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Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.
Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.
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Mar 18, 2017 10:55 AM
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Mar 18, 2017 10:55 AM
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Ichigo321 Jul 11, 2016 12:47 PM
Lol, for me I want to work but it seems like no place wants me literally
I don't know, maybe because apperance or shaking voice, or glasses, I really don't see a reason why they accept younger people than me and to me they tell stupid conditions.
I think you have changed a lot since you graduated from high school, maybe because you spent most of your time on the computer and not around people so you lost your social skills or something? I had friends online that something similar happend to them.
For me I'm kinda a slow person, and I react slow to everything, and all the time tired, so that's one of the reasons why I will have hard time working for 8 hours everyday...
Lol, my friend had a hobby of making stuff in photoshop and now he totally lost himself for the money and bussiness, and in animation I kno you earn really sucks salary D; I mean, the animations that make the animes we watch really have so bad conditions that they literally collapse and go to hospitals, or getting sick often, or over work themselves all the time for barely get any money, and it's not even enough for living.
I think I would like to work in future in circus or voice acting or theater or photoshop, but who knows D:
Nice ^_^ sounds fun haha, never tried it with someone in rl x)
Legal age to do lewd stuff* smeone told me that today omg
Well in my bus card it's adult, I had to change profile today to "adult" from "teen", so for them I'm totally adult lol, and the price is for adult too, so I pay now more for bus LOL
Pls don't do it .-. your username is very nostalgic for me :/ well change it if you really must >_<
Ichigo321 Jul 8, 2016 8:04 AM
Nice, I still spend a lot of time on the computer
You know, I want to start to work but right now no one really wants me to work, maybe I'm too nerd for them or I don't have enough confidance I don't know, and suffering from headaches everyday in work while wearing glasses will be annoying
Why won't you look for a job or some course or something to do during the day? like you're already 21, in few years you should considering working and marriage .-.
In past you were making =_= hahahahaha
That's true, dota is more like pixal small game compared to dragon nest, I love those type with the good osts and plot with characters, those that you play alone xD rpg games maybe hehe
Yes it's nostalgic but addictive at the same time, you end up thinking about it and back playing it after a while, and if you had money you would be attempted to spend more and more on your characters
I kinda think that every game that last for long time (those that not end along with the plot) are addictive, because you can play them even for 10 years non stop if you feel like it
Anime/visual novel/rpg/manga end when you finish them xD that's why I prefer it more
I see, your brother play dota as well o.o I got blurd memory of them lol, I think you got 2 or something not sure
And they never felt like playing this game as well XD
Yes for 2 years, since 4th December 2016 ^^ it's until age 20
Every person that turn to 18 is adult, but you know that 21 is young, adult but young, consider yourself as old only in age 30+
Am I still a friend after literally speak to me once in a year? xD oh well
Nooooooooooooooo ;______; dude, you're my first bestfriend, wtf man, toshiro002 is nostalgia, how dare youuuuu

Ichigo321 Jul 6, 2016 10:47 AM
Lol same, my mom yelled at me today for wake up at 12pm, and sleep at 6pm until 8pm, and the rest of the time being on the computer
Boring life huh

Dota, LoL, Minecraft, Dragon Nest etc are known for being addictive games, I would stay away from them if I was you xD
Sounds a very, very *cough* interesting day, very

Hey, I graduated from high school, and I go to army in age 18, the army I told you about in age 15, that's why I'm adult xD
You're young as well you know, don't feel too bad xD

So, didn't you miss your old friend Ichigo 3 2 1? XD
Ichigo321 Jul 6, 2016 7:36 AM
So what are you doing during the day? I kinda missed you tbh, but you prefered dn so much that I got kinda pissed off because I hated this game and already left it xD

My birthday was, nice, normal, nothing special

I feel adult

For being a pedophile

Ichigo321 Jul 5, 2016 3:16 AM
H-hi, thanks

Are you still stuck in Dragon Nest 24/7? xD
Ichigo321 May 20, 2015 11:42 AM
happy birthday, even if it's late and you're dead already
3miL Apr 29, 2015 3:45 AM
Happy Birthday!
yui_iwisawa Apr 7, 2015 9:04 PM
Wow, i'm guessing you didn't like it much, what do you do now?

