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Mar 3, 2013
Uhhh...where the hell do I start. This is a manga about a country hick girl, Suzume Yasano, who comes to the city, armed with her beautiful and expressionless face, after her parents make her go live with her uncle after they leave the country. (wow that sentence was long jesus christ) She meets some weirdo at the train station who turns out to be her uncle's friend and her homeroom teacher, Shishio Satsuki. and yeah, he's hot and young. so an obvious love interest. her other love interest is Mamura Daiki, who on first impressions looks like he just hates everything but after Suzume accidently read more
Feb 15, 2013
what did i just watch...OMG LET ME JUST START OUT WITH SAYING WTF.

basically it's about a step-father who bangs his stepdaughters. they both resist him in the beginning and then fall in love with his cock. i was so confused because all of sudden after them getting banged like once or twice, they start whining for 'papa's dick' and im like "WTF U WERE HATING ON HIM LIKE 10 MINUTES AGO!!!!!?" i was thinking he was going to show some mercy on them or whatever, but when he raped them, he was growling in a pedo voice about how its their fault for being so read more
Dec 17, 2012
You really can't judge this series from the first episode. I was kind of...disgusted to say the least. And Yuiko was really annoying LOL. The main conflict/interest of the show isn't really the erotic relationship between 12-year old Ritsuka and college student Soubi, but the relationships that Ritsuka so desperately tries to make, the memories that he so desperately holds on to and his eventual realization about the importance of his life and the people around him. It's really a good show and while it confuses you in the beginning, don't waver! Everything turns out for the better!!

The art was really well done. The people read more
Dec 15, 2012

This anime is perfect for if you just want to waste a day watching an anime. It isn't really meaningful or life-changing, but it's cute and the love triangle is fun to watch. The heroine is really cute and headstrong, and unlike most girls in anime, she actually initiates skinskip! The story revolves her and the love line, and nothing else, really. Some episodes have nothing to do with the plot except for about 5 minutes, but like I said, it's good to waste time! It's kinda like when you eat a bag of chips you eat all the time, and halfway through the middle, read more
Dec 12, 2012
This show is balls crazy. I skipped through all the weirdo sex/rape scences and watched a fucking psycho ass stories with no resolution and hints to a plot. The characters are really good looking, but times during the dialogue, they're faces would look distorted, with their noses really big and no definition below it.

The main characters romance is really abrupt and rather hard to believe, what with her hating him and him violently raping her. She seems to fall in love with him after he bangs the maid, which is just a case of "it's mine, back off" when you would've assumed read more