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Menmai Feb 20, 8:52 PM
ahhh understandable. are you having a lot of snow?? it's almost nonstop here... please hurry up spring. ;_;

ohh i see! sounds pretty yucky i'm sorry you're being subjected to that. why do schools always choose the worst books ?? like come on.

man.. i couldn't imagine going to bed so early lol.. i feel like i'm wasting time? it's weird. ^^;

ughhh i was really looking forward to the arc where kou decides to learn more about hanako.. but they just kinda skipped it? and they skipped the arc where yashiro gets kidnapped by the mermaid.. like yall are all over the place. we're at episode seven and they just introduced both tsukasa (WHO DOESN'T HAVE HIS FANGS FOR SOME REASON. WHAT DID U DO TO MY CHARACTER DESIGN LERCHE?) AND mitsuba...... it's so rushed.
i had a little hope up till this episode but i am straight up frightened now lol. the rest of this show is gonna be a mess and i can feel it.
i was genuinely shocked when i realised they were bringing tsukasa in this ep.. just sitting there like . what the fuck. (his intro was so underwhelming i need to go reread the manga to cleanse my pallet hhhshssh)

oh my goddd
i love homestuck a lot .. but it's also kind of a mess ,, esp right now? if you're gonna get into it i'd recommend just reading the comic bcus the epilogue came out and it ruined my life big time. (it's really bad. like really bad.)
but the actual comic is ! amazing !! the characters are so so good. it just takes a little time to get into it cause the formats so funky in the beginning.
i think you'd probably enjoy it but it's a little hard to tell bcus it's definitely not for everyone lolol. i'd recommend maybe reading the first few acts to see if it's something u would be able to get into ?
also warning..... it's very long so .. it's a bit of a commitment ahaaha. but yeah it's super fun once you actually get deeper into it !! it's been my favourite thing for years now :')

Menmai Feb 16, 2:03 PM
oh nice !! i don't get spring break for another month or soo ;w; i hope you have fun !
omg so much reading.. i wish i had the time to read a bunch of books. i've never heard of sophie's choice :0 what's it about?

loll i stay up pretty late on the regular, i just hadn't gone to bed yet hshshs

the manga is sooo beautiful ! six eps into the anime and i'm also pretty disappointed.. the animation is really lacking, and a lot of the feeling is gone? if you know what i mean. like , the manga made me feel tons of emotion but the anime hasn't done that for me so far.. even with the parts abt hanako's past :( they've also skipped some chapters , which i know happens a lot in anime where they adapt things out of order but it still upset me bcus i was looking forward to the ones they skipped lol.
i don't have a huuuge problem w the anime but i would much rather read the manga. :')
Menmai Feb 8, 1:34 AM
it's totally fine !!! what have you been up to lately??

thank you ! it's only 2:00 am for me rn so i'm not sure how my actual day will go but ;w; hopefully well ! (u arent the worst shhh!!!)

i love sabigiyuu ;_; i know.. i am praying.. pls spare the pillars they don't deserve this.

lol i was gonna ask how u felt about the hanako-kun anime so far but i see you've only watched one episode ^^;
Menmai Jan 3, 6:12 PM
sorry for not answering for a hot second ! i think i reply sometimes and then it turns out i haven't lol.
happy holidays and i hope the new year is treating u well !!!

turns out i got the it novel for xmas so maybe i'll end up reading it eventually after all aha.

i'm super fond of the manga art as well in kny ! i think it's cute and comedic and i appreciate it a lot honestly ;w; the anime art/animation sure is absolutely stellar though.
duuuuude i read your reply and was like damn ! giyuu and inosuke are also my favourite characters ! i fell in love w giyuu immediately... he's very pretty. i also rlly liked his backstory w sabito ! i would like to find out more abt their relationship.. tbh knowing how kny treats it's characters i'm a little scared for giyuu lately.. worried he's gonna die :')
i just love like, all the characters? which doesn't happen often ! seriously they're all so lovable ...
i'm a few chaps behind now so i should probably catch up hhh
Menmai Dec 15, 2019 10:47 AM
thank youu !!

hope u enjoy them! the sequel felt like a fun little homage to the og more than anything, i don't really think about it as part of the main plot? but i thought it was cute that they used a lot of the same music as the original.. it was still a really good time ! ccs is so pure i think i'd enjoy anything related to it ahha.
yes... clear card delivers that sweet sweet hd touyuki...

the new movies are so!! good!! it's bizarre that a remake was actually good for once lmao
i could not bring myself to read the book, considering the weird shit i know both adaptations cut out.. it scared me, like, morally. lol.
i love eddie sm... i walked out of the theater with my fkn eyeliner running down my face i was crying so hard hshshdsh
stan is my favourite character :') and eddie or richie are close seconds? (thank u for canon reddie ch. 2) idk .. i love all the kids so much.

