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Dec 27, 2011
Once in a while, we see Slice of Life shows that are incredibly slow paced and are heavily atmospheric. These shows have a pretty static setting and allow you to dive into their world. I like to call these shows Slice of Nothing shows, simply because there's not a lot happening that actually contributes to the plot's development. Zettai Shonen is a slice of nothing show that slipped under the radar when it aired and never really saw the light of day. Which is a shame really, because it was a breath of fresh air and off the beaten track.

Zettai Shonen is an anime ...
Jun 8, 2011
Ame no Furu Basho is more of an idea and it aims and achieves nothing more than providing food for thought. It's a fairly straightforward tale that showcases life after a break-up and life after a death poignantly.

Eshikawa is a man who has lost sight of his life and stumbles through it, with no clear meaning or purpose after his girlfriend leaves him. After he is informed that she committed suicide, his brain is set to introspect mode. Through the course of the 28 pages, he introspects and goes on a journey of self-revelation.

The story is very simple and there are no plot twists of ...
May 11, 2011
Baccano! (Anime) add
When was the last time that you were stuck in a traffic jam and looked around you, only to find all the other drivers’ expressions mirror yours exactly? The frustration, the annoyance and the exasperation plastered all across their faces, each telling a story of their own, as loud horns blare in the background. The irritated young fellow next to you might be rushing because he has a huge presentation to make in front of the office’s senior officials. The middle-aged woman in the minivan behind you might be furious because her son got into trouble at university and they were calling her over when ...
Apr 1, 2011
"Love isn’t blind. It’s retarded." – Charlie, Two and a Half Men

What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object? Love blossoms, of course! Itazura na Kiss is the anime adaptation of the smash hit manga of the same name that published in the late 1990s. However, due to the sudden death of the mangaka, Karou Tada, the manga never reached its intended climax. After the release of three successful live action series (and another later in 2010), TMS Entertainment decided to conceptualize the ending and produce a 25 episode anime series.

Itazura na Kiss follows Kotoko, a naive and clumsy girl who falls ...
Mar 19, 2011
FLCL (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Innovation is a term that is thrown around a lot these days and is used almost interchangeably with the word creativity. But, innovation and creativity are actually two very different things. Creativity is just novelty, while innovation is novelty that has value attached to it. While we do see glimpses of authentic creativity occasionally, true innovation is almost impossible to come across.

In the beginning of the millennium, Gainax tried to do what they do best – innovate. To recreate the magic of the legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion, they utilized the same key members of the staff, appointing Kazuya Tsurumaki as the director and Yoji ...
Feb 25, 2011

The thing about having high expectations is that you do your best to enjoy the show even before you press play. And once you’ve finished watching, you either feel satisfied that this series truly lived up to the hype and something you too would recommend to others or, more than often, you wind up sitting down, watching the credits roll and wondering why you were looking forward to this wishy-washy stuff in the first place.

In 2007, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann pierced its drill not just into the heavens, but also into the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. It is probably one ...
Feb 18, 2011
I was down with the flu and I was curled up in my room, looking for something cozy to watch. Flipping through my collection, I suddenly remembered the My Neighbor Totoro DVD I had received as a gift a while back. Needless to say, I popped it into my player, sat back and had one of the most relaxing and peaceful 90 minutes of my life.

My Neighbor Totoro is hard to synopsize because of the tranquil and laid back first half. I suppose it would suffice to say that this classic 1988 Studio Ghibli movie is about the innocent fun of two little sisters who ...
Feb 14, 2011
Tsumiki no Ie (Anime) add
In a matter of 12 minutes, Le Maison en Petits Cubes tells a simple tale of growing old that leaves you staring at your wistful expression on the black screen long after the credits have rolled.

This Oscar winning short film (Best Animated Short Film in 2009, making this the second ever anime to win an Oscar, although whether this truly is anime is a debate best left for later) is about a grumpy old man who builds additional levels onto his home in order to escape the water that is flooding his town. While rummaging through the lower levels, he is flooded with memories of ...
Jan 23, 2011
Paprika (Anime) add
Being original is one thing, but being bizarre is a whole another thing. Satoshi Kon’s Paprika is a movie that walks the tightrope, often dangerously tittering over the latter side, but somehow manages to pull it off.

Based on a 1993 novel of the same name, Paprika is set in the near future where a device called the DC Mini enables a person to enter another’s dreams. Created with the intention of aiding psychotherapy, the DC Mini is stolen and the thief utilizes it to annihilate the dreamer’s personality. The only one person who can retrieve it and prevent dreams and reality from merging is Paprika, ...
Jan 16, 2011
Mixed Feelings
When it comes to Black Rock Shooter, I don’t get it. I just don’t understand what the anime was trying to achieve. Is it a slice of life high school anime with some random parallel universe duels thrown in? Or is it the reverse, a parallel universe duel with some random slice of life high school moments thrown in? If I knew the answers to that, then my opinion of this 50 minute OVA might have been different. But sadly, I don't.

Black★Rock Shooter is about the friendship of two girls (I think). Mato, on her first day of high school, meets Yomi, another fresher. Soon, ...

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