Oh okay, are there any other dramas your watching? Itazura na kiss is pretty good , have you tried it yet?

Yep, who is your favorite from magi and fairy tail?
A09287012777B Mar 20, 2015 5:43 AM
haha madadagdagan pa yan. antay lang. busy pa ee. kaso matatagalan pako ulit xD
Ichigo321 Mar 5, 2015 3:43 AM
Oh this late reply lol...did you die or something? you surprise me again and again xD

Hmm not really, I don't want korean songs in dub -.-
Hmm I guess so, maybe you prefer more japanese than korean? anyway them both are better in original language, especially korean since their voices are real and of the people that speak.

No, Yui.
Maybe, what the point in even take them if you don't play the game anymore anyway?
I love play lancea right now so I level up her, and at the same time play with friend that I broght to there, he tried make his classmates play it but they don't want, I try bring another guy that is our friend to play it too, but it will take time XD

Hmm maybe, now everything is weird there, there is this rare grade costumes that cost double from the normal magic one, and everything too expensive, top costume 12k, the hats are expensive too and the tunic cost at least 7k, not wroth already work to save money, the rare costume to buy that now all the costums are rare, it cost 40k -_-
Buy in cash shop still seems cost more money, I don't know ehh, since rate it 1:2, better buy only the weapon already, since the top will cost around 16-17kg in cash shop and golds from trading house 12-14k.

100k g is nothing, when a bikini cost now 70kg -_- and when 1 costume cost you around 50k, it's really not a lot already trust me, dn became crazy...
I tried elestra on hard, I killed her 2 times, but usually she kills me too fast, too high damage .-.
Because men are sweaty, can't help it :3

Hehe, so what is your weight now? you're still fat? xD and I don't like eat same thing all the time, I will get tired from it eventually :P
Hehe poor guy :P well I have money buy everyday pizza right now, I just not want :3
Meat is not so important if you know how keep on the balance vitamins or something, I heard you need get it from other things.

Hehe that's why you finish so many animes -.- you totally became an addiect, I try practice now on my listening and talking in english because my exam, hope soon I will be able to speak normal on calls with friends.
I don't watch so much anime, barely 3 eps in day and I reply a lot in mal xD
Haha you must make a check for eyes, you're so lucky you finished high school already, I still need for board, but to be honest I'm glad I got glasses, I can watch good the moon and stars :)
Your number must have increased a lot, same as me xD
From comp I still see normal I guess :P
Manga and anime are same things, japanese drawing, lol.
Yeah I still play dragon nest, I mention it before, the deal was stop play it until lancea release, then back and just level her up to try the class, and my friend thought I have changed because suddenly back to play this game after stopped for long time xD
Well I don't know if my stories are sucks then, and yeah I thought about dn :3

Hmm I could not trasnlate, but I hate to watch on phon in general, too small to read sub and I don't fully enjoy, but I like read mangas on tablet.

Hmm actually I remember but......I guess I will re-watch it in far far future, I have many other animes and mangas to watch and read first anyway xD
Hmm sure but they usually just avarage, I prefer not echii involved ^_^;

I gave up on watching it already since watched it once already without sub and got tired in middle few times.
Hehe, I do it usually to watch tom and jerry only, the cartoon that I still like until now.

Because my classmates are 9/24 russians, and they use blat all the time lol

Yeah in last version I liked the male version more too :)

And...let's meet after 2-3 months on mal again xD cya dude

Cutiepiejoys Feb 24, 2015 8:05 PM
Haha, Philippines doesn't have snow... You don't really know what "cold" is xP

Lately, we didn't get much snow this year.... #ClimateChanges

Awwwh, I see... My friends keep piling up my Plan to Watch and Read List... UGHHH, I still haven't read my mangas for 6 months ; A ;

Yeah~ Actually, my mom upgraded our internet to 100 GB... WHICH IS A LOT SO I CAN WATCH AS MANY THINGS I CAN :3
Awwwh, that sucks ; A ; Ganbatte!!!

