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Jun 26, 2009
Story: 10

This is classic. The entirety of this manga seems to almost be a parody of it's parent story, "Mirai Nikki".That being said, you probably don't want to read this until you've gotten pretty far into the original. However, in this version of the amazing story is changed immediately at the beginning.

Art: 7

It's good, but nothing much has changed. It's all the same art and models from Mirai Niki, so if you liked that, the art won't throw you off to this manga.

Characters: 8

I know, I know, The real Yuno is nowhere to be seen, but it's a small price to pay for taking out read more
Jun 24, 2009
What do you get if you cross Higurashi, Death Note, and Battle Royale? Well, something like this. First of all, we have our main character, a boy who uses his cellphone as a personal journal, writing in it everything he sees. He has no friends, or at least no real ones, or so he thinks.
In his mind, his" imaginary friend" the god Deus Ex Machina reveals to him that (CHAP.1 SPOILERS) he is real and gives him to power to see the future through his cell phone. However, he is not the only one to receive these powers, and he must team up with read more
Jun 23, 2009
(I refuse to use the word "Harem", as it sounds like some fuzzy little creature that shits in your backyard.)

The story of Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ was like eating a sweet, chocolate covered apple. Then, it turns out the apple was fake while only the sweetness and chocolate were real. While it is weak, however, that does not make it a bad one. It's just so simple and insubstantial that it's about as memorable as shagging a girl after you've *almost* had to much too drink. You're sure it was a fun and happy experience, but it's nothing you'd ever want to touch again. The read more