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My-homestar77 Oct 1, 11:42 AM
I've no idea about jolyne, don't know anything about part 6.

I stopped watching hentai animes awhile ago cuz of the stupid animation. There's nothing arousing about watching deformed characters have sex. Hmmm tht would be too fucking great, imagine ufotable releasing a fate hentai series lmao. I honestly think you should take the initiative and present the idea of making a hentai which has the animation standards of demon slayer to a studio 😂. And Yesss have been reading aot of hentai doujins lately. Some has amazing art and some are just outright weird lol.

Dress Rosa is the longest arc in one piece right? I remember how much I suffered to finish that arc. I think even doflamingo vs luffy lasted more than 20 episodes. And speaking of Rebecca I just couldn't take her seriously like I get other one piece females also have busty body type but rebbecas body was straight up abnormal specially with tht outfit she walks around with. Bruh breast cancer???? 😂 I don't even remember half of the characters in the arc. Yess I really liked Zoro vs (pica was it?) Fight even though it was short, Zoro looked cool asf.
I should probably give one piece manga a shot. Everyone says it's amazing.

Ooooh I couldn't recognize her. Gotta say prison school was blissful to my eyes. Great ecchiness
Hahah both are ecchi manga artists so I guess I'll have to agree.

So I'm guessing you enjoyed the fuck outta Miru tights?
Ngl same.
My-homestar77 Oct 1, 7:38 AM
Your absolutely right. Elizabeth is a real woman!

Hmmm I wonder what it is ( ̄ヘ ̄) anything that comes under culture can't possibly healthy.
*takes a peek at your latest updates* I see the culture is flowing (┛✧Д✧))┛

Yeah tell me about it. Pacing is horrendous, episodes are very disoraganized. It's just a clusterfuck but even if it's the case I find myself enjoying watching it.
And yes about the animation, it took toei fucking 900 episodes to finally give a decent budget to one piece animation department. Right now wano arc has amazing animation which very well fits with the arc itself.

Btw who's the last girl in ur "Bois & Baes" List. She looks pretty hot.
My-homestar77 Oct 1, 2:06 AM
Thanks for accepting my request!

😂 Yeah I can see that. I feel like my taste will also change or let's say evolve in due time.
But I love my waifus so back off!!! ٩(╬ఠ༬ఠ)و ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 lol.
We have 70.4% affinity! One of the highest I've seen here. So cheers to that 🍻.

Are u watching anything good currently?
Nanoxjj Sep 11, 12:33 PM
Oh, that just makes me more interested in reading it. A lot of my friends have watched JoJo, but i've haven't got the urge to see it, although i know if I do it will propably be great.

Yeah, art of prison school was really great as far as I read in the manga (I prefer Grand Blue tbh). Was it the ending really that bad?

In that case i won't read it, the story is almost everything to me, even if the art is amazing :(
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 10, 2:42 PM
Have I? No, that’s not the question; the question is; how many times have you watched the trailer?! Lmao it looks great and I actually cannot wait to watch it, the same profound angles that were in 2049 rise their head again, it looks lovely.

Me and Cyberpunk have a rather decadent liaison. I LOVE the aesthetic of cyberpunk, but goddamn - I truly don’t think it’s evolved in the past 30 years. It’s the same. Thematic. Throughlines - over - and over - and over - just taking different shapes. That’s cool; but like; I want something other than existentialism and Orwellian implications; I really want it to do something else and frankly find it a stagnant genre…. Still doesn’t stop it from being badass.
Pardon me, Altered Carbon was an adaptation? I’m up to date with the show and didn’t know this! O-o Comic book, or….?

