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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Oct 12, 12:15 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 8
Boku no Hero Academia 6th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 6th Season
Oct 1, 7:18 AM
Watching 1/25 · Scored -
Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou
Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou
Sep 28, 10:39 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 10
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Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen
Sep 17, 12:10 PM
Reading 128/? · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Aug 3, 2:10 AM
Reading 325/? · Scored -
Owari no Seraph
Owari no Seraph
Aug 3, 2:10 AM
Reading 118/? · Scored 8

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potatosaregreat Dec 24, 2020 2:26 AM
omgg so sorry, I completely forgot to reply...
Ok I just watched the Saezuru Tori movie and oh my I didn't expect that. The story is very interesting and doesn't have any of those normal BL tropes. The movie ended up being more uncensored than I expected. Somehow it's way more embarassing to watch yaoi than to read it. In anime, I'll be blushing and trying to cover my face, but in manga, I can totally read it with a straight face lol. Maybe it's because of the sound effects. And omg it ended in a total cliffhanger! Ahhhhh I think I'll try to catch up with the manga. DId u watch the movie yet? Also the ED is surprisingly very good.

YESSSS Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan are soooooo cute and attractive... I really want to ship them ahhh, but I know it's bad to ship the irl actors together. I already watched a ton of behind the scenes, despite not finishing the drama yet. >< Yes their relationship is the cutest even if it's just as bestfriends!!

haha let's chat more! I have tons to talk abt. I promise I'll actually reply this time! 😅
potatosaregreat Dec 2, 2020 3:02 PM
yessssss BL animes are starting to dominate! I read Sasaki to Miyano all in one go till ch 33 and it was right after they got together. So, I've been waiting forever for it to update for even more cute action... ahhhhhh... AND OMG I JUST CHECKED IT AND IT UPDATED asfgdrauihviuhwaiuehdskhiubafcubvnailh ahhhhhhhhhh YESSSSsSSSSS

well anyways...
Also Ten Count got an anime confirmed. Though personally I don't really like it that much because the plot wasn't that well written. But, other people really like it, so good for them. But, I'll still watch it when it comes out cuz hey it's still more BL anime for me. Also, I think Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai movie just released online? I haven't read the manga yet and I'm wondering what you think of the manga? I'll probably watch the movie first and see.

YEs I cried very hard in Life senjou to bokura. When I say very hard I mean VERY hard. The thing is I didn't cry in Banana Fish... but I was full on bawling in this 6 ch manga. Idk I think this type of stuff affects me more... I haven't watched the drama yet. Where did you watch it?
I'm currently watching the untamed, and it has such of good cast! Yes I definitely plan on reading the mdzs and tgcf novels, but it's gonna take me foreverrrrrrrr to even get there.

Lol it's ok, I'm sure I rated some of your favorites lowly as well.
yeah I'll definitely use your list for recommendations :)

It's totally fine. I like reading long comments lol. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to write this. It's fun chatting with you. (╹◡╹)
potatosaregreat Nov 30, 2020 1:36 AM
Hi, thanks for accepting my friend request! Idk if you’ll reply, but I’m so glad we have similar tastes!!! And we read about the same BLs too. I mostly read the short mangas instead of the long manhua/hwas as well. My manga list isn’t very updated though. I have read about half of what you’ve read. And a lot are in my plan to read (not on my manga list, but on the site I use to read manga.)

I see that you really like the Umibe no Entranger series!! Me toooo. I’m caught up with Harukaze as well. Can’t wait for the movie. I absolutely love Life Senjou no Bokura, cried a bucket of tears during that, and it had a wonderful ending T_T aslqwidkeqj. I liked Kimi wa Natsu no Naka as well. But I think my favorite Nagisa Furuya work would go to The Two Lions. And I’m caught up to Sasaki to Miyano. It’s soooooo cute!! I’m in need of updatessss. So excited that it got an anime announced!!!! I was laughing like crazy when I found that out. And I found you because of your comment on the announcement for it!

I’m glad we both have BSD in our favorites!!!!! And I’m glad you have my other faves rated as 10s - noragami and anohana. OMG EVEN BETTER, you’ve watched MDZS and currently TGCF!!! and gave them 10s!!! Hahaha I’m glad you’ve watched those even though they’re in Chinese.
Assassination Classroom, HxH, Durarara, Hanako-kun, and the Promised Neverland are great as well!!

Btw I just added some of my fav bl/yaois to my bio if u want to check that out xd. I got some mangas that u rated lowly in my faves tho...

Hahahaha I know this whole comment is just me being glad of what you’ve watched/read. Ok I’m done. Sorry to bother and have a good day :)
Araragi_Raven May 17, 2020 7:49 AM
I like kaneki and touka tho but I really love Suzuya too XD
Araragi_Raven May 17, 2020 7:48 AM
XD I love Tokyo ghoul too <3
Araragi_Raven May 16, 2020 7:21 AM
U like Tokyo ghoul? OwO just asking cuz I love it-