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Feb 17, 2014
I won't lie and say that this is the best one. For a person who has seen a bunch of hentai, this OAV was a really nice change of pace. I'm quite picky when I watch these things and avoid anything violent and I must say this one was really awesome. Definitely my cup of tea. If you're a mature maiden who wants a pure love story with no strange lines and plots, just a normal love story, then I really recommend this.

I hope that they will be making more of this type of hentai. Vanilla hentai isn't the same before and I think this ...
Feb 25, 2013
Seiyuu Ka! (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
I'm going to try my best not to post spoilers for this review. Seiyuu Ka! as mentioned in the synopsis is about our heroine Kino Hime who wishes to become a famous seiyuu due to the influence of her idol Aoyama Sakura. Like any other bishoujo mangas, this one had the gender-bender category, so it was a tiny bit different from the usual.

Moving along:
1. Story - the plot wasn't very catchy enough for me. For me it felt like the same old manga where girls who has no talent/skills wants to enter the showbiz world and stumbles upon really hot guys, etc... But along ...
Dec 13, 2012
Shinobi Life (Manga) add
I haven't read a lot of mangas since most of the mangas I like are still going on. I stumbled Shinobi Life here on my page under recommendations for my life of Inuyasha.

Plot wise, kinda common but progress of the story was good. A bit predictable but I can say it was entertaining. I enjoyed every bit of twist it presented though the ending was rushed (especially the last chapter which felt like an Omake instead of the real ending) I had fun reading this manga.

Art is beautiful! It didn't give me the "ZOMG THIS ART JUST GAVE ME ANOTHER BISHIE FETISH" kind, but ...
Dec 10, 2012
Skip Beat! (Manga) add
Preliminary (195/? chp)
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

As most manga shoujos, you always see the typical tsundere, moe, megane, etc.. but nothing compares to our dearly loved Mogami Kyoko-chan. While the plot may seem not THAT interesting at first, the flow of the story is wonderful. I will try my best not to include spoilers for this manga though I'm sure people have already read and seen the anime.

Kyoko-chan is what you would call "Yamato Nadeshiko." Kind, loving, caring, sweet, etc... the kind of woman that Fuwa Sho finds boring and disappointing. Little did he know what was in store for him when he ...
Dec 6, 2012
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
This is an anime. Faith in the anime world has been restored! With the recent anime genre going on recently (harem, ecchi, more harem, etc...) I haven't been watching much recently then I stumbled upon this and I am now a happy noodle.

What I like about this anime:
EVERYTHING! I admit on the first few episodes it was a bit dragging that it made me sleep on episode 3 (FORGIVE ME JOHN TITOR!!) but moving forward and making the effort to watch it has paid off. The twists were extraordinary, the art was beautiful & character development (hells yaaah!) was superb. The ending was well-made. It ...
Dec 6, 2012
Preliminary (19/25 eps)
A lot of things has already been mentioned for this anime. Of course I will not repeat them all and this is all based on my personal preference.

SAO had an amazing plot which made me interested. It was like watching a series of the move "STAY ALIVE" though I personally prefer the movie compared to this series. Moving forward:

What I like about the anime:
Art - yes, the only thing I liked about this anime. Art was wonderful (period).

What I did not like about the anime:
Story Progress - though SAO had an amazing plot, the story progress was too fast and had too many holes ...
Jul 24, 2012
So I was just skipping around when I stumbled upon this manga, and boy was I glad I did. The awesome yet ridiculously cheesy lines and awesome art. What more could I ask? Though the ending felt like it was rushed, the entire story was enough to keep me reading it. This manga had a lot of potential, though the sudden ending (plus rushing it) kinda ruined some part for me, I would personally rate it 9.5

All in all, I recommend this to everyone who likes to read some cheesy yet steamy shojo manga ♥