I agree actually, though and to be fair I don’t think the original is the hardest thing in the world to surpass! xD

Eh it’s complicated. But basically: Not really, and that is naturally beget by the nature of my interest. I’m interested in the esoteric, academic, and psychoanalytic themes of shows - and as much as I’ve blown through every video Alexcander, Gigguk, Arkada, Craftsdwarf, etc - has made about a great character - show - etc, there’s only so many times I enjoy hearing that and I want to go into even deeper territory. I want to read about Lain and Perfect Blue and Jungian psychology. I want to read about the Kabbalah and Evangelion. Mysticism in Penguindrum - corrupted shinto ideals in Tokyo Ghoul. In basic, you could say I care about thematics, not the strongest in terms of narrative unless it’s extremely significant to those thematics - this is also one of the reasons why I can blow through anime so quickly, of course I don’t “remember all of it”, but I remember what the show meant to me personally and structurally to me personally; Ouran Highschool Host Club is a tackle on gender politics; Lain and Perfect Blue are Jungian psychoanalytic works; Legends is possibly one of the greatest space operas of all time and is countless blurs of ethical implications; Hellsing Ultimate is the pinnacle of Shakespeare, Nietzsche, and Joseph Conrad in anime; etc etc. So, just talking about how great shows are all the time, rather, listening to it - just aint for me. Though I hold no grudges against any of them at all and think they’re fine, it’s amazing they’ve made a video talking about their passions.

Though I admit to hold Gigguk in some amusing contempt when he said: “Academia isn’t a shounen, it’s a character drama!” Because…. The fights aren’t just fights, but a way to execute character growths and narrative throughlines…. Dude…. T-that’s what shounen is. Perhaps I’m being too aggressive, but shounen doesn’t need to prove that it’s more than: “Two people punching each other until one of them falls down”, barely ever was in general. Ugh, that’s my rant lmao. Funny enough though I met him and the rest of the Podtaku crew (god I miss that podcast) at their panel years ago - they’re awesome guys!
Nanoxjj Sep 8, 7:25 PM
Oh, I see, we indeed have similar tastes. I've really wanted to read Dorohedoro and Berserk for a long time, but I want to finish the ones I'm currently reading first to not feel bad with myself. What did you think of the Dorohedoro adaptation?

Prison school was really funny, although to me the vice-president was disgusting for the most part :( Of the other names, I'm not actually that interested in the cultured side of anime/manga, with only a few exceptions. And it seems Oda Non is... really cultured. From the other guy I only know prison school, would you recommend something of his work?
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 8, 6:42 PM
Ooh, wait, I just realized I asked you that question before; UGH sorry lmao. Into RTS games at all? I fell in love with Warhammer 2 after giving the genre a shot. >.<

I actually have read the original Dune novel recently! As a booknerd it’s been on my kill-list for over a decade and I gotta say; I’m sorry to say; but I didn’t really catch the appeal of it. Don’t get me wrong, the universe was quite fascinating but I felt the characters were somewhat flat and the scenes were too frantic to lose myself in. What am I missing if you’ve read it?

Woah, that’s quite a quote from you. Now, I know zombie movies exactly have the opportunity to present the most pathos-filled of themes to an extent to resonate with the human condition utterly, but the best zombie film ever made? That’s a really hard one for me to take in - don’t get me wrong that movie is a SOLID 7 out of 10, and has a great throughline on capitalism, but…. Uh… ever made? Once again, don’t take this the wrong way but I do actually believe you because, thinking about it, most zombie movies are indeed bad/basic so you may just be right.

Despite my mean score, while I am quite a critical person I don’t consider myself the harshest around - it’s not that I’m a cynical old prune, so I like to think, it’s just that most anime is almost always either bad or okay, and that’s just fine with me, the lower ratings doesn’t mean I hate the medium in the slightest, and I have only regret watching two shows in my entire time in the medium. ;-; What are some shows you’ve regret watching lmao.
Nanoxjj Sep 8, 7:38 AM
You're welcome! Nice to meet you too n_n

Nana is amazing when it comes to drama and romance. If you like realistic characters, with their flaws and internal conflicts (believable conflicts, not just made for the sake of drama), I'm sure you'll love it. You can watch the anime and then read the manga, since it kept going for a little bit before it went on hiatus. When you finally do it, I would like to know what you think about it!

