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Feb 13, 2020
I came into this anime from various screenshots posted by anime pages on Facebook and other social media--from thousands of screenshots of Dazai, the one with the typical coats detectives wear and the wavy hair, and his obsession with suicide.

HOWEVER, it did NOT live up to my initial hype. The constant typewriter-esque introduction of characters that we as the audience need to know, and the overwhelming amount of text that we need to read in a quick amount of time DESPITE being the case that most of us are watching the anime with subtitles, eventually became a thing that I did not look forward to. read more
Feb 12, 2020
Tl dr; At this point, maybe it's because I'm basically a crybaby, but again, I cried at the end of it.

When it first came out, I was reluctant to begin watching it as it simply seemed like another one of those fanservice types of animes since the anime was literally about an anime girl that is a dragon but also a maid. I remember thinking, "Who even comes up with these ideas?"

Perhaps it was because it was Kyoto Animation that was behind this anime, or maybe it just so happened to fit with my preference for anime, but I really enjoyed this one for read more
Feb 12, 2020
If it weren't for my hipster-ish attitude, I would have already watched this anime with the prettiest name I have ever heard.
I knew for sure that Violet Evergarden was the name of the anime's main character, but I didn't think that she would actually be just as pretty as her name. It's a bit slow to get rolling at the start, but you eventually get used to the anime's pacing and how things go in these episodes (note: the same thing does NOT happen over and over again)
As for the plot, I also didn't expect a German-esque setting (if it's not, I'm sorry) read more
Feb 11, 2020
I haven't enjoyed an anime this much recently, and I didn't expect myself to have taken a liking for this one in particular.

There is just something about sports animes or just any anime with a plot revolving around the characters building their team and improving their skills that gets me so motivated to learn something new myself, and with that in mind, I decided to give this one a go despite the plain concept--no isekai, no special powers, and no cute girls on the poster (lol).

Huge props to the animators for doing the character's forms, which you will be able to see from the read more
Feb 10, 2020
Boy oh boy, I don't think I have ever been disappointed with an anime season.

I remember watching the first season so hyped up because after all, it was a relatively new/rare concept for an anime revolved around fighting and just action in general. In this day and time where we are overwhelmed with DC and Marvel superhero movies back to back to back, it was like a breath of fresh air, as if we were underwater all this time.

Similar to the previous season, this season also has filler-ish episodes, and characters get beat up while our guy Saitama is doing something plain like using the read more
Feb 6, 2020
Carole & Tuesday is a music-themed anime about two girls finding their place in the scene and making music that is meaningful. It is about their growth as individuals, as a duo, as well as how they make meaningful connections with those around them through hardship and many challenges.

From the very beginning, you will find that there are original songs that are featured in the anime, most giving me the chills because it's good. It doesn't throw any random song at you.

At times, some of the events may seem like filler, but in my opinion, all those events that happen throughout the series are crucial read more
Feb 5, 2020
These eight short episodes filled the hole that was left as I finished watching the Ansatsu Kyoushitsu series.

Although it says 8, the main "plots" for these episodes are only two, so don't get your hopes up too much. But it still fulfills its duty for a normal day-to-day happening during the time of the assassination classroom. It's kind of like an alternate universe for some of the very violent animes/games, but these are actual canon and not just imaginary events.

I am very, very glad I decided to go out of my way to find these episodes.
Short but perfect.
Feb 5, 2020
I kind of expected this from the title being "365-nichi no jikan", but it really was simply a review of what happened over the course of the single year they spent with Koro-sensei.

This OVA has little to no extra scenes of what happens afterward. If anything, it only has a minimum interaction between Nagisa and Karma reminiscing about the "old days".

I think I would have enjoyed this if I didn't finish the entire series in 2 days, but it's good nonetheless. It was kinda dumb for me, personally, because while they are thinking and talking about what happened with Koro-sensei, as if it was wayyyy read more
Feb 4, 2020
While the first season was pretty easy-going, with the end of the year coming around the corner marking the end of their middle school years along with the deadline of the assassination, the few dark themes that happened throughout the previous season will be happening more frequently in this season.

As the anime is about kids in their last year of middle school, the anime also goes over their ambitions and dreams for the future, with even a special episode dedicated to filling a form for what they want to be in the future, and even holding a teacher-parent meeting, and how some parents do read more
Feb 4, 2020
This was my first ever manga that wasn't shoujo or had any sort of romance in it, and surprisingly I enjoyed it very much.

About the manga (general events, and characters):
The character you see with this pinkish-red hair and odd things on his head is the main character, "Saiki Kusuo". If you aren't into animes/mangas that don't have a big goal the characters work towards (like saving the world, killing a villain, or just graduating from school), this is NOT your thing.

If anything, it's very random, and sometimes even breaking the 4th wall, but very enjoyable nonetheless simply because it was vERY out of read more