. Now I have quite the selection of SoL shows to watch :)
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