And yeah, the same thing caught my attention. It seems on the little amount of manga we shared, we have very similar thoughts about them. Which are your all time favorites?
Illuminatli Sep 8, 3:42 AM
I haven't even seen Steins;Gate 0. I watched the first episode some time last year and wasn't very intrigued.
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 6, 10:44 AM
OOh how fascinating! A budding yet lucrative career choice for sure. This will sound needlessly edgy, but I always thought of myself as someone who wasn’t meant to create things, like code, but destroy things - like code lmao. Once I really accepted that I became a lot more productive, sure, I couldn’t write for shit - but I knew damn well how to analyze things for shit. A just LOVE computers and how at times, oddly stupid they are - hell, we can trick it with tools developed by a child to think it’s a bloody game-boy-advance. Isn’t that just silly? Haha. I take it you’re a pc gamer too?

You and me, my friend, we were meant to be; don’t know if you’ve read my profile but Blade Runner is my favorite movie of all time, well, I can’t decide if I love the original or 2049 more, I literally watch them back to back 95% of the time I watch either of them, and I have tried for months but I just can’t do it lmao. I really relate to K specifically because, long story short, I got out of a really bad relationship at the time but still held onto hope that we’d get back together to the point that I nearly idealized my previous partner to make them more of an idea than an actual thing, so K’s story, his love with something that isn’t even technically real, is something that resonates to me very strongly. My other favorites include; No Country for Old Men; Clockwork Orange; Taxi Driver; Dark City; and Stalker. I’m quite a big fan of sci-fi myself, but less of the chokingly intimate psychoanalytic and more of the political-opera, which is why Warhammer 40K has my favorite novel series in sci-fi; The Horus Heresy. <3 And why I’m such a big nerd of the franchise. I was and still am quite a big film fan too, it’s my second favorite medium, with books still ahead and anime right behind. <3
Thai movies? Huh, I wasn’t aware that was a thing - at least to such a degree. I like a few Korean films but admit to not have exactly dabbled in that art, though while I was on a leave of absence from work I did check out Train to Busan which was quite serviceable and gain me am interest in the genre.

Woah, someone who knows of sentai at least in some degree! How rare, at least around here. Ah, that takes me back to the time we used to play Naruto on the playground and we used to literally fist-fight for the role of playing Sasuke. I swear, edgy kids attract kids of all ages. xD

My first anime was actually Yu-Gi-Oh GX, ah, I remember the first episode airing on cartoon network and falling in love with it. ^^^ I still argue it’s a pretty decent show even now - that’s actually how I got into anime too! Death Note! I swear, that show, while is showing its age, is a damn fine entry into poetics and rhetoric in the medium.

I unfortunately have not, and I must say, I can either be biased, or a liar; I’ll take the former - I would be lying to you if I said I don’t think I have my concerns with the latest rendition of our beloved opera. The new coat of paint while aesthetically beautiful, kind of turns me off to the setting - and I’m curious as to how it can condense so many tomes of information in that time-span, but I’ll surely check it out one day, I think all LOGH fans are obligated to in some capacity.
Illuminatli Sep 6, 10:12 AM
Wow, what a way to strike up a conversation: "I see you aren't someone of great taste to be honest." EXCUSE ME? Just kidding, I'm not really offended. To each their own.
I haven't checked out Homunculus yet, but I believe it's on my plan to read list.

And omg, yes, Dear Night Rainbow always hits me, too. When the song was first played in the show, I actually cried from it. So beautiful.
And yes, I like BL. Sadly there's not enough good stuff out there.

Me liking Aku no Hana, Oyasumi Punpun and Sougo? Am I a sadist or a masochist? Nobody knows.

Your favourites are... fine? I guess? Except for Gintama and Rainbow I can't really vote for any of the shows. But you are a LoGH fanboy so please know that I'm judging you. I guess Steins;Gate is also an okay show. I might have given it an 8 or a 9. =D
Illuminatli Sep 6, 7:58 AM
Yo, thanks for the friend request, may I ask why though? xD
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 4, 11:57 AM
I don’t consider under 100 hours late haha but trust me I appreciate the connotation. :3
Same here, actually - what’s your field if you don’t mind me asking?