ok, stand by me is a really good movie but it's kind of a roundabout answer bcus it's not actually set in the 80s, but was filmed then? it's based off of another stephen king novel (not a horror!) and it's about a group of four kids going to find another kid's body. it gives off biggg "it" vibes, you would probably like it!!
ofc there are some other 80's movies that are great, running on empty is one i really enjoy. unfortunately though there aren't a ton of things i could find that are more modern but set in the 80's? i would love more stuff like it & st ;_;

THEY'RE SO BIG NOW. i miss when they were all babies lol they used to be so small..
i never really disliked steve? even when he was a bit of an ass. ig cause i already knew he had good character development just from seeing stuff around.
aaaghhfhf i was sobbbing at the finale. the whole episode broke me. hopper is also one of my favs ! i am really hoping he comes back. el needs her dad... ;A; also yes big big love for joyce. (all the characters are so good !!!)
i feel that too lol idk how people lived waiting years in between seasons i would die hh.

ok also i feel the need to bring up kny because i see it's in your favourite manga and i just got caught up after starting the anime ages ago ! i am just really into at the moment ;w; who are your favourite characters ??
Menmai Dec 11, 2019 6:39 PM
aw man i'm so sorry... i have final exams next week and i am horrified lmao

!! i felt the same way when i watched the anime for the first time ! like, how did i just pass this up for so many years, it's soo good ;_; i've rewatched the anime a ton of times,,, i love the manga as well but they're a lil different and since i watched it first i was used to all the anime original stuff aha, they added like.. 34 whole cards. touya and yuki ruin me more and more each time i rewatch/read. they are the highlight of my life... ;A; 💕💕
are u planning on reading the clear card arc? the art is so pretty..

yes !! enjoy gakuen alice !!! if u like syaoran from ccs you will probably like natsume from ga >:3 natsume is more of a brat than syaoran but they are fairly similar .. (though he's more comparable to akito from kodocha, which is another rlly good shoujo series ! lots of drama in that one lol.)

dude... i did the same thing ! i got real into "it" (like, the horror movie w/ the clown?) when chapter two came out and since then i've been on the hunt for stuff set in the 80s. stranger things is so so good !!! what was your favourite season? i really enjoyed the new one, especially bcus of steve screen time and robin 👌 they are perfect. now i'm all sad i have to wait for s4 ahaha
Menmai Dec 9, 2019 4:43 PM
aaa hey !!! i'm pretty good ! it's fine, i completely understand u! school is kicking my ass too :''')
what have you been up to??
Menmai Aug 10, 2019 2:05 PM
shhhh sitting at home all day and relaxing is what u deserve.. especially after working all month.
i am so close to having school again :') starts back up on the 16th for me. wish me luck hhh

fnjfkfk oh my god , i luckily never fell into those weird reverse harem/drama anime like diabolic lovers & vampire knight lmfao. i did used to watch a lot of ecchi though?? and i just sat there and hated it the whole time.
i'll never understand what we were thinking lol

yess, old furuba really has a charming atmosphere so it's still one of my favourite anime ,, i hope that you enjoy it if you do watch it but i understand if it's not your cup of tea aahaha (baby kyo is always adorable ;w;)
broooo i cry every. single. time i read/watch furuba. yuki and machi are adorable !!!!! how did you like kakeru ? he's one of my favourite characters but i didn't appreciate him fully until my last reread (i can't wait to see him animated hhahdhjfjf ;w;w;w;)
also YES . THE KYO KNOWING KYOKO THING IS SO SAD BUT SO 👌👌👌 it's hinted at so early on and yet i didn't see it coming!!!
i also didn't see akito being female lol, mainly because in the original anime she's not?? she's played by a male because the manga was still very early on so no one (aside from takaya-sensei) knew akito was female lolol. i was also a baby and didn't pick up on the romance between her & shigure. so oblivious ..
akito's growth as a person is so good ;_; i love her & tohru's friendship at the end of the manga
it's amazing how this manga makes me care about literally.. every single character. HANA IS SO GOOD & SHE RLLY DOES DESERVE THE WORLD. (also hhhh,,, they don't get married which actually surprised me. i haven't read fruits basket another so i just found this out now while looking it up lololol)
the episodes about uo's backstory aired p recently and even though i wasn't expecting to sob, they really got me as well :''') all the side characters are just so wonderfully written !! wth !
how did u feel about kyoko and katsuya's backstory ?? ;_; i seriously love them w my whole heart. every time there's a flashback to kyoko i lose it lol.. she's so beautiful & sweet. her and katsuya deserved better >:(

ohshc is amazing & i love both the manga and the anime ! (u should read the manga for sure, it's 👌👌) you're right tho, the old anime is actually so good that i'm not sure i even want any kind of remake/continuation ahaha ^^; i suppose i would appreciate it either way though
Menmai Jul 18, 2019 11:12 PM
oohh that's really cool ! it's nice that you love languages sm !!! they are really fascinating :o
ofc i care ;w; having work all week sounds pretty boring ngl but at least it's only through july. u_u

