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Oct 18, 2020
I'm going to review the whole show in this one without spoilers.

This show is great and I've read some reviews that gives it really low scores, that can be for 3 reasons:

1) Your favourite rom com harem is To Love-Ru and you gave it a 9.
2) You are not accustomed to see the dumb main character of this kind show because you didn't saw enough of them
3) both of them.

Tomoya is a moron and a good person, yes we all know how this kind of show tends to swing, but, at least, he is not a complete imbecile, which is a big difference with all read more
Sep 25, 2020
I have the feeling that I'm being generous with this show... and that's because the way that they ended this season totally fucking sucks! With that out of the way...

Not the first time on my reviews that I state that I don't like tsunderes... and Chizuru is no exception to this rule... dafuq she's dumb, I fucking can't believe that, but the main character Kazuya is even worst... dumb and dumber we can say, he's a total mess but, in his case, I can feel his pain after a hard break up, we all have been there at least once in our lives but, for read more
Sep 25, 2020

It's hard to make a review on a show that is great because you don't have that many things to complain about, this show is probably a must watch for everyone that likes a good romcom with a bit of drama in it.

This show is great, not a complex plot, the regular life of several students on their school, being sometimes assholes sometimes good friends.

The characters are refreshing, a bit like Oresuki, they don't go to the dumb ere characters, everyone has his own personality, yes, we have our dumb waifu, which is Yui and the fucking capital A asshole main character, who read more
Sep 13, 2020
I think this show is an enjoyable one but... deffinetly not a good show, or a bad one to be honest. It's really bad that the manga ended the way it did but... sometimes you don't get what you want.

The plot is non existant, just like every other show of this kind, the characters are okish, except for the main protagonist which is absolutely boring... just like most of them on this kind of showm the music is there, nothing spectacular or something that is going to last in my head.

Even with all the bad points of this show I quite enjoyed it, unlike the read more
Sep 7, 2020
It's hard to make a review on something that is so great than this show... and make it long enough for a review LUL.

I'm going to say this once again, this is the best rom com I've ever seen, till this day, it's funny the characters are awesome, everything is right and this ova, more a film than an ova, is damn great in every way.

This show is a treat on every way, as I stated on the anime review, this show is completly different from the normal rom com which, in most of cases, they abuse on the same jokes every time, boring characters read more
Aug 29, 2020
Ok is hard to start a new story and this show makes a great job at this matter. I've read a ton of comments, but I want Yuuiji to come back, and the waifus were better on the Fruit of Grisaia and BabyRage, that story is ended, it has a good ending, good closure and nothing wrong on that matter so, if you are going to be damn crybaby just grow up. I understand the feeling but it's not bad to switch things a bit after something is ended, better than just continue with random plots which makes no sense.

It's hard to connect with the read more
Aug 23, 2020
I writed this on the prequel and going to say the same thing here, if you didn't watch this show, you should watch it, it's fantastic and, even if I'm giving the same score than the prequel, I enjoyed this one even more, they removed a lot of the free fanservice that was there and it felt even better.

Like on the prequel everything on this is right, in this case the plot centers over the main character and it's just awesome. The music is great, the art is perfect, the characters are the same but adding some more that also awesome.

It's a must watch show, read more
Aug 21, 2020
Other show that I didn't watch at its release because I thought It would be damn trash... holy crap! I was so damn wrong! This is my second 9 that I put on my reviews and this one has higher scores than the precedent.

When I started the show and the first thing that I find I was thinking "Oh shit! here we go again..." Damn I was wrong by a landslide. Probably the best ecchi I ever seen by a landslide, I thought Gleipnir was great, Sora no Otoshimono was great but his one is just on another level.

The plot is absolutely stunning with really read more
Aug 20, 2020
This show is okish. The characters live on a world where the Demon Lord has been killed by some random hero, and the Main character is now working on a shop until the daughter of the former demon lord start working there and there a bigger shop appears and they have to survive that... with boobs... tons of boobs.

Sometimes funny, tons of fan service, some mediocre characters, nothing outstanding on this anime, I wouldn't say it's a bad show but, deffinetly not a good one by any means, I laugh sometimes it was enjoyable at some degree, I was expecting worst from this one read more
Aug 19, 2020
I find this anime quite late... and I regret it a lot!. This anime is damn great so, if you haven't watched it, just do it! Don't watch the show dubbed. I'll make this without spoilers.

The story is not really complicated but it makes you keep watching the show, they need to reach 500000 visitors on the park before the 31th july, nothing incredible original but something that is nice.

The art feels great, is nice, detailed and looks beautiful. The music is also great no complains on this departement.

My favourite part of the show, by a longshot, are the charcters, they all are fantastic, even read more