I have very much watched Stranger Things and you have perfectly described why I couldn’t get into it - to be honest, I never even liked the FIRST season of Stranger Things - it focused too much on melodrama and relationships that were befitting of the CW or Grey’s Anatomy instead of the more lovecraftian horror elements that, to be fair, when they were there - were damn fine, but the scale was so skewed, I’m talking 90 vs 10%, that it broke me and I find the series painfully mediocre. If you ask me, while the tension does need relief and overall the show is somewhat light-hearted, I think that it needed to focus more on the choking intimacy of the cosmic horrors - which to be fair were there in the first season but once again, were fighting an uphill battle of attrition against the benighted fumblings of teenage-angst.

Now I must admit; I’m not the biggest fan of time-travel plots as they are notoriously difficult to get off the ground, but what your saying about DARK damn well intrigued me and to be honest, I think I will check it out after finishing Kamen Rider Ryuki so thanks so much for the recommendation; oh; maybe that’s another thing you should know about me - I’m a big fan of super sentai and overall Tokusatsu media in general, specifically the “super sentai” series - I know they look stupid, and trust me, they damn well are, but they have a damn-dedicated cast and it’s basically a more “mature” version Power Rangers - I sometimes feel the shame I only imagine My Little Poney fans suffer when admitting this, though, I mean, how do i explain to someone how this:

Has developed characters; resonating and existential labyrinths of ethical implications due to the nuanced villains; and has an ending that made me burst into tears. Tough, right?! Lmao.

Absolutely; Kanbaru is my personal favorite Monogatari girl and I strongly believe that Monogatari expresses rather grim themes of mental illness, with Kanbaru being an expression and presentation of a strong personality disorder and as someone who has been through similar affiliations; her story always pulls a few strings. Speaking of which; I’m really curious how/if they’d make a live action Monogatari series and how that’d go down….
I wish I could agree with you but I have not touched a single Jojo’s game. ;-; Well, that’s a lie; I played the old fighting game by Capcom in an arcade once but wasn’t a fan; and I’m a capcom fanboy lmao.
I’m a big fan of Crispin Freeman and Reuben Landghon! <3
Royal-Guard-Reli Sep 1, 11:23 AM
Ah time to bash on Game of Thrones again lol. I think we can all agree up to a certain point Game of Thrones was quite possibly the “Death Note” of TV - I mean that in a sense of; it was quite possibly, overwhelming, the best thing for that generation of TV watchers. I find myself comparing it to Death Note so much because I genuinely believe when Death Note was at the peak of its popularity, it was the “best” thing to exist for that generation of anime watchers in the west - then it all started going downhill. I try to give D&D many sympathies; to be fair, as someone who has read these books almost 6 times now; George eventually hits a wall that begins happening after A Storm of Swords; the plots become more convoluted; there’s so many subplots that there is literally a graphic chart keeping them in check; 12 different prophecies are going on at once; etc. It’s just too much for anyone one person to keep in check, not even George can do it; which is why he has literally dozens of editors keeping every move he makes methodically in-line. So I can truly, truly see where D&D are coming from in the hardship of adapting A Song of Ice and Fire, hell, it’s longer than Lord of the Rings and the Bible combined - but that is still no excuse for their execution of season 8. The actors, almost all of them - wanted to keep going for 4 more seasons but they arrogantly boasted they only need one more, and this is the result. I do genuinely believe the final season could have been great, but, hey, we have what we have - but I do hold and stand by about the first 6 seasons of Game of Thrones still being great, but they do eventually begin to tumble downhill sadly. Overall, you could say that even now I’m still a fan - but Warhammer 40K will always be the franchise/universe where I’m the biggest fan of haha.

I have not tapped into Dark but have heard AMAZING things. Would you care to enlighten me on what it’s about? I’m really curious myself.

Honestly, uh, haha, I just assumed that was Lust from Full Metal Alchemist for the longest time until I realized she doesn’t have the homunculus tattoo hahaha.
I wouldn’t know unfortunately, this is around my second year now not watching seasonals, at least while they’re airing. I prefer to just let the tide take its course and pick the pieces up as I desire, years ago I really enjoyed being apart of show discussions but it’s just not my thing anymore sadly. <.<
Royal-Guard-Reli Aug 31, 12:43 PM
Woah, it’s great to meet another Space Opera fan! I’m a really big fan of the slower paced ones myself that involve tons of meticulous dialogue, I guess you could say that’s why I gravitated to series like A Song of Ice and Fire as well. Have you given Galaxy Express 999 a try? It’s the parent of Yamato and Captain Harlock. ^^ Though I will admit the series is very dated and has quite a wall to get through, but, and regardless it holds a very special place in my heart.

