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Dec 26, 2016
once upon a time, there was an announcement about a 'sequel' of an old anime called digimon adventure tri, where it all focused to the new girl and all the original characters lost its originality, and I'm here waiting the girl to slowly, but surely, repels all of them and held the main character roles (which she had done)

The story is actually better. No, I can't really say it's good because the story is just too easy to be guessed by me, at least I'm the only person who believed that all of them would end up being infected. (and I laughed when it happened). read more
Apr 27, 2016
I know that Taichi and Yamato are deserved each other (and love each other), but....

story: 3
MEH! 10% battle, 20% story while the rest is about fanservice

art: 6
truth to be told the art is good but we can't compare it yet with this era's art, huh?

sound: 5
not bad, and not good. I still prefer the original one

character: 1
(I would have given -1 if I could)
for god sake, I don't even recognize them in tri, as if the staffs were just borrowed 01 casts and made new characters using their names. sorry but sorry, but meiko is just the worst character that ever existed, given how bad read more
Dec 12, 2014
(This review contains some negative thinks, if you wouldn't want to know, then don't read this)
Truth to be honest, I've never watched 02 before last May 2013, but I knew all of the character since I've ever seen all of them once.
Dare if I say that I give 5 to characters? Yes, I did.
Gosh! The characters were so so soooo bad! I even can't understand how could this show turn to be like that! From a very good quality, to be a bad one. Although I still can't understand how could Daisuke turn to be the leader meanwhile Takeru and Hikari were having more read more
Dec 12, 2014
A little discussion about childhood shows on last 2013 with my best friends made one of them tried to search this wonderful show, and re-visit it. And part of my childhood memories had risen since last May 2013.
Digimon? Yes it is!
This show was a perfect show for kids, or even for adults, to show them how important friendship and togetherness are, and how to find out your own identity and your specialty, and how important life was, since Digimon showed the interaction between each others perfectly, and showed that lots of Digimon sacrifice themselves (Ex: Angemon and Wizarmon) to save all of them.
So far, read more
Dec 12, 2014
I rarely found out that Tanemura Arina has a straight story, considering that most of her stories will be involved some magic, except for this one.
The story was a bit complicated, but it's complicated in a very good way. It includes some cute scenes between the main characters, but not so cheesy as well. The plot was good, as it has lots of unpredictable plots unlike other manga did. And the art... well no one can deny Tanemura's art, huh? She is one of my favorite mangaka based on arts.
So far, this was my favorite manga from her.
Dec 10, 2014
Quite to be honest, I can call this anime as a 'shoujo-manga' genres, since this anime was adapted from a manga 'Kimi Ni Todoke' alas 'From Me To You'. I found some -no. a LOT of scenes which are compatible to be called as a shoujo-manga. The story was also good, only at the beginning, it was a bit fast. I also won't deny that I can guess some parts easily, and well... I wouldn't deny that I was quite shy while watching some scenes, especially the last episode.
My only complains are about the songs and the background effects, which were quite disturbing me several read more
Dec 10, 2014
A perfect friendship story! If you aren't crying, or at least getting affected, then I'm sure that you haven't known what friendship really meant is, and I can say that you don't have a heart