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Aug 1, 2019
As a guy who rarely watches any romance shows and movies, disliking most that I come across, "I Want to Eat your Pancreas" proved to be a surprisingly enjoyable movie for me. It isn't difficult to understand why this movie is rated so highly on MAL but let it be known that it isn't for everyone, particularly for people who are well-versed in romance/tragedy anime and watch them from a strictly academic standpoint.

On paper, "Pancreas" doesn't do anything particularly original or inspiring from the standpoint of a romance film. It can feel a little cliched, plot points are predictable, and some events in the ...
Jul 8, 2018


I’ve never been a big fan of Western sitcoms with their occasional punch lines and automated laugh tracks. It only took Hinamatsuri a few seconds for me to start giggling hysterically in a manner that belies my 17 year old, pubescent self. It was at this precise moment where I decided that Hinamatsuri would be something rather special and refreshing, a show that could genuinely impress me with its ridiculousness.

I was not disappointed. Hinamatsuri delivers its humour in spades. The absurdism of this series was both amusing and perhaps ironically, surprisingly realistic. Of course, the realism stems from the bizarre context ...
Mar 31, 2018
K-On!! (Anime) add
This is a review for K-On!, K-On!! and the K-On! Movie

Never in my life did I expect myself to enjoy a moe anime - not that I had ever seen one prior to watching K-On! Being a huge Urubutcher fan and just thematically challenging and ambiguous media in general meant that I went into K-On! expecting myself to hate it. I was so wrong...

Story 9/10

Honestly, this one was a bit hard to mark as K-On!'s story revolves around a group of high school girls in a band and their experiences going through high school. But everything was done in an enjoyable manner, the story is ...
Jul 9, 2017
Kill la Kill (Manga) add
Unfortunately the manga adaptation of the anime does a poor job of transferring the epic, over the top scale of the show onto paper.

I find it quite disappointing that the manga itself is deemed complete only after three volumes, ending after Ryuko finished taking on the Elite Four and Nui for the first time. That felt like a particularly jarring and inappropriate note for the manga to finish on since the world of Kill la Kill is still so undeveloped and ultimately open ended. The story itself up to this point is practically the same as the original anime, albeit much of the detail is ...