Star Wars indeed has a benighted and stagnated effort put in over the past few years. T_T Though, and speaking honestly; I find the expanded universe of Star Wars FAR more fascinating than any of the films and even I’m not the biggest fan of them myself; though do think The Last Jedi is a lot better than people give it credit for.
Awe another Mass Effect fan as well! <3 I think the trilogy despite its flaws are still some of the best and most revolutionary games given to us in the past few decades, 1 is methodical and complex, 2 ups the stakes and characters - and 3 - well - hey - it has damn good combat and I don’t think the endings are too terrible. My favorite characters are Tali; and Wrex - which is the PERFECT drinking buddy dear god I’ve always wanted that character to be real lmao. Do you remember the multiplayer for Mass Effect 3? Dear god I was addicted to that for months. >.>

I’m indeed a big Jojo’s fan, though it took me a while to admit it. In a panel I ran a year or two ago I called it: “A series only popular for memes”, and I nearly hate myself for it to this day because after going through the franchise with a more open mind, well, it’s… great. O-o I truly believe Araki shines so bright because while he does take inspirations from other sources, they’re less intrinsically bound by story telling elements and more so focused on other sources of art in the medium - Phantom Blood is clearly and heavily lifted from Dracula, Shakespeare stories, etc - Battle Tendency is basically an action adventure movie - Stardust Crusaders is a tribute to music - it just goes on and on. And while Jojo’s can be stupid, I will NEVER again say it’s a stupid show - don’t get me started on my love for Dio and how I believe he’s one of the most “human” antagonist in anime. ;_;
Haha someone has a crush on Lisa. ;3 xD

My favorites are, once again; a strong tie between Phantom Blood and Steel Ball Run; they both have their ups and downs; Steel Ball Run is mountains of times more well written; but Phantom Blood relies on how intimate and linear its story is lift its Shakespeare and Herculean inspirations - in particular Jonothan; I wuv him so much haha. He’s my favorite Jojo. One of my favorite moments is when he attacks the boys bullying Ireena knowing full well he wont win, but takes the beating anyway and says “I will win one day.” This isn’t him wishing, he knows his convictions, ideals, ambitions, etc, and the desire to execute them - but not yet the strength to exert them. In many respects, he's what Giorno was in a previous time, Jonothan just wasn't born and raised with the capacity to lie and realize that sometimes you have to trick people. I think he's one of the most tragic Jojo's in that respect. He in DIO both saw in black and white, Jonothan only saw the best in people, while Dio only saw the worst, but both of them eventually bit back at this, it's why their successors live MUCH longer than them. Jonathan is burdened by his nobility and convictions, and while the narrative rewards him for his actions, just like it rewards Dio as well (with minions etc), it eventually bites him and Dio back in the end of their stories. I guess you could say I love Jonothan so much because he’s a classic literary character which fits the aesthetic of Phantom Blood quite well…

As for the rest of my favorites in order going from top to bottom it’d be; Battle Tendency; Golden Wind; Diamond is Unbreakable; Stardust Crusaders; Stone Ocean. I want to place Jojolion somewhere but it’s not finished yet….

And I should get this out there now; I’m not the biggest fan of Diamond is Unbreakable because I firmly believe, well; Kira saves the show. Diamond has piss-poor propellant except edgy super sentai villains until Kira shows up and takes the entire thing by storm, I think Araki was trying to emulate the nature of Stardust too much, that is; the feeling of “daily deviants” to show up and have the characters kick their ass but it just went too far and I wish Kira was introduced later, around episode 12; he’s not even my favorite villain in jojo (okay second favorite fine) but if he did not exist in Diamond I think it’d be a horrible series - this doesn’t help the fact Josuke is my least favorite Jojo, his personality just never grew on me lol.