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May 26, 2020
As far as new Mecha shows go, this series is criminally under-watched.

Lacking English subs, and being based on a relatively old franchise, not many people have seen this series in full.

As a quick disclaimer: this review is written when the series has been placed on hold due to COVID-19. It covers the first 32 episodes.

The first thing that needs to be pointed out, is that this series is not a sequel to: "Zoids Wild"

It has nothing to do with Zoids Wild except for sharing some mech designs. In canon it would be a prequel to "Wild", but even this is a stretch as many things read more
Jan 31, 2010
To write a spoiler-free review of lagann-hen is difficult, especially since there is quite some variation from the show. However, I will write this review on the basis that I don't want to spoil TTGL or Lagann-hen.

First things to say would be, Lagann-hen is a must watch.

To review Lagann-hen I think I should sum up some of the premonitions I had before watching it. I had seen Gurren-hen, and although I enjoyed it, I actually didn't like it as much as the series. Gurren-hen seemed a bit rushed to cover the first part of the series, and was chopped and changed here and read more
Dec 11, 2009
The first thing to mention, is that Busou Renkin uses terms like "alchemy" and "homunculus". I want to make this clear, Busou Renkin is not a full metal alchemist rip-off. (because that's what I thought it was when I read the plot summary... boy was I wrong.)

Busou Renkin's story is fairly simple "us" vs "them" goodies vs baddies. But it's the way it's executed that makes the story great. Although there are not many actual plot twists as such (there are a few good ones, though) the plot manages to keep the viewer guessing. What's going to happen? Who is the main villain? How will read more
Dec 10, 2009
SEED had the makings to be a gundam classic, instead it became the epitome of why people dislike the gundam series.

From a personal viewpoint, I am a huge gundam fan, I've seen every series, and usually enjoy them. This was not the case with SEED.

To fans of SEED, I apologise for writing a mostly negative review. To people who may be thinking about converting to the Mecha genre, or to people who have grown up watching gundam, take SEED with a grain of salt, you may want to shop around before setting your sights on this series.

The story of SEED is almost identical to read more
Dec 10, 2009
This OVA tells the story of the very first Fire Emblem game, and features Marth (Mars in the OVA) as the main character. From Super Smash Bros. fame, Marth's game was not released outside of Japan, that was until 2008/9, where a remake was made for DS, which saw international release. This OVA, strangely, was dubbed into English before Math made his maiden appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Ironically, his name was translated as "Mars" in this release. The final thing to note, before I start fully reviewing the OVA, is that it only lasts 2 episodes. It was cancelled before any additional episodes read more
Oct 2, 2009
Zoids (Anime) add (All reviews)
The original, and one of the best Zoids anime. With plenty of plot, this is one of the most well-developed plots of any Zoids series, with perhaps Genesis being second. The voice acting is sometimes a bit sub-par, but the rest of the series is very enjoyable. It's fairly cartoon-ey in nature, but that adds to the quality of the series.

Mecha sizes can vary massively, the scale of Zoids is very inconsistent, but this is one of the few limitations of the series. Overall the animation is very good, especially considering this series is the first Zoids series to be produced.
Oct 2, 2009
A fairly typical mecha show. The plot is much stronger than most of the other Zoids series, which is what makes Genesis worth watching. The removal of basically all the old Zoids may be a turn off for long time Zoids fans, but on the other hand, it's good to have a breath of new life into the series. The battles are interesting, and the animation is very good. It does use CGI-inspired graphics, but it is well polished, and the Zoids have excellent run-cycles.

One of the better mecha shows, although it does suffer from being a tad cliche and typical, a must watch read more
Oct 2, 2009
This might sound like a harsh thing to say, but this is one of the worst series I've ever seen. The plot is terrible, and the voice actors are outstandingly bad. The fights are poorly strung together and are terrible to look at. This series was cancelled from US airways for good reason. Although it does get better in the latter half, it's not enough to recover from the terrible first half.
Oct 2, 2009
If you want giant fighting robots, look no further. If you want plot and character development, your out of luck. I've seen many mecha shows, and by far the animation quality of this series is something to behold. With dramatic fights every episode, this series has no short supply of action. However, the plot is very lackluster at best, it makes for an excellent series to just pick up a random episode and start watching.