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May 26, 2014
Pure Mail easily ranked on the top of my favorite hentai list from the first 10 minutes. The plotline, while simple, was incredible and a unique idea for a hentai. The 30 minute episodes include the effects of child abuse, meeting people on the internet and a dysfunctional family.

The main male protagonist, Kei is by far the most complex hentai character I've come across. One very unique aspect of this series is characters with a back story. Kei becomes lovable within the first few minutes and you find yourself rooting for him to find real tangible love. The main female protagonist, Midori shares just read more
May 23, 2014
Once you get passed the whole "my girl is dead so I have to bang her sisters until one gets pregnant" aspect of this hentai, it's actually pretty pretty decent. I believe this anime would be best reviewed by character as each character basically has their own story.

Naoto is, for whatever reason, one of the best anime guys I've come across in a while. I don't know if it's his looks, dazed expressions or dominant personality in bed, but he's definitely very amiable. Of course he has his negatives like being unable to control his urges and "teaching" a young girl sex-ed, but what read more
May 6, 2014
hatsu inu is by far my all-time favorite hentai. It is not awkwardly overly sexual and the characters aren't (for the most part) that dramatized. I love the idea of fujino not speaking. most hentais' main female character talk way to much for absolutely no reason. fujino only speaks once and it adds to the overall effect of the story.

the characters, in my opinion, are excellent. fukaya and fujino are absolutely adorable together. fukaya is quite handsome and fujino has to be one of the cutest girls in anime in general and the fact that she doesn't speak makes her ironically stand-out. of course read more