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Jul 24, 2017
Yes it's a wartime propaganda film, but one that spends as much time with cute animal soldiers packing and eating their bento lunches as it does with any fighting. It's only in the last fifteen minutes of runtime that there's any War at all. There are also extended scenes of singing alphabet songs, hanging laundry and feeding birds.

The animation is amazing, of course continuity is a little jumpy which considering the conditions of it being made make sense, so a lot of the scenes have little jumps and skips in the motion. Still the movement is remarkably three dimensional, and the characters have very expressive read more
Aug 4, 2016
Honestly I thought the fact files at the end of Inferno Cop were funnier than the main show. The main show feels a lot like a Japanese take on Adult Swim humor, which is fine but not my favorite thing. However these felt a little stranger than that.

The Fact Files are pretty much one joke repeated over and over, but I got a pretty good laugh every time when they would reveal some stupid little detail about a bit character and the chugging Fact File remix soundtrack puts me in a good mood every time I hear it.

You can't watch them in isolation from read more
Apr 15, 2016
This reminds me of going to giant Buddhist temples when I was travelling Sri Lanka and took those memories and added robots, cute girls and thugs. Super cool!

I probably enjoyed this more than most would as I've long been interested in science fiction looks at religion. So this light sci-fi OAV short with a reincarnated temple priestess and giant Buddha (daibutsu) robots scratched a rare itch for me.

There's nothing particularly deep here, it's just an innocent and pleasant romance with pretty cool art and animation. It's really the depiction of future Buddhism (which looks a lot like current Buddhism, which makes sense given that it read more
Feb 5, 2016
I read that this was going to be Central Park Media (US Manga Corps) first release and I remembered seeing it in the Diamond Catalog for comic shops way back in the day. It got pulled due to media outrage about this new animated style of Japanese pornography.

After watching it I can say, don't expect it to be the porn it was accused of being, it's actually like an 80s Lum episode with a few not sexy sex scenes added and the sexual humor ramped up a few notches. That said, it's pretty funny and the characters are madcap, over the top and a read more
Feb 3, 2016
This series seemed a little muddled in what it was trying to do. It used many of the tropes of post Gundam mecha shows, but with no real idea what to say with them. As a result there were moments of great fun, but never soared to the heights of its more famous siblings.

Personally, I think the show would have done better letting the silliness factor take charge more often than the action drama. My favorite episodes were definitely those which highlighted the soap opera aspects of the show and minimized the space opera. The lives and loves of the Southern Cross moments were a read more
Feb 1, 2016
Warning there will be some spoiles for both the movie and the show Escaflowne in the brief review that follows. Before I get to that, I'll give a capsule review: this is a very nice movie that takes the characters and basic plot structure of the TV show and crafts them in a way to talk about an entirely different set of themes. To get the most out of the movie some familiarity with the characters will be helpful, however being too tied to characters behaving and doing the same things as they did in the show will invariably lead to disappointment.

SPOILERS AHEAD (I can read more
Jan 9, 2016
This reminds me of the super macho anime of the 90s updated for millennial sensibilities. Modernized so that female characters are kick ass and not worthless, the animation suits modern standards and there's no random rape scenes. However the male leads still talk Eastwood tough, there's amazing violence, there's woman in tiny robes, swearing, tons of swords and guns and skull faced robot action. Plus the music is amazing metal and demands very loud playback. This anime won't change your life, but hot damn it all to hell if it's not a barrel of fun!

Bonus points for the army general in episode three whose read more
Jan 4, 2016
Redline (Anime) add (All reviews)
I can see a Hollywood exec being wowed by the elvator pitch you could make about this "It's Fast and the Furious meets Guardians of the Galaxy" This could be adapted into a popular summer Hollywood movie. It's got great action, unbelievably good character designs, an easy to understand plot, fun characters and it's filled with fun.

That said, a Hollywood adaptation would probably add unnessecary subplots, cut down on the action, make it less weird and cut the topless scene - so let's be happy that this is what it is- a near perfect anime action masterpiece!

Also, the bluray picture and sound are magnificent. read more
Dec 25, 2015
I view this as a somewhat strange Pure land Buddhist fable about the awakening of what is, in everything but name, a Buddha into the modern world. Yep, there's tentacle rape and all of that, but there's not enough sex for it to work as porn. For me the sex simply makes sense if you're going to tell a story about the demon world trying to keep the birth of Chojin at bay. Demons are pure id; sex and violence are the norm within that mythical context.

The ending is something I cannot imagine coming out of a western movie. I won't go into details, read more