Bruh, screenshot all the animes we've both love and watched ; A ; Lol


Haha, maybe... But I'm a bad-okay cook so I can't hate her... LOL

HAHA, I FEEL YOU... I HATED FIVE IN THE BEGINNING but then that death scene happened... Which is the gif you're showing me right now:


Haha, right now I'm REALLLLLLLY into this K-drama with lots of good music :3

I really love how they blend and sing <3
Drama: Persevere Goo Hae Ra

OMG... Wrong gif... Lol


It's alright... My reply was late sooo haha~ THANKS THOUGH :D
No problem ;)
yui_iwisawa Feb 16, 2015 6:10 PM
Ahahaha thanks xD
Your in college right? how is it for you?

Oh okay and yeah Mary Stayed Out All Night is pretty interesting lol,I might eventually start empress Ki, It's a long one but i can try it after i finish Mischievous Kiss and Pinocchio, have you finished it btw?

Yep i'm on the second season of fairy tail too, and i jsut recently finished it i like the first season more, but i hope there's another season.

Hmm i enjoyed it mostly lol.
mamuradaiki Jan 30, 2015 8:23 AM
hugs you more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than you did <:

i finished it a while ago, and i really enjoyed it:P i wasn't sure if i would or not since i've never really watched any idol anime but it was great! :D

haha i agree! this arc for ft actually sucked >.> i can't wait until they begin animating the latest manga arc... not long now!

hehe i changed it to another umineko one! c: over!~

ahh okay! i'll just tell you here:P my username is sakuraharunos <: i'm so happy that i got this username since sakura is one of my favourite naruto characters hehe ^.^
okay:P you should let me know what you think of akame ga kill and sao II since i've watched them both :3


i've been sooooo busy with school lately! D: i've not even had the time to reply to any messages on here T_T just quickly update it then i have to go and study :c hopefully we can speak more on skype when you add me^^
Ichigo321 Jan 13, 2015 2:15 AM
Finally got to reply you lol I will not put gifs for now, mal for problem not show them...

Yeah my friend watched on tv a korean drama too with ph dub lol all the voices in ph only the songs in korean, kinda funny xD
Nah I level up simply because there is nothing better to do there, and sometimes when I watch and see action animes I feel like play and fight you know + I just love move my hands on comp since I don't move when sit anyway xD

There is no even ki in the title but nvm
Now I get 6 pages like last year, but only like 2-3 pages with really comemnts, the others are reply to merry christmas xD

Wow, I got 1 level80 of archer and 1 level76 :P
Lol so you just log for that? man you don't even play for what you need the gifs xD

Right now everything is more expensive, so if you want a full costume it won'r be 30k anymore but 50k, prepare enough money dude :) oh and top costume 15k, yeah buy from cash shop will cost you less, believe me xD
White is nice because wedding, but white usually is invisble and too bright on their body so like the ballerina set, better the pink one so in wedding better the red or black one.
Deadly attack of boss? dude I got this skill you can't use it on boss it's only for small monsters xD and no most people bought it for pvp because it's not very helpful in dengeuns or nests, it's the most effective in pvp I guess, and well it didn't look so good that people will buy only for the appearance hehe
Yeah well I guess so, it's not fair for players that play and got this skill from their money and poor people will lose or will have hard time to kill someone that is rich, rich and poor people should have same opportunity in pvp and need their real abilities not based on their money.
Nah I wouldn't even pay 150 for a scammer when I know it's a scammer, it's just stupid.
Oh so collect dnp in 1:2 ratio? like even sell your stuff in half price to make people buy it in dnp, means now a hair style cost 12k and costume of one piece 35k.
The rule of send first is on scammers also, they're like "I'm nos scammer trust me" I did it to people, some believed some not, it's their problem xD I don't care there many that will trade first with me :3
Hehe means get about 13k dnp more from all your saving, sure dude go on it xD I got 100k + g and still I barely buy anything, just not worth the price, saw not long time ago brown jacket ciute of one piece of archer in 35k, like really? no way I will buy it in this price -.- sadely no one sell one piece of any char in less than 30k now.
Yeah high class family but how many you see of them already...even the rich girls study in normal simple schools because some personal reasons wtf
Yeah, well they give now reset skill and even a change job scroll in free, but I don't need any of them so it's useless -.-
Yeah I guess I'm like that now, can still kill the npc mode artilly and gladiator but ehh in ladder still lose xD
Super weird taste, keep eat a lot and get fat :3 make your mom happy you got a nice tummy xD
Yeah and well it's really for lazy people, all those people that say they're new to the game and need someone to help them level up, they could just do parties but in booster it's less than 2 mins, just hate lazy people.
Yeah solo mode I get much more exp and level up much faster than in party o.o but when I'm with archer and there no even quests on my levels I use parties no other choice, my shooting star level up like 3 levels in day just from quests, got 100% bonus exp and like 30% exp for 1 place she does wtf, she got so much exp that like 3-4 places were enough to level up xD
Nah youl will start do homework, because I asked you :) RIGHT DUDE?
Nah I always get it, when I start talk about cleric come the question "are you a girl?" I'm like "maybe yes maybe no" then come the "it's a trap" if I say "I'm not girl" the next question is "are you a gay then?" ugg xD
I saw in world chat they said that 90% of the lolis are sweaty men :3