lmfao i used to watch so much trash anime. i had no standards and went through things so fast.. glad to know i'm not alone fkgklg
that's certainly an option. i find i liked playing them more than watching someone else's let's play but still enjoyable. they're pretty long though ,, rip . maybe one day :')

oh my goooooddd
i'm glad u like furuba so much!!!! i sometimes forget people who haven't watched the og exist . you're honestly not missing much,, it's super low budget and i only love it so much because i watched it when i was little.
also yes.. another kyo stan . i adore yuki but i've been in love w kyo sohma since like age 11. i love tsundere boys so fkn much. hatsuharu is iconic and wonderful. i'm not sure how far u are because i'm too lazy to check your manga list (lolol) but there are so many good characters that are introduced later in the story hhh i hope u like all of them. yuki & kyo get so much character development throughout the story It Is 👌👌👌👌
i can understand you not liking akito lol,, they're kinda terrible at first. how do you feel about shigure?? i feel people either love or hate him lmao
HANA & UO ARE GREAT. thank you for appreciating them... they deserve it. ;_;
i agree ! manga is definitely my favourite of all iterations, but the reboot is superr pretty and i just feel so fortunate to see everything animated after so much time ! i genuinely never imagined a reboot would happen and idek how i got this lucky.. to be able to get the full adaptation of one of my favourite manga T_T
that's .... such a mood hjfgjf i try not to watch a million things at once anymore because god knows i'm never going to finish them. i wish u luck in your journey w all these airing anime hhh

also whenever u get around to reading gakuen alice (saw u added it to plan to read ahaha) i hope u enjoy it!! that's my favourite manga of all time ;w; it's very very cute.
Menmai Jul 14, 2019 3:19 PM
ahh i see :o i hope u have a lot of fun on that tour !! and good luck with the language. that's one of the main reasons i'm scared to go to a country that's not primarily english-speaking. ;; i assume your language classes are a lot better than mine.. i have been taking spanish since i was in first grade and i still barely know anything. (they tend to just teach the same things over and over again and brush over the grammar and stuff..) the us school system sucks ass. :')
yeahh that's understandable since there's a lot less distance aha. it's strange because even school trips to places like new york are extremely expensive here? ig it's just an expensive city lolol . also thank u, i hope so too ;w;
ohhh that's convenient ! those hours though :( that's a lot of time, i hope you're not getting way too worn out.. do you have set days off or are they a random thing?

i pray that your enstars anime doesn't end up being complete trash & that u will be able to continue to enjoy it !! u_u

gonna be honest, i also watched the anime like.. four or five years ago and i have no idea what it's like at this point lol. (i liked it @ the time but i was also . very young so ??) the games are rlly freakin good though!! hopefully you'll get to play sometime soon ;; it's definitely difficult to get into series u have to pay for though :') i am broke now lmao

oo i also notice you are watching the furuba reboot !!! what do you think of it so far ??
Menmai Jul 8, 2019 3:29 PM
nice that you're finally on holiday! when did you get out? i feel that in the u.s. we get out a lot earlier than some places.. i've been free since the beginning of june ^^;
ahhh man going to england & wales sounds really cool ! i've always wanted to go on a school trip like that but they're soo expensive ;_; yeah i never wanna work fast food .. ick.
i WISH i had a job but i wasn't allowed to get one this summer because i don't have a reliable ride & i don't live in walking distance of any stores.. i get to continue to be broke until i get a car i guess :'''') i've been thinking abt doing art commissions or smth to at least get a little money but setting those up is also a pain when you're a minor TuT

np! i'm glad you finally managed to get into it since it's been so long! i remember u talking about that a few months ago :o arashi is really beautiful...... i understand why u love him so much lol. i didn't realise that the anime for that just started airing ! i hope it's not horrible because a lot of idol/music anime are very hit or miss :') rip the bandori anime.

as for me, i recently tripped and fell face first back into my danganronpa phase. have u played any of those games ?

Menmai Jun 30, 2019 3:29 PM
hulloo, its been a while, how are u doing?
your new profile looks so good!!
mm_khan Apr 18, 2019 1:20 PM
:D YAYY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ill talk more on discord bro
mm_khan Apr 17, 2019 9:33 AM
agHhh im still so sorry tho im never on the desktop version of mal
you should really get a discord ;-; i reply faster there and that way itd be easier to chat
and lol i had problems at first but i learned that life is not fair and since i got in to a program for it i have to deal with it
on the bright side i got to make an anime dating sim ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i can find a way to send it to you once it’s ready

lolol i havent seen it yet cuz I’m still on s3 😔😔but i will finsih sometime this week bc spring break
after that i might force my friends to watch with me bc kIRIBAKU IS GOLD
and yeah multishipping is really easy in bnha so I think everything is cute KSJSKDKD i just have some favorites ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
todoroki is bestest boy hehe


miyadera Apr 4, 2019 4:18 PM
hi i love yuo happy birthday