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Oct 26, 2019
I dropped this show on 4th episode because is just bad. They introduce you not 3 not 4, not 5 but fucking damn 11 characters on first episodes plus one bad guy that works for another bad guy... Did they said that it was good to introduce characetrs little by little!? hold my bear!.

The art is ok-ish, the sound track non existan, the characters boring stereotypes the only good thing of the show is the main character... and is not even that good.

The story has some kind of potential but for me is just a boring show, non explaining anything about the world or whatever read more
Oct 18, 2019
This one is very simple to review... if you like a good anime with nice characters, history and all that stuff, just stay away from this one. If you are searching for an ecchi tier 1 this is your show, you are going to have more boobs than you can handle, yuri, masturbation (not even joking!) But, as anime is just really bad.

The characters are really simple, boring, no developpement and 0 charisma, in the end they are droping like eh man! we have a good story behind all this crap! just keep waiting and enjoy the fanservice...

If you are a true anime fan, stay read more
Oct 14, 2019
Nothing wrong with this anime, I started to watch it with no expectations at all, another ecchi harem school anime... here we go! I told to myself but, fourtanetly this anime was quite different from the rest of the genre.. except for the male character, yes, the super nice boy who makes all the girls enlove with him, how fucking damn original! (sarcasm mode deactivated)

It gives you a simple and nice story, even if you can imagine on the 4th episode who's the Cinderella, it's enjoyable, at least it has story not like other fucking damn harem echi anime where the main story is how read more
Sep 14, 2019
Really funny anime. I was scared at the start with the harem but it turned into a really fun and enjoyable one. The story is not like the greatest in the universe, just a guy who help his girl companions to study, the characters change quite a lot during the first season from the start to the end, they get some develop and is pretty good. The art is great, not a ton of fan service which make it even better (yes, we all love fan service except when it's all that can give us an anime and then we hate it). Can't wait for read more
Sep 7, 2019
Classic ecchi, weak characters, no plot, no music no nothing, if you like grab boobs and so it's your show, if you want to watch a good anime, stay out of this one, only character that is okish is yami.

MC is horrendous, classic good guy who makes all the FC fall for him, totally really retarded.

The art is ok-ish, the only good thing of the anime probably and is not even that good.

FC are just stereotypes with no personality or developement.

If you like boobs and play with your wood this is your anime if you want something decent... just no. As ecchi is ok-ish, if read more
Sep 7, 2019
The world that they've designed to this anime is damn great, the mecha fights are awesome, the art the music, a Master piece which a recommend everyone to watch and I hope they make a second season, even if it's hard because the ending. The art is awesome, the music absolutely stunning, I really enjoyed the full extend of it.

If I have to put a negative point is the male character, a bit weak, it remminded me the classic mc of a harem anime, really didn't like it and the stupid fan service with him of any harem character and the other but would be read more