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Nov 18, 2012
Onepunchman, the story of the great hero Saitama, an unemployed guy who found his career in being a superhero, after training for three years he achieved great power, sadly for him, he manages to destroy any enemy in just one punch, rending him bored and empty.

Story: Simple and direct action manga, overpowered Hero fights enemies, but he's attitude while doing it compliments so much the comedy.

Art: Murata Yusuke, amazing artist who worked in a lot of big names before, he's clear trace makes every page enjoyable, great detail in the images and clarity for understanding what exactly is happening in each page.

Characters: Saitama, main character read more
Nov 12, 2012
The story of a normal office worked who happens to have married an alien.
After meeting each other after he was abducted one night of full moon, he fell in love at first sight and proposed at that instant.

Great art, it's clear even when the alien wife's using dozens of things with her tentacles.
Sadly only had access to a few chapters, and not much is know of the characters or their story besides a shallow skim, looks promising in its most part. It's classified as a slice of life, but being sci-fi makes it kinda uncomfortable mix, still hope I can i get to see read more
Aug 21, 2008
This is some weird, but good manga, I don't recomend it to starter in the matter of manga, you will surely will get shocked.

A good story, it actually contains almost all type, from drama, to action and battles. this story starts whit just two characters, but it increase fast. It starts a little so-so but after you end the first chapter you will be hooked faster than you ever thinked.

Its clear and good-looking, the special effects, like demons and armours are well designed and original. It's hard to read more
Jul 15, 2008
When i started to read Kurohime I thought it would be a common action-adventure story but i got inmersed in the story in less time than in the common, i just got in love whit the characters, excluidings some minor flaws, the art its great I can easily understand whats happening in the story, I greatly recommend this manga and wait for a posible anime.
Jan 24, 2008
I love this story, i played the game so is easiest to me follow the story, but even in this case the story is really good, the characters are not complex enough to confuse the reader, but enough to give a proper turn-out of the events for amuse someone, the art is no the best, and sometimes is hard to understand what happens in the images, i really enjoyed what i read this far because in diferrence whit the game the principal character talk and express his thoughs and emotions, also the charcters show their funny side, something that i really apriacete.
In the overall its read more