Yeah I remember it was in the afk event, will use the char for you to stay on afk haha you really think I will share my pass and ID even for boost? like really?? no way LOL
I know I sound pervert but this mount on the drawing really really remind me something, like really, espcially the comments to it xD diiiiiii :3
But poor alpaca he looks so sad with his weird head there >.> I had to choose between alapaca and wings! dude I could get your wings but I chose alapaca! XD
Oh got recs to this movie, sorry right now I'm not interested in chinese movies, maybe on japanese one don't know, and I watch anime right now, maybe later back to dramas, kinda seperate them.
I see, well it's nice you don't eat a lot, I wonder how you look now, super tiny with acne(?) :3

Hmm can't say it until try, really you should do it xD eat few times in day the same food and see if you get tired from it or not :3
Yeah potato chips is junk food but humburger is junkfood too xD
Well I do many things on comp, learn dance, learn drawing, learn spanish, watch anime, study language, make cards, reply in mal, play dn and many more things, I can't see myself really not use the comp for so long time until go to forest or something, you know, nature and can walk a lot between trees and stuff, maybe then I won't feel like use comp, but I think comp help me forget about my eyesight, it's a sensitive subject so I don't think about it on comp since I can still see well from it :/
No no, I love sing it high, I love the song and the sound of it and the melody, the lyrics too, only the singer, if they changed it to other singer maybe it was better, just my opinion.

Well there no much more share with you than in others when it comes to trip, only about dn I can't copy from anyone since no one really understand so much in dn like you :P old addict that now watch only anime all day xD
Nah novelist =w= I actually tried to write a book O.O "the goblin story" kinda cute, 3 pages in english (I'm a genius!!!!!!!) and well it was pretty nice I let some people read with my sucks handwriting xD

Hehe better you would experience it, would like watch a lazy cow like you do the things there xD
Yeah I barely use phon =w= maybe talk to mom on whatsapp hehe but really not much :3 I prefer comp, comp is life comp is everything xD no comp = no anime ;_;
Yeah, and still I DID IT, with all the hard time of jeans, I did it, and I feel awesome xD man I'm so cool energetic person =w= and the next trip after it was amazing, really enjoyed from it :D make people cry is kinda cool :3 oh nvm xD
You must hold with 1 hand to be able put the bullets by yourself, or they put it for you, loool......
3-5 hours? our base was really near to this place of shooting so it took like 10 mins to reach there.

Oh I got so many animes to watch, not planning to read any manga any time soon xD
Hehe maybe I should try more echii then, there really only few that are good, Amagami SS was one of the best that had some echii in it, and the worst is High School of the Dead xD

So what you think about the songs?
And well the dn movie removed many times from site on coprights, I saw it once in youtube, tried watch half but got bored in middle, really like of children, after watched it once without sub and got bored from it and started again and again I won't try to watch it now, not feel like it that's all.

Btw I started to like use the word of russian "blat" xD it's like dammit :3 funny I went to restrunaut with my perents yesterday, the cost of the food was like 300 shekels, dad wanted go to expensive restrunaut, I was like 300 shekels blaaaaaaaaat :O XD and the butler noticed and looked :3 hehehehehe
FunnyGames Jan 1, 2015 6:43 AM

I wish you all the best this year, so all bad will left